Sunday, July 1, 2007

"If you are looking for a helping hand, try looking at the end of your arm first"

I have discovered over my life that no one will take care of me the way I can take care of me. Everyone needs help every now and then, because this world can throw some things at you, that if you let it, will break your back. But if you run for help every time something adverse comes your way, you never learn how to deal with reality on your own. You will always have to depend on someone else to help you solve your problems. And to me that is a form of slavery. Help should be there when you absolutely have no other choice. By help, I mean friends and family. Every person, man or woman, black or white, needs a strong support group. And in saying that, let me get to the topic of this post.

The biggest problem that I see in the black community, is we depend to much on elected officials and our so called community "leaders" to solve all the problems in our community, and to me that is a giant mistake. First, the only things that a politician cares about is the next election. So if he or she knows that they have to talk about health care to get elected, then health care will be they're main talking point. Politicians are like chameleons. They change colors to suit their environment. So why do black people put so much trust in the Democratic party? (I am not saying I am a Republican, so do not boycott my site) What exactly has the Democratic Party ever did for black people? I wonder how many of my people know that the Democratic party was the party of all of the slave holders during the Civil War. The same party that wanted to keep us enslaved, is now the party that all of the former slaves flock too. Kind of ironic, huh?
And from what I see their mentality has not changed over the 1 or 2 centuries that blacks have been free. Look at the welfare system for instance. The welfare system is designed to keep you dependent on your government. ( the massa)If you try to get a little job to help supplement your government check, they penalize you and stop the handout all together. Now don't get me wrong, there are a lot of people, black and white, that really need help. But there are also a lot of people, black and white, that abuse the system. Why would you work for a living, when you know that all you have to do is sit at home and wait on free money? Under the welfare system there is no incentive to try to improve your situation. And that is what the Democrats are known for, social programs that take money from average taxpayers, and gives a small portion of that money to otherwise healthy people who sit at home and wait for the 1st and 15th. It always surprises me to see how many of my people are content with their government handouts. We all know the number one excuse on why this is...."They owe me for what my people have been through". True enough. We are owed something for all the pain and suffering that our forefathers went through, and from what we go through on a daily basis, but a handout is not the solution. Better schools and equality in the work place is what we are owed. Respect as fellow human beings and fair treatment from the so called law of the land is what we are owed, not money. People who have never had money, do not know how to deal with money, if they are not taught how to deal with money, so they end up losing the money to the same people that gave them the money. Besides, there is not enough money in the world to make up for 400 years of enslavement and abuse.

That is why I feel we need to fend for ourselves. We as black people in America know what we need to survive in America. Uncle Sam has proven time and time again that our best interests are not too high on his agenda, so why do we keep falling for these slick talking politicians?
The only time that we see any politician in any of our neighborhoods is when they are about to lose their jobs. That includes black and white politicians. And in my opinion black politicians are worse than the white ones, because in being black they know what it is like being black in "the land of the free", and yet they still lie, cheat and steal just like Mr. Charlie! The slaves have turned into the overseers of the massas land.

We know what we need. We know that we need better schools. We know that we need better representation in government circles. We know that we need after school programs to keep the attraction of gang life from our youth. We know that we need education on sexually transmitted diseases, and all diseases in general to help curb the epidemic of our people dying way too early. We know that we need education on premarital sex and the hardships that young mothers face in raising babies alone. And last but definitely not least, we know that WE, as black men are the answer to all the above mentioned needs. WE as black men need to stand up and retake our communities. WE as black men need to be men and stop leaving our women with the responsibility of raising our children. WE as black men need to stop killing other black men over a street corner no black man owns, or a color that no black man has ever made. WE as black men need to regain the status that out forefathers had in our communities. In other words we need to stand up and be MEN, and in doing so, we will solve all the problems in our communities ourselves, instead of looking to someone that has proven time and time again that our welfare is not their main priority.

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Mrs. SR said...

Well said Mr Redmon,

I agree with your comments and I feel that our elders should be more involved with teaching our community the values that gave them strengh to overcome the Jim Crow laws. With saying that unless our people know and truly understand where we come from then there is no way we will even have a clue on where we're going and that really makes me scared for our children. Also, we should embrace our elders and learn everything we can from them so our culture will not die along with them. Lastly, not least I feel that our people should focus on being proud of being black and encourage our young that they're brillant and they can accomplish anything they put their minds to and not to just settle for the bare minimum but instead like the great poet Maya says "RISE."