Thursday, August 23, 2007

Just Plain Stupid

I wasn't going to post anything about Michael Vick, but after reading a couple of news reports on how our beloved NAACP is divided on how they feel about his case, I decided to add my 2 cents.

Michael Vick is a grown ass man. He knew what he was doing. No one forced him to do whatever he did concerning his case. I do not understand why so many professional athletes (black athletes) cannot leave the past in the past. It is one thing to support your old neighborhood in a positive way.. Such as speaking at schools, using your new found money to uplift your old community and starting programs to keep our youth from ending up a statistic in this country's broken judicial system.

But to continue to to do the things you used to do with your "boys" is just plain stupid. Why would you keep negative influences around you when you have broken through the glass ceiling in America? You can keep your status in the hood without actually having to keep it "hood". Magic Johnson has kept it "hood", Stephon Marbury has kept it "hood", Russell Simons has kept it "hood", Will Smith has kept it "hood", just to name a few of the big name stars that has kept their status in our communities without jeopardizing their careers. In my opinion Mike Vick is stupid.

You can tell the quality of people he had around him by looking at how long it took his "boys" to snitch. These guys were supposed to be life long Vick partners. They were in his entourage, his inner circle, his "best friends". But as we all know now it only took days for them to let their true colors shine. As soon as the Feds looked at them wrong, they fell over like dominoes. You cannot leave a thief alone in a room with a million dollars, and that is what Vick did. He trusted the wrong people. But of course he knew how these guys were, he had to. I guess he thought he was "keeping it real" with his homies.

Just plain Stupid.

He has lost everything just because he wanted to "keep it real". His freedom, his job, his career, and his credibility. Of course he still has his family, but we all know that family will turn on you quick too. So when those checks stop coming to some of his family members (we all know he was supporting probably half his family), we will see how long they stick with him.

So I am going to end this with a quote from Jemele Hill, who is an ESPN columnist. I could not have said this better myself..

I caution you not to make Vick a martyr. Do not applaud him for taking his comeuppance like some modern-day gangster. Do not blame others for Vick’s predicament when he alone should be held accountable for his actions.
“Let this historic unraveling be a wake-up call for the young, black men caught up in the same lifestyle that claimed Vick. Let his prison sentence send the message that a continued allegiance to street culture successfully keeps young, black men frighteningly behind in American society


Trenee said...

The NAACP is split on the issue of Michael Vick? Is that one of the major problems in Black American today? Michael Vick? Things must be really slow around the office. When did Michael Vick ask for their support? Wow.

daddio911 said...

You know, I'm never one to take up for the stupid and believe me this man is stupid, but Ted Kennedy killed a woman 50 years ago and never did a day in jail. Kenneth Ley screwed half of Houston out of their last dime and never did a day in jail. Hillary Clintion stepped over a dead body in the White House to get secret Whitewater papers and is now the democratic front runner for the Presidential nomination. Things are screwed up in the punishment game and needs to be fixed. Does this fool need to go to jail....oh hell yes, but let's get the rest of them too. And for all of you who feel that Jessie Jackson and the NAACP are the representative body for the black people in America......WAKE UP!!!! Your money is all they want and they aren't gonna do crap to help you if they don't feel that there's something in it for them. "We" represent "us" not them. People get off your butts and help your neighbors. Don't rely on these .... so called leaders to do it for you. Go mow your neighbors yard. Voluteer for the youth center. Help where you can, cause that's what's going to make a difference in the world "we" live in.

Dirty Red said...

Again I agree with your point of view. There is a double standard in this country when it comes to our Justice System. Well, not "our" Justice System, the Justice System of our country. If you live in America and don't realize this, then you are deaf dumb and blind.