Friday, September 28, 2007

To Protect and Serve

This story really pissed me off. I have a strong respect for law enforcement and all that Cops do, but this shit here is uncalled for and some heads need to roll behind this.

(I would add a link to this story, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet). The above picture is of young man from Gary, Indiana. He was involved in an accident this past weekend that killed two of his friends. The kids were on their way home from a party. There was probably alcohol involved and they were young so they were probably driving too fast for the road conditions, so they ended up upside down in a field. Shit like this happens. It is sad, but hey, it happens.

The part that gets me riled up is the fact that 2 of the boys in the car were able to walk away from the crash, but there were two that were ejected from the vehicle. The driver managed to climb a hill back onto the road and he attempted to flag down a passing motorist. Well of course nobody would stop and help him(young black man, covered in blood, standing in the middle of the road, in the middle of the night.... You remember this is America right? And Indiana?) But some concerned citizen did call 911. I would love to hear the audio from that call... Anyway I digress....

When the Fuzz and paramedics arrived the driver tried to explain that 2 of his friends were missing and that they needed to be found. The Fuzz blew him off. They carted the driver and his friend off to the hospital, treated them and sent them home. No more was said about the 2 missing kids.

The next day the parents of 1 of the missing teens went out to the accident site. What did they find several feet from the accident?

Their DEAD son!!! And close by their son was the body of the other missing teen!!!

Now my question is this.....

Why the hell did it take this kids parents to conduct a rescue mission for their child? Ain't that supposed to be the job of the people that we pay to protect and serve?

They found their son and his friend the next day for crying out loud!!! Do you think that maybe their lives would have been saved if the damn Police did their jobs?

How about if this accident involved young massa Tom and his little sister Becky? Do you think that maybe the Fuzz would have conducted a better search for the massas kids?

Of course the Indiana state police or who ever the hell was called to the accident scene has circled the wagons. "The investigating officers followed procedure... blah blah blah..."

And of course the blame is all on the driver. He was driving at an excessive speed and he had been drinking.


Where is the concern for 2 black kids whose lives could have been saved?

I hope that I am not the only one to be upset about this story. If anyone wants to read the story for themselves, go to CNN.COM. The article is a link called " cops should have looked for bodies".

Monday, September 24, 2007

To my Uncle Larry pt 2 Cowboys 3-0 Redskins what?

Well Unc what happened to your Dead Skins this Sunday?

I hate to say it, but I was rooting for them.

Yes I admit it. I wanted those funky-ass Dead Skins to beat the snot out of the Giants. Why you may ask?

Well, I cannot stand Eli Manning. His brother (Peyton) is by far the best QB in the league, but Eli? The only reason he is even starting in the NFL is because his last name is Manning. He is not a good QB. He should be walking around the sideline with a clip board, but we all know that the 'ole saying is true, it is not what you know, but who you know.
But the damn Redskins could not even do me that one little favor.
No... they folded up like a cheap lawn chair. As Usual.
But on the other hand...
Them 'Boys shined once again.
I believe they made fools out of last years NFC champs wouldn't you say so Unc? I could have sworn the Bears had the "best defense" in the league. And what was the score? Was it thirty-something to.... I believe it was.... 10? I believe that classifies as an ass whooping, wouldn't you say so Unc? I also believe them 'Boys are Number 1 in their division, wouldn't you say so Unc?
And where are your Dead Skins?
Right BEHIND them 'Boys!!
C-ya in November!!!
How bout them Cowboys!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Who will you believe?

This morning I was watching the Sunday Political shows to see if anyone would mention what happened in Jena. Of course Jena was not mentioned. Which brings a question to mind...
Which of the above candidates actually gives a shit about the problems and views of the black community?
Not one word was mentioned about what happened in Jena this past week. The President of Iran wanting to visit ground zero got more attention than the most important civil rights issue to take place in America since the Million Man March. I do not agree with Iran's views, or their President's sponsoring the insurgents that are killing our soldiers in Iraq, but the whole world knows that Iran did not have anything to do with 911. Supposedly all the man wanted to do was lay a wreath to show respect to the people that lost their lives on that fateful day. What is wrong with that? Did Japan stop America from paying respects to the Japanese citizens that lost their lives after America dropped the big bomb on them? Uhhhh... NO! So what is the difference? If we were at war with Iran, then I would have a problem with it. Or maybe this is a glance into the not so distant future? But that is the subject of another blog.
Getting back on the subject.....
Thousands of Americans went down to Louisiana to protest the bigotry of Americas legal system, and not one of the big political shows thought it was a big enough deal to even mention it? What is this telling me?
It is telling me that my concerns and views are not important to main stream white America. It is telling me that my concerns and views are not important to the people that want me to vote for them next year. Black people protesting something that is a very real problem in our communities is not a big deal. We are always complaining or protesting about something, right? So why should they stop and listen to us now? Black people are always yelling racism right?
Black people are always screaming about how unfair America is to them. But are there not more black millionaires than ever before? Are there not more black people in positions of power than ever before? My answer to those questions that I would bet even money the white folks that watch Fox News are asking, is yes and no.
Yes, there are more black millionaires than ever before. Yes, there are more black people in positions of power. But how much power do these blacks have? Not much if the injustices in Louisiana and in every state in America still exist. Not much if we don't have a real voice in the political arena. Not much if white America thinks that 2 black men in America speak for all 35 million black Americans. (The 2 Reverends that only show up when a camara is on). Not much if every time an issue that concerns black America arises, white America accuses us of yelling wolf. And not much if the main political shows do not even mention the issue on their weekly forums, that are seen by millions of Americans.
So out of the 25 or 30 people wanting me to vote for them next year, which one really cares about what concerns me and the 35 million other black people in this country?
Now that is a question every Black American should ask before we go into a voting booth next year.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

