Saturday, August 18, 2007

Where did all the money go?

I was cruising the news sites tonight and I came across an article that was very disturbing to me. It seems that since Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans homeless population has doubled.
Now I could have sworn that billions of dollars from around the world was donated to help the people of the gulf coast get back on their feet. So where the hell did all the money go?

Where did all the movie stars money go? What about all the telethons and church donations, and how can we forget all the federal money (that came out of our taxes) go? How can this be explained? Didn't they have a Mardi Gras down there this year? Was I dreaming about the Saints almost making it to the Superbowl? I know the Essence festival was there, because my Aunt and Uncle went. So who is keeping tabs on all the money that should have been generated by all these events?

The article, which is on MSNBC.COM went on to say that there are an estimated 80,000 abandoned buildings and houses in New Orleans. 80,000! It doesn't mention the rest of the Gulf Coast, they never do, but I can't imagine what it is like in coastal Mississippi and Alabama. So did all that money just disappear? When everyone was out begging for Americans to help the people of the gulf coast, all you could hear was, "these people need help... Please help the poor people in the aftermath of the worst storm in decades". The poor "black" people were all over the news, Spike Lee jumped on the band wagon and made a movie, Angelina Jolie bought a house in the French Quarter, Anderson Cooper was down there every weekend and the city's house nigga Mayor was in Washington every other week begging for more of our tax dollars. (No that is not a misprint... I did call him a house nigga. I am still in shock this man still has a job.) During all this "giving" the homeless population just happened to DOUBLE. Who can explain this to me?

Now I know there were homeless people down there before Katrina. I also understand that some people simply like living on the streets. I know that some people just go through a string of bad luck and that is where they end up. There are a lot of mentally disturbed people that are abandoned by their family and community that end up homeless. But this article mentioned the fact that the majority of the homeless in New Orleans, (again no mention of the rest of the Gulf Coast) are people that went down there looking for work. Now is it just me or does this sound a little strange? How can someone go to a place that is in dire need of people to help rebuild and do the jobs that were abandoned by people fleeing for their lives, end up jobless and homeless?

You mean to tell me that there are no houses to be built, no schools to renovate, no trash that needs to be collected, no doctors to care for the sick, no nurses, no taxi drivers, no cooks, no mechanics, ...nothing but a bunch of crooked ass politicians that are planning the next big event in New Orleans to fleece more of our money, that will never make it to the people that really need it? How can this be, when America opened up it's hearts and wallets to help the poor and disenfranchised people of the Gulf Coast? Who decides who needs help and who doesn't? Wasn't that money supposed to help ALL the people that needed it? Where are the FEMA checks for these people? How can there be 80,000 abandoned buildings and houses in the city 2 years after the storm? What the hell is Mr. Nagin doing down there? Does that Blanco woman still have a job? I don't remember if the people down there voted her ass out of office or not. If they didn't they damn sure should have.

I just don't understand it. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of children and elderly living in abandoned or condemned buildings. This in a country where millions of people will spend millions of dollars a year on bullshit that we do not even need. Yes I said "WE". Americans need to get our priorities straight. How can we invade a country to "liberate" a nation of people, when we have our own nation of people right here just minutes away from our Suburban lives, that have no homes and no way to support themselves?

Things that make you go hmmmm....

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