Thursday, August 9, 2007

It is going to snow tonight.....

I must be coming down with a summer cold or something. You know the worst kind of cold, the kind of cold where you cannot get out of bed. The kind of cold where it is 100 degrees outside, but you are bundled up in your bed with the heat on. That kind of cold. Why do I feel like this, you may ask? Well.... I actually agree with your president about something. Yeah I said it!! I agree with Jr.

There is absolutely no way that our gas taxes should be raised to get the money to repair our old and outdated infrastructure. That money should come from the taxes we already have to pay. (Especially since we have to give up our first born for a tank of gas now anyway).The powers that be had to know before that tragedy in Minnesota that bridge was on the verge of falling apart. They have to know about the rest of our old and outdated bridges. It is a damn shame that people have to die in order for our so called "leaders" to realize that they are failing in the job that we have given them.

Jr. said it right when he said earlier today: (and I quote) "Before we raise taxes, which could affect economic growth, I would strongly urge the Congress to examine how they set priorities.”
He actually said that. I must admit I was at a loss of words to hear Jr. say something that made sense, and something that the American People have been saying for decades.

But on the other hand....

The president said that congress should 'examine their priorities'. What?! This is coming from a man that has poured almost a trillion dollars into the lost cause that is Irag? The man that started his job with a a decent surplus, and in 6 years has turned it into a deficient that my great- great- great -great grand kids will have to pay back? This is coming from a man that pardoned a crook just because he thought that the recommended sentence was too harsh? The same man that won't even consider pardoning the two border patrol agents that went to prison for doing their jobs?

Congress should examine their priorities. Yes they should. There is no getting around that. But George Bush is not the right man to fix his mouth to say those words to anybody. Not with all the mistakes and downright stupid decisions his administration has made since 2002. Not with all the lives and money that has been lost in Iraq. Not with all the tax breaks that his rich cronies have received. And not with all the lies and scandals that have rocked the White House since he swore to UPHOLD and DEFEND the constitution of the United States of America.

So maybe I really don't agree with Jr. at all.

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