On Today's Menu.... Freshly Squeezed OJ

I was not going to waste my time blogging about this idiot, but what the hell.

This has got to be the dumbest negro in the history of negrodom. He is an embarrassment to not only black men, but to all men period. Why can't this fool just disappear? Doesn't he realize that white people in this country despise him? If I was acquitted of killing Mr. Charlies daughter and step-son, do you think that I would continue to rub it in his face? Hell No! I would disappear off the face of the earth. If you did ever hear from me again, it would be because I was donating time and money to a very worthy cause.. like say, children's causes or abused women. I would do anything I could do to get white folks minds off the fact that I killed a white woman and got away with it. But that is just me.

This fool seems to crave attention. He cannot stay out of the news. Everyone knows that he killed that woman and her booty call. If he didn't kill them, he knows who did, which makes him just as guilty. So why can't he just celebrate in private? He did what every black man in America dreams of doing. He beat the white man at the very game that he invented. He not only beat Mr. Charlie, he bitch slapped him, then he spit in his face.

But we all know (Black People knows) that "the juice" has not been black since he won the Heisman Trophy. He stopped being black when Richard Nixon invited him to the White House and told him he was a credit to his race.He stopped being black after he left his first wife (who happened to be a nice looking black woman) for a blond haired blued eyed Becky. He stopped being black when he moved to the Brent Wood section of L.A.

But Lo and Behold when he got caught up, all of a sudden he was a victim of racism. He was being stereotyped, he was being treated unfairly. He was being treated like a... Gasp!!!, BLACK MAN!!!

Negro please!!

His ass should be in prison sharing a cell with Bubba, but because he had money to afford the best lip service that money could buy, he walked right out of the courtroom. And he has been dying to get back in the limelight ever since.

Well this time Mr. Simpson, I think your luck has run out. Johnnie Cochran is gone, your money is gone, and there is not a white person in America who does not want to plaster your balls on their living room wall.

So where is he going to go to get a fair trial? No one is going to pay attention to what this fool is on trial for this time. All the jury is going to see is that this negro killed a white woman and got away with it. He is going to be convicted for killing his ex-wife, not for breaking into a Las Vegas hotel room. White people have wanted this dummies blood since he skated the first time, and I be damned if he didn't walk right into the blood bank and donate all 8 pints of blood in his stupid ass body.

Well, what goes around comes around "Juice". Your ass is going to get to share that cell with Bubba after all. There is no way in hell Mr. Charlie is going to stand up for a bitch slap this time.
I bet you are wishing that Mr Cochran was still around, huh? But I doubt even the late great Johnnie Cochran could get you off this time.

So waiter, I think I will order a Seagram's Gin , straight up, without the "Juice".

Sunday, September 16, 2007

To my Uncle Larry

My wife and I just finished watching our team put the beat down on Miami.
And my Uncle is not too happy about it. You see, he is a die hard Redskins fan, and he loves to hate the Cowboys. My Auntie, his wife, is a die hard Cowboys fan, so you can imagine the conversations they have during football season. Every year they come out here to see the Cowboys beat down the Redskins. Every year my Uncle goes back to Maryland talking about how the Cowboys cheated and wait till next year.

Well Unc, I don't know when "next year" will come, but it will NOT be this year!!!!

C-ya in November!!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How Valuable is a Human Life?

