Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Boy, pull your damn pant's up!!

I must be getting old. Some of the things I used to enjoy doing back in the day, seem so juvenile to me now. The way I used to talk, the way I used to dress, even the music I used to listen too, it all seems so young to me. I look at teenagers now and all I can do is shake my head. Don't get me wrong, I am only 35, but I do not understand today's teens. Or rather I do not understand today's teens parents.
Back in the day my Moms would straight up beat me down if she saw me doing what I see some of these kids doing. And if any of the people in my building or on my block that knew my family saw me doing anything foolish they would beat me down also. Ahhh... the good ole days. Where have they gone?
For instance.
The other day I was in Wal-Mart getting some stuff for the house and I saw something that really upset me.
There was this young lady, she was probably in her mid to late 20's.She had her little boy or nephew or maybe her little cousin with her. The boy looked like he was about 4 or 5 years old. Nothing unusual about that right? Well here comes the upsetting part. Why did she have this little boy dressed like he was straight out of a Lil Wayne video? The boy had a chain hanging down to his little genital area, a wife beater, and .... get this..... His little pants were down around his training drawers. The boy was even hitching up his pants every 2 steps the way he had to see these little fools on the street doing.
All I could do was stare and think WTF is wrong with this little heifer? Where is our society going when young mothers are dressing their babies like they just got out of prison? WTF is wrong with my people?
Where is the pride and self respect in our communities? I know I did some stuff when I was in my teens that if my moms ever found out she would still beat my ass. But I never disrespected her name or my families integrity by going around in public showing off my boxer drawers. My pants were baggy yeah, but I wore an extra big shirt, or I had on a pair of shorts under my pants that covered my drawers. Not making excuses for my own juvenile behavior, but at least I had a little respect for myself, my people, and my family.
Where are these kids parents? How can you let your child walk out your front door looking like an ex-convict? Where are the men in our communities? Why are our little boys imitating Cam-Ron and all these other fools instead of imitating us? Don't these children know where this "fashion" statement originated? If not let me tell you.
It started in the prison system. Inmates were not allowed belts, shoe laces or any other type of clothing accessory because of the fear of suicide or weapon making. Later on in time, saggy pants were a sign that you were someones bitch, his girlfriend, or punk. It means that someone inside the prison had a claim on your ass.
So if the Hip-Hop community is all about how "hard" you are, why are they encouraging our children to imitate a punk, a weakling that cannot protect his own manhood? In other words his own ass? Don't these Kids that are having babies know that their child is a reflection of them? Or maybe that is the problem. These kids ARE a reflection of their parents.
Ain't that a scary thought?


MsBaldwin said...

I strongly agree with you about this pant's issue. I mean it's rediculous. If my son ever attempted to walk about with his pants hanging down like that I would beat the crap out of him. I went skating the other night and saw young men with their pants sagging and I mean they were sagging so low that they were told to pull their pants up by the employees of the rink. They kept falling down because their pants were so low.

The parents need to take responsibility on how they allow their kids to dress. They need to explain to their kids how important appearance is. You can go far in life just by the way you carry yourself and the image you project.

I would digress further, but I have to get back to work. Holla later!!

daddio911 said...

I'm with you 110%!! No one says that every young man has to be a representative of the masses, but when this is the example so many see, it leads the rest of us into a spiral of repair and explanation. What a parent does now to prepare their child for the future weighs heavily on whether or not they have options. Dress or lack of it does nothing to lead them to a positive outcome. The actions of the mother, sister, aunt, cousin or whatever, is setting that child and our future as a people (and I don't just mean black people) up for destruction and ruin.

DJ Black Adam said...

I feel you on that. It is crazy, but you gotta remeber, these young sisters dress their sons like the men they are with. I doubt this sister was dating or married to a brother who wasn't emmulating that gehtto gangsta pimp trifle.


Tommy said...

I think as a whole, this type of dress style is perpetuated by Main stream America! If u know what I mean! Hip hop culture is glorified in the media as being just what you see here! I mean we can't fault our Young Boys and girls for being sucked in when their subjected to it 24/7. All we can do as parents is set the example and instill in them some type of decency. To the thinking Men, Women and others with common since. We must represent!!! Rock on!!!!

Mena said...

This is an awesome blog. It turns my stomach to see these young men dress like this. Its becoming such an issue that YT is coming up with laws and ordinances to prevent them from dressing this way. I heard it started in the south and now its made its way to NYC. I think thats great b/c it needs to be curtailed someway, but why did we need YT to get involved? Its sickening I tell ya!

Skys said...

I agree as well with your blog and post and for those who do not agree doesnt mean that it is not true. It is horrific that we as people have stooped so low that it seems normal and when people tell us that we are degrading ourselves we get upset. Satan has truly spellbound us. He is an adversary worthy of his name. This is his world. Read Matt. the 4th chapter when he came to Christ and offered him this world. Hip Hop was once an artform for us to express ourselves such as when we sang the old negro spirituals on the plantation but Satan has corrupted that. How many rappers have sold their soul to Satan for fame? Tupac,dmx,jay z,and others that are probably not talked about. Jay z has a song called Lucifer. 50 Cent and Prodigy have a song called the "Pearly Gates" which they talk bad to God and threaten to kick his a**, which will never happen. The bible says we are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. This we truly are. To understand where we are we must know where we came from. Go to www.thecomforter.info right now. This web truly lifts us up as a people and gives us the knowledge we need not to be destroyed!