Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Am I a good man?

I know I am going to catch hell from the women that read my blog (especially my beautiful wife)over this particular subject... but what the hell. This has been on my mind for a minute now so I decided to vent a little bit. Whatever comes, comes.

I hear all the time about how there are no good men left. Especially in the black community. I do not understand that statement. What exactly are the women that make this statement looking for? Is a good man one that makes a ton of money and lavishes his woman with expensive things? Or is a good man one that works hard, provides for his family and protects his house even though he does not and probably never will have a lot of money? Or maybe a good man to some is one with 3 kids by 3 different women, no job, and living in his mothers basement? Or maybe a good man is one of these "hood niggas", you know the type, one of those hard, on the corner, hustling types? So what constitutes a good man in todays' society?

I can only speak for myself when I say this but, I consider myself a damn good man. I go to a job that is beneath my intellect everyday because for now that is what is paying my bills. I consider myself to be a good husband, but you have to ask the Mrs's that question. I am also a good son to my Mother and hopefully to my Pops, I am a good nephew to my Aunties and Uncles, and a good uncle to my nieces and nephews, a good grandson and I consider myself a good friend to all of my boys and to the females that I am cool with. (Yes I have plutonic female friends with no strings attached.) So do I fit the bill?

I don't smoke, I don't drink to get drunk, and I do not hang in clubs every weekend. I am not a womanizer even though I have been known to flirt a little, which I am currently in rehab for. Hey if it works for the rich and famous why can't I go to club med for a weekend? I am not doing anything illegal and I have never been to jail. In my humble opinion I am a good man.

So what does the modern day woman want?




Or just sex?

Or is it all of the above, whatever the cost?

Or is the saying "I can do bad by myself", the new anthem for todays women?

Why is it when a woman gets used and abused by a no good little boy, all men in her immediate vicinity get the blame? If you meet a man on the creep, what makes you think that his creeping will stop with you? If you meet a man with 15 different babies mommas, why would you want to be number 16? If you meet a man with no goals and ambitions, who is content on living off what you make and loves to play XBox with his boys, why would he change for you? What makes you so special? When did it become cool to be someones babies mamma instead of someones wife?

But on the other hand, why am I a good man only when I buy flowers, or diamonds, or paying for expensive resturaurants? Am I not a good man the times when my money is shorter than a midget on his knees? Am I not a good man when I try to confide in you my deepest feelings and desires? Or do you consider that weak? Do you consider a man weak when he admits his faults and tries to change for the better? Or is a man strong when he bottles everything up and explodes at a time that you consider inappropiate?

What is a good man?

Would you consider me one?

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Lola Gets said...

You sound like a halfway decent man, but Imma have to get a confirmation from the missus, lol.

" money is shorter than a midget on his knees?"

Ok, that is one of the funniest things I have ever read!