The company New Era has been under fire for coming out with these hats.. (to the right and above) The companies reps say that they had no idea that these hats, (to the right and above) were designed in a way that depicts the colors of different gangs.
Stevie Wonder can see that these hats (to the right and above) are meant to attract a certain kind of buyer. I.E. Gang Bangers.
Which brings me to my question of the day...
How much value does Corporate America put on a Black or Hispanic life?
Now anybody with a T.V. knows that America has a problem with gangs. Everybody knows that the gang problem is mainly concentrated in the inner cities of every major city in America. Everybody knows that 99.9% of these gangs are minorities. Minorities being Blacks, Hispanics and in some cases Asians. There is a war going on in every major city in America, and the participants of this war distinguish themselves by wearing different colors. The main colors being those being depicted on these hats masquerading as New York Yankee baseball caps.
How could a company that is based in the largest city in America not know that the designs on these hats were gang designs? Are the CEO and the marketing director of New Era that far out of touch with the people that buy their products? I would bet my next paycheck that the majority of people that buy New Era products live in a inner city. The scouts that go out into the city to see what is hot on the streets had to know what these colors mean.
So the bottom line is that the CEO and all the big wigs that had to approve this marketing disaster, does not care about how their product might affect someones life. As long as those cash registers keeping ringing, who cares if some little black or Hispanic kid gets killed over wearing the wrong color hat in the wrong neighborhood. What does it matter?
I remember a scene in the first Godfather movie, where all the Dons were sitting around a big table talking about getting involved in drug trafficking. One of the Dons said that in his city that they would keep the traffic in the "colored" community. He said "They are animals anyway, so let them loose their souls".
This is how corporate America looks at us. As being animals. Rats in a cage constantly fighting each other. Black people spend more money on dumb shit than any other race in America. Corporate America knows this, so they exploit us. They play on our weakness, our weakness being material things. Things that have no value what so ever. Black People just have to "outshine" one another. We would rather spend $200 on a pair of sneakers than invest in our children's future. Corporate America knows this. That is why they are walking over the dead bodies of our children on their way to the bank to cash their yearly 7 figure bonuses.
I guarantee that if these hats were designed with a swastika, this story would have made all the headline news rags, and New Era would have been forced into a very public apology. Their stock prices would have plummeted and they probably would be facing several multimillion dollar lawsuits.
But because these hats were designed to attract America's red headed step children, this story was pushed under the rug. No one heard from the NAACP, Rev Jesse, or Rev Al.
So again I ask.
In America how valuable is a human life?
Especially one with dark skin, big lips, a big nose and nappy hair?
In other words, MY LIFE and the lives of my family and the lives of families that look like mine?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Boy, pull your damn pant's up!!

I must be getting old. Some of the things I used to enjoy doing back in the day, seem so juvenile to me now. The way I used to talk, the way I used to dress, even the music I used to listen too, it all seems so young to me. I look at teenagers now and all I can do is shake my head. Don't get me wrong, I am only 35, but I do not understand today's teens. Or rather I do not understand today's teens parents.
Back in the day my Moms would straight up beat me down if she saw me doing what I see some of these kids doing. And if any of the people in my building or on my block that knew my family saw me doing anything foolish they would beat me down also. Ahhh... the good ole days. Where have they gone?
For instance.
The other day I was in Wal-Mart getting some stuff for the house and I saw something that really upset me.
There was this young lady, she was probably in her mid to late 20's.She had her little boy or nephew or maybe her little cousin with her. The boy looked like he was about 4 or 5 years old. Nothing unusual about that right? Well here comes the upsetting part. Why did she have this little boy dressed like he was straight out of a Lil Wayne video? The boy had a chain hanging down to his little genital area, a wife beater, and .... get this..... His little pants were down around his training drawers. The boy was even hitching up his pants every 2 steps the way he had to see these little fools on the street doing.
All I could do was stare and think WTF is wrong with this little heifer? Where is our society going when young mothers are dressing their babies like they just got out of prison? WTF is wrong with my people?
Where is the pride and self respect in our communities? I know I did some stuff when I was in my teens that if my moms ever found out she would still beat my ass. But I never disrespected her name or my families integrity by going around in public showing off my boxer drawers. My pants were baggy yeah, but I wore an extra big shirt, or I had on a pair of shorts under my pants that covered my drawers. Not making excuses for my own juvenile behavior, but at least I had a little respect for myself, my people, and my family.
Where are these kids parents? How can you let your child walk out your front door looking like an ex-convict? Where are the men in our communities? Why are our little boys imitating Cam-Ron and all these other fools instead of imitating us? Don't these children know where this "fashion" statement originated? If not let me tell you.
It started in the prison system. Inmates were not allowed belts, shoe laces or any other type of clothing accessory because of the fear of suicide or weapon making. Later on in time, saggy pants were a sign that you were someones bitch, his girlfriend, or punk. It means that someone inside the prison had a claim on your ass.
So if the Hip-Hop community is all about how "hard" you are, why are they encouraging our children to imitate a punk, a weakling that cannot protect his own manhood? In other words his own ass? Don't these Kids that are having babies know that their child is a reflection of them? Or maybe that is the problem. These kids ARE a reflection of their parents.
Ain't that a scary thought?

