Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just another night out on the town

This past Saturday my friend and I were hanging out around Dallas. We stopped at a corner store to pick up some beer and on the way out we noticed that this young lady was having car problems. So being the gentlemen that we are, we offered our assistance. We soon deduced that she needed a jump because she had a weak battery. We jumped her off, and my boy decided to lay his mack game down. (He can do that because he is single). I proceeded to sit in his car bumping the radio, because I am happily married, and I don't need anymore drama in my life. Well, after about 20 minutes he jumps in the driver's seat saying how he got the digits. Well no more was said about "Shorty" the rest of the evening and I forgot about the whole thing, that is until I received a text from him while I was at work Monday.

The text said "call at your lunch hour. I got to tell you something".

Well, 12:30 rolled around and I gave my man a call.

"What's happening Brah"

"Not a thang. U?"

"You got some words for me?"

"Yea. You remember Shorty we helped at the Quik Stop Saturday night?"

"Yea. Wus up?"

"I smashed that yesterday!"

Well I was at a loss of words at hearing this tid-bit of information.

Here is the problem(s) I have with this situation, and the reason I am putting my man's business on the world wide web.

1. We met this chick on Saturday evening.

2. I got the call Monday that they had sex.

3. Which means the deed had to go down on Sunday.

4. That is not even 12 hours to get to know each other.

5. Both participants are in their mid to late 30's.

6. "Shorty" has a teenage daughter.

7. My man has a teenage son.

Now who should have known better out of the 2 consenting adults?

My man is a single parent. He is not in a relationship, so he can basically see whomever he wants.

But even he told me he was surprised at how quick he laid ole girl down. He also told me that he did not plan on talking to "shorty" again because she scared the hell out of him. The question is.. Then why did he do it? He is like any red-blooded male... We would hump a dead piece of wood if you put some hair around the hole.We do not want to wait 6 months for sex, but we don't want it in 6 minutes either. But he is also like any red-blooded male in the fact that any decent looking woman with a nice ass and nice tits is our biggest weakness. I can't be mad at him because if I were single, I can pretty much guarantee that I would have did the same 12 hour thing too, if not a couple of hours sooner. So am I a hypocrite?

Now on to "Shorty". I do not know anything about this woman (and it is obvious that my man doesn't either) so I cannot say too much about her. But.... Men... Well I can only speak for myself now, do not respect a woman that gives it up on the first date. Well, in this case the first 12 hours. We all want a woman in the streets and a freak in the bedroom, but at least give us a chance to get to know the woman before we see the freak. We expect a woman to be a woman at all times. I know this is gonna sound double-standard, but most men do not want an easy woman. If I got it in this short amount of time, what makes me so special? How many other guys have did the same thing? We expect a woman to respect herself and her body(unless she is turning tricks, and that is something totally different). We like the thrill of the hunt. We like to work up a sweat before we sit down to eat. (No Pun Intended) Make us work for your love and then make us work some more. If we see that you respect yourself then you can bet that we will respect you too.

Now in my opinion, both my man, and "Shorty" should have known better. They both have kids that they need to set an example for. They both have to be around for their kids for the next couple of decades, and with AIDS running rampant in our communities, they can't afford to take any chances with their lives. They are both old enough to know that casual sex can be deadly.

But here is my conflict with this whole situation....

Would I have followed my own advice 10 years ago? Even if I was single now? I cannot begin to count how many one nite stands I have had. Most of them, if the female were to come up to me and slap me in the face, I would not know who she was. And I cannot say honestly that I used a condom all the time. So why do we (men and women) do what we do? I wish I had the answer to that. If I did I would be an instant Billionaire. So who is more to blame here?

My man, or "Shorty"?


Lola Gets said...

No one is to blame, they were both consenting adults who had urges that needed tending to. Thats it. Nothing more, nothing less. As long as neither one of them is expecting something more, than no harm, no foul.

Trenee said...

I see what you're saying, but could the real problem be that your boy should have kept his business to himself? :)

daddio911 said...

Lola and Trenee are right, but you are wrong to put so much emphasis on the actions of your homie. He was doing what made him feel good and I'm sure she was doing the same. We are humans who need to "release" sometimes and if the game is in the open, then so much the better. Now to the serious part. Where were the ankle huggers while all of this was going on. There's no school on Sunday unless it's Sunday School and there was no mention of "it wasn't there weekend with the kids". Like I've mentioned before, what happens in the world of a child......stays with that child forever. I hope your friend at least had to where-with-all to seperate his "fun" from the ears and eyes of his or her child. If he didn't, then there is the biggest mistake of all. If this was 2 consenting adults enjoying the company of one another away from ALL prying eyes.. no harm...no foul. I hope he does reallize that the future he may want can never be received from the bed of a stranger. Oh yeah, on another note.....Women pick your guys better. I am a guy who respects even the most sordid of sexual escapades. In that respect comes some bit of secrecy. If you want a quickie or a one nighter, leave all your business in the dark. Take care of your needs the way we guys do and don't let the bootie know your whatups. Women keep him out of the particulars and only tell him what needs to be told.....what to do and for how long. Any guy you may feel the need to give it up to 12 hours after meeting him doesn't need to know your child, your voting stance, your future plans or your desires out of the bedroom, kitchen counter, couch or whatever. Get what you came for and leave him wondering because any guy that'll hit the panties that soon doesn't care and is only using it as proof that he tapped your treasure. Women be real with yourselves and leave the small talk to ooos and aaahs and keep your private lives......private. To all you guys that might be reading this I say one thing. The Texas Attorney General will come get your money if the AIDS fairy doesn't. Keep your junk covered!!!

Jazzylady said...

they were both dead wrong. that's what I thought at first. then I had to think, what did they both want? if they just wanted a one nighter, that's what they got. if they wanted a decent relationship then neither is ever going to get because they don't know how to have one. it takes learning the hard way that laying down with a person does not mean that you are ever going to get to know them properly, and men usually always think like your friend did; she let him hit right away, so why does he have to go back? Besides, nothing has changed much since I was a young thing, I see.