Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Our Biggest Enemy

Well, I just arrived home from work after fighting through this crazy Dallas traffic, and what do I see when I turn on the T.V., but Paris Hilton. I know that I am not the only one when I say that I could care less about this talentless girl getting out of jail. Since when did somebody getting out of jail make front page news? Why should we care about this rich floozy serving time? Didn't somebody get shot in South Dallas? What about a bank being robbed in Richardson? What about a case of road rage on 635? I don't mean to sound cynical, but I am sure that our media could come up with a better news story than what this girl was wearing when they removed her handcuffs. Which brings me to the title of this post. I hate the media. I hate the media with every nerve in my body. .. and here is why. The media dictates what we like and what we consider important. The media is a black man's biggest enemy. If an important black man so much as spits on the sidewalk, lets one curse word slip out of his mouth, it will be run on all the major news outlets within seconds. It is the only way that "they" can discredit us. People are like sheep, if one man goes left, then every man behind him will go left too. And this is what the media does. They continually broadcast negative images about black men to the masses and the masses believe what is broadcast.

For example... There is a scare going on in the black community about the "down-low". I know that there are some men, Black, White, Hispanic, and Asian men that like to go both ways. There is no denying that. It has always been like that and until God decides that the stench coming from down here on earth is too much for him to bear, it will continue to be like that. But if you watch certain news outlets and certain day time talk shows, you would think that the problem only lies within my community. Which I think is bullshit. The way that the media makes it look is that 1 in 3 black men is on the down-low.

Another way the media is working it's mojo on the clueless American public is every time someone who nobody ever heard of does a study about anything.. lets say cancer.. Black people are more prone than anyone else to contract it. We are more prone to have more life threatening illness than any other race on the planet. How is that? And if that is the case why haven't we all dropped dead? Why are there more black men in prison than in college? Does any Black person actually believe that? Why is it that if there is altercation at any black event it makes headline news, but when there was a major fight at a very high society concert, (I think it was in Boston), it never even got mentioned until the last few seconds of the news cast. Why is it that some little white kid (god bless his soul) gets kidnapped and it comes out later that his kidnappers kept the little boy for years just a few miles from the his parent's house, it makes national news. But no one even heard about the little black girl in Philly that got kidnapped, was taken a couple miles from her house, and the minute that the fools that took her left her alone, she proceeded to chew through her restraints and was home before her dinner was cold. Now I ask you, which story is more inspirational? Why is it that no one talks about the 100 odd murders in Philly's black neighborhoods so far this year, but the minute a black man gets caught killing 1 white woman in Ohio it is nation wide news? Why is that?

I wish that someone could answer me. Maybe I will write all the major media outlets and ask them. But then if I brought this question to the white men controlling what we see on the "news", the next time you hear from me I will be one of those wild and crazy black men spreading AIDS to unsuspecting white women.


J.J. HENSON said...

First, a study was done and it was mentioned on micael basdens show that "there are" more black men in college than there are in jail. As far as the Press or the evening news dictating personal choices or personal beliefs, "I Believe" everyone who watches, reads, or attempts to interpret any news worthy news story (Paris Hilton is not news worthy) they should try to be well informed before they start. If you rely on the press (a political tool) you will forever be confused, hoodwinked, bamboozled, and pretty much screwed forever.However, your views are not that far off.

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Nice post my brother, keep em coming.