Monday, September 3, 2007

The Nerve of Some People!!

I have not added a post to my blog recently because my wife had to have an unexpected medical procedure done and I haven't had the time. There are a lot of things on my mind, so I guess I will start off with the one or maybe a couple of things that are bothering me. So bear with me as I vent....

Number 1:

I was in Luby's restaurant today getting lunch for me and wifey. (Luby's, for those of you that are not familiar with North Texas, is a cafeteria type restaurant. The food is pretty good and it is fast). Anyway I am going through the line telling the people that serve the food what I want, when this guy and his employee get in line behind me. (I say "guy" and "employee", because the first guy looks like a CEO or something and the second guy looks like his flunkie). It doesn't really matter what race " guy" and "employee" are, because there are people like this across all color lines. Anyway we are standing in line waiting to to get to the cash register, (Luby's caters to a lot of elderly people so the line is going pretty slow plus there are two handicapped people that are being helped by family members). All of a sudden "guy" starts yelling for the manager. The manager comes over and professionally asks "guy" what his problem is. "Guy" goes off on the manager. He tells him that he and his associate have been standing in line way too long and that he is a tax paying citizen, and how his time is money, and how he wanted to be bumped ahead of all the elderly and handicapped people to the front of the line. The manager calmly told "guy" that the line was moving as fast as possible and there was nothing that he could do. He let "guy " know, professionally of course, that either he could wait or he could get the hell on. Well "guy" shut up, but he continued to complain under his breath to "employee", who being the good flunkie, just nodded and agreed with everything that "guy" said. I was getting hot by now so I turned around until me and "guy" was looking eye to eye, and I gave him my best "angry black man" look, you know the one, the look that tells a weaker individual that if he doesn't shut up you will beat his ass like his father should have. Well "guy" quickly turns to "employee" , they exchange a look that says, "I think we better shut up before this big black guy goes ghetto on us". Nothing more was said, no more complaining, nothing. I pay for my food and leave.

I will tie all this in a minute.

Number 2:

I guess all of you have heard by know how Condelezza Rice went off on some jewelry store worker last week. If not, let me recant what I read in the papers.

Dr. Rice and some of her people were in a jewelry store looking at some bling. Dr.Rice wanted to see some of the bling that was behind the counter. Apparently the worker didn't like Dr. Rice, and copped an attitude. Well Dr.Rice told the woman something like how she was behind the counter working for minimum wage and how she, Dr. Rice ,Madam Secretary of State was worth much more.

First, let me say we have all been in a store where the employee of the store was very unpleasant. It is their job to provide customer service and serve the public, so my thing is if you don't like your job then quit, and find something more conducive to your personality. I do not know exactly what the store employee did to Dr Rice for her to go off. I get my news just like the rest of America, from CNN and the tabloids. So I probably do not have the full story. But Dr. Rice does not have the right to fix her mouth to say anything about anybody working for minimum wage. Let me explain.

We all know how she grew up in Birmingham Alabama during the height of the civil rights movement. We all know how she knew the four little girls that were killed in the church bombing in 1964. We all know how she had to struggle and fight to get the position she has today. I could go on and on. I respect Dr. Rice as a black woman that has done the damn thing in America and who has come from a meager background to become one of, if not the, most powerful woman in the world. But for her to make a comment about someone working for minimum wage, when she represents the party and the man that has refused to raise the minimum wage was very wrong. Very, Very wrong, and very insensitive to the people that she is supposed to represent that have to work for minimum wage in order to support their families.

This all ties into the first paragraph about the asshole in Luby's. Rich people in America, and I guess the world over, act like the world revolves around them. They expect the common working people to bend over and lick their boots whenever they tell them to. Rich people act like God made the world and everything in it just for them, no one else matters. Most rich people, if they were not born rich, forget about the struggle that it took for them to be in a position of power. They forget about the minimum wage jobs they had to take to make ends meet. They forget what it is like to be "common". And thus we have people like our Secretary of State and the guy in Luby's.

I am not knocking anyone that has money, because Lord knows I need a lot more of it. But I am knocking the ones with money that act like they sit on the right hand of God. The ones that look down on me because I cannot afford to become a member of their social club. We are all people, and being people we all deserve respect no matter what our economic status is. No one comes into this world wanting to be poor. No one comes into this world wanting to be rich. We all come into this world wanting to live the best life we can.

If you read the bible, I think there is a passage in there that says that it would be easier for a Camel to fit through the head of a needle, than it will be for a rich man/woman to get into the kingdom of heaven. If that is the case, I guess there are a lot of millionaires walking around Hell waiting on the "Guy" from Luby's and our esteemed Madam Secretary of State.