Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How Valuable is a Human Life?

The company New Era has been under fire for coming out with these hats.. (to the right and above) The companies reps say that they had no idea that these hats, (to the right and above) were designed in a way that depicts the colors of different gangs.
Stevie Wonder can see that these hats (to the right and above) are meant to attract a certain kind of buyer. I.E. Gang Bangers.
Which brings me to my question of the day...
How much value does Corporate America put on a Black or Hispanic life?
Now anybody with a T.V. knows that America has a problem with gangs. Everybody knows that the gang problem is mainly concentrated in the inner cities of every major city in America. Everybody knows that 99.9% of these gangs are minorities. Minorities being Blacks, Hispanics and in some cases Asians. There is a war going on in every major city in America, and the participants of this war distinguish themselves by wearing different colors. The main colors being those being depicted on these hats masquerading as New York Yankee baseball caps.
How could a company that is based in the largest city in America not know that the designs on these hats were gang designs? Are the CEO and the marketing director of New Era that far out of touch with the people that buy their products? I would bet my next paycheck that the majority of people that buy New Era products live in a inner city. The scouts that go out into the city to see what is hot on the streets had to know what these colors mean.
So the bottom line is that the CEO and all the big wigs that had to approve this marketing disaster, does not care about how their product might affect someones life. As long as those cash registers keeping ringing, who cares if some little black or Hispanic kid gets killed over wearing the wrong color hat in the wrong neighborhood. What does it matter?
I remember a scene in the first Godfather movie, where all the Dons were sitting around a big table talking about getting involved in drug trafficking. One of the Dons said that in his city that they would keep the traffic in the "colored" community. He said "They are animals anyway, so let them loose their souls".
This is how corporate America looks at us. As being animals. Rats in a cage constantly fighting each other. Black people spend more money on dumb shit than any other race in America. Corporate America knows this, so they exploit us. They play on our weakness, our weakness being material things. Things that have no value what so ever. Black People just have to "outshine" one another. We would rather spend $200 on a pair of sneakers than invest in our children's future. Corporate America knows this. That is why they are walking over the dead bodies of our children on their way to the bank to cash their yearly 7 figure bonuses.
I guarantee that if these hats were designed with a swastika, this story would have made all the headline news rags, and New Era would have been forced into a very public apology. Their stock prices would have plummeted and they probably would be facing several multimillion dollar lawsuits.
But because these hats were designed to attract America's red headed step children, this story was pushed under the rug. No one heard from the NAACP, Rev Jesse, or Rev Al.
So again I ask.
In America how valuable is a human life?
Especially one with dark skin, big lips, a big nose and nappy hair?
In other words, MY LIFE and the lives of my family and the lives of families that look like mine?


Jazzylady said...

You know, the days when I knew anything about gangs are long behind me, but even I ain't that blind.

brightstarr said...

Wow. Surprisingly, I can't say that I'm necessarily "shocked." The question was, "What value do large corporations put on human life?" - Well, in my humble opinion, the answer is not much. It's all about the money. Which explains why inner cities are saturated with liquor stores and artery clogging carry out cuisine. I think if we wait for the day that corporations or even our elected political officials to save us, we will never get anywhere. It's definitely up to us as individuals to take back our communities. Good post - thanks for letting me know about this so I can get the petitions started. ;-)