Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Eine...Meenie...Miney... Moe....

The Democrats held their historic U-TUBE debate Tuesday night and I still have no idea on who I am going to waste my vote on for the next president. To tell you the truth, the only reason I am going to vote is so my forefathers will not have suffered and died in vain. If you have been paying attention to my blog you should know how I feel about politicians. And to think I was considering at one time to run for some kind of office. Oh the shame!!

I think I am too honest to be a politician. I have been known to tell a few whoppers in my life, but never at the expense of another person. I have told females that I drive a Benz, or when I was younger I have told females that my Pops was a Doctor and my Moms was a lawyer. You know, stupid "white" lies.

I have never told a lie to hurt someone else, or I have never lied to intentionally get out of something. Lying is wrong no matter what, so I know that I will have to answer for all my little "white lies" some day.

Politicians on the other hand lie just to be lying. They lie to the people that donate to their campaigns. They lie to the people that they represent. They lie to the media. If you are reading this blog, you have been lied to by a politician. That is why I have a very hard time voting. I do not believe anything a politician says. So whose lies am I going to listen to when it's time to vote for Jr.'s replacement? I have no clue.

I know for certain it will not be for a "rethuglican" (Shouts out to my man the field). I am so sick of these war crazy, big business courting, "religious" zealots, I don't know what to do. I am tired of the rich people getting the tax breaks that I am supposed to be getting. I am tired of thinking about my Grandmother not being able to afford the medication that she needs to live. I am sick of paying 85 dollars a week to fill up my truck just so I can make it to work. I can go on and on. So me going "rethuglican" is completely out of the question.

On the other side of the coin, the democrats are not doing too much to woo me to their side either. I think our borders need to be secured at all costs. I think that the welfare system needs to be completely overhauled. I think that religion and politics need to be completely separated. I think our public schools need to be torn down and rebuilt from the inside out. I think that this illegal war needs to be stopped now. And I think we need some people with big enough balls to stand up to who ever sits in the big seat behind the big desk in the big white house.

So that does not leave me with too many choices huh? I know that I will not vote for Obama just because he is black.Let me make myself clear... His being black is not enough of a reason for me to vote for him. He has not shown me anything yet. I am not too excited about his smooth pimp talk. (I am from the streets, so I have seen and heard his kind of rap before). There is something about that brother that doesn't sit right with me. I am on the fence about Hillary. I am kind of skeptical about putting another Clinton in the big seat. John Edwards has my attention, but we will have to see what he does in the coming months. As for the others, who the hell are they?

So I am like most Americans, undecided. But I will be voting. It is the least I can do to uphold my forefathers legacy. It just depends on whose lies I choose to listen to. Maybe I should throw my hat in the ring someday. I know from talking to some of my co-workers and friends, that some are my views are their views. Besides, I cannot do a worse job than the people that have lived in the big white house on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. since it's construction in the 1880's. (If you did not catch that, that is past and present occupants) So who knows? I quess we will have to see, huh?

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