Saturday, July 14, 2007

Here we go again...

A a former Army Sgt, I have a special feeling for the military and all the military does. I know that if I had not joined the Army when I was 18, there is no telling where I would be at this moment. Probably dead, dying, in jail or just getting released from jail. I was a product of my environment as a teen and I wanted to be that environment. All I saw was negativity, racism, and despair in the neighborhood I grew up in. The Army showed me a world outside of the one I was living in and it taught me respect and discipline. That is why I hate when politicians, most of whom have never served a day, pass laws trying to control something they know nothing about.
I am referring to the current situation in Iraq. Americans should not be in that country. The war is unjust, immoral and a flat out lie. Everyone knows that.
Iraq was a much safer place when old man Hussein was in charge. Yes, he was a bad man. Yes, he gassed his own citizens. And yes he killed scores of his fellow Iraqis. But.... there was no sectarian violence, there was no suicide bombers destroying that historic city piece by piece, and the governments economy was not in shambles. Saddam ruled with an iron fist, so his country was at peace. Everyone knew there place and their role within the government. People might not have liked Saddam, but they feared him. Fear is how he kept all those factions in line. No one knew what he was going to do next. So people did what they were supposed to do. Life might not have been up to American standards, but at least it was life.
Now rewind to 2003 when we invaded Iraq on the word of liars, cheaters and hypocrites. Men (and 1 woman) who only have their best interests in mind. I am referring to American and British politicians. America took over the whole country in what?.. A week? How much of a threat was Iraq, if we can take over a whole government in a week or less? I have friends that have died or have been wounded in Iraq. I have friends who have had to leave their families for 3 different tours to the same mess that American and British politicians have created.
And now fast forward to the present, what was the benefit of going to war? Thousands of American Hero's have died, tens of thousands more have been wounded, and the good Lord only knows how many Iraqis have died. For what?
There have been a few theories about why. The number one reason is Oil. Number two is Jr. trying to finish what his daddy started, and last but not least what the tricksters was trying to tell us was number one, the now famous non existent WMD's.
All of it was bullshit as every American now knows. Gas prices are through the roof, the next President is going to have to find a way to finish what Jr. started and as of July14, 2007, no WMD's have been found. I do not even know if they are still looking for any.
So here comes the the politicians. Democrats campaigned on how wrong the war was during the 04 president elections, and lost.
Republicans campaigned on how great the American troops were doing and how we have to support them and won.
Now here is the question... Which side actually has my fellow soldiers and their families in mind? We always have to support our troops whether in peace or at war because our military is our countries bread and butter. A country will not survive without a strong line of defense. On the other hand, our soldiers would not be in harms way if it were not for lying, cheating, backstabbing politicians. Both Democrats and Republicans. So which way do we turn?
Democrats campaigned again in the 06 House and senate races on how wrong the war was, and low and behold they won! But what has changed since Madam Pelosi and her band of Merry men have taken control? NOTHING! One bill that was supposed to bring our troops home barely squeaked through, and after Jr. showed Congress who the HWBIC is, (head white boy in charge) Madam Pelosi and her band of Merry men backed down, and ran away with their tails tucked. Another bill that is supposed to bring our troops home squeaked through last week, and again Jr. is promising to pull a Cheney and shoot it in the face. So again I ask, which way do we turn?
I owe my life to the United States Army. So the military will always have a very special place in my heart. I was and will always be a soldier. I was proud of being in the Army and I am still proud of the fact that I was brave enough to volunteer. The Army made me the man I am today and I will always be grateful. So it kills me when these slick talking politicians try to tell the American public what is best for our soldiers. I have friends that are still in the Army, and not one of them has told me how being in Iraq is good for the country, ours or theirs. All I hear about is how messed up and disorganised it is over there. All I hear about is how otherwise good soldiers are turning to drugs to block out some of the horrors they have witnessed over there. All I hear about is how many otherwise good soldiers are going AWOL during their two week rest and relaxation period because they don' t want to go back. And all I hear about is how our government is lying to us and them about how much progress we are making over there.
So what do we do, continue to listen to the lies or demand the truth? I am beginning to suspect that most Americans don't want the truth. Most Americans would rather stand in line for days to buy a $500 cell phone than open their eyes to the truth. I know from experience that if I go to Walmart to buy something, and the product doesn't work the way it was advertised to work, I either return it for a new one or I get my money back. So why don't we do that with politicians? They are supposed to work for us. They are supposed to work the way they are advertised to work. We continue to put up with their arrogance, lies and hyprocisy. In other words they are broken and need to be replaced. I think we need to return the whole lot of them, and either get new ones or get our money back.

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