Monday, September 3, 2007

The Nerve of Some People!!

I have not added a post to my blog recently because my wife had to have an unexpected medical procedure done and I haven't had the time. There are a lot of things on my mind, so I guess I will start off with the one or maybe a couple of things that are bothering me. So bear with me as I vent....

Number 1:

I was in Luby's restaurant today getting lunch for me and wifey. (Luby's, for those of you that are not familiar with North Texas, is a cafeteria type restaurant. The food is pretty good and it is fast). Anyway I am going through the line telling the people that serve the food what I want, when this guy and his employee get in line behind me. (I say "guy" and "employee", because the first guy looks like a CEO or something and the second guy looks like his flunkie). It doesn't really matter what race " guy" and "employee" are, because there are people like this across all color lines. Anyway we are standing in line waiting to to get to the cash register, (Luby's caters to a lot of elderly people so the line is going pretty slow plus there are two handicapped people that are being helped by family members). All of a sudden "guy" starts yelling for the manager. The manager comes over and professionally asks "guy" what his problem is. "Guy" goes off on the manager. He tells him that he and his associate have been standing in line way too long and that he is a tax paying citizen, and how his time is money, and how he wanted to be bumped ahead of all the elderly and handicapped people to the front of the line. The manager calmly told "guy" that the line was moving as fast as possible and there was nothing that he could do. He let "guy " know, professionally of course, that either he could wait or he could get the hell on. Well "guy" shut up, but he continued to complain under his breath to "employee", who being the good flunkie, just nodded and agreed with everything that "guy" said. I was getting hot by now so I turned around until me and "guy" was looking eye to eye, and I gave him my best "angry black man" look, you know the one, the look that tells a weaker individual that if he doesn't shut up you will beat his ass like his father should have. Well "guy" quickly turns to "employee" , they exchange a look that says, "I think we better shut up before this big black guy goes ghetto on us". Nothing more was said, no more complaining, nothing. I pay for my food and leave.

I will tie all this in a minute.

Number 2:

I guess all of you have heard by know how Condelezza Rice went off on some jewelry store worker last week. If not, let me recant what I read in the papers.

Dr. Rice and some of her people were in a jewelry store looking at some bling. Dr.Rice wanted to see some of the bling that was behind the counter. Apparently the worker didn't like Dr. Rice, and copped an attitude. Well Dr.Rice told the woman something like how she was behind the counter working for minimum wage and how she, Dr. Rice ,Madam Secretary of State was worth much more.

First, let me say we have all been in a store where the employee of the store was very unpleasant. It is their job to provide customer service and serve the public, so my thing is if you don't like your job then quit, and find something more conducive to your personality. I do not know exactly what the store employee did to Dr Rice for her to go off. I get my news just like the rest of America, from CNN and the tabloids. So I probably do not have the full story. But Dr. Rice does not have the right to fix her mouth to say anything about anybody working for minimum wage. Let me explain.

We all know how she grew up in Birmingham Alabama during the height of the civil rights movement. We all know how she knew the four little girls that were killed in the church bombing in 1964. We all know how she had to struggle and fight to get the position she has today. I could go on and on. I respect Dr. Rice as a black woman that has done the damn thing in America and who has come from a meager background to become one of, if not the, most powerful woman in the world. But for her to make a comment about someone working for minimum wage, when she represents the party and the man that has refused to raise the minimum wage was very wrong. Very, Very wrong, and very insensitive to the people that she is supposed to represent that have to work for minimum wage in order to support their families.

This all ties into the first paragraph about the asshole in Luby's. Rich people in America, and I guess the world over, act like the world revolves around them. They expect the common working people to bend over and lick their boots whenever they tell them to. Rich people act like God made the world and everything in it just for them, no one else matters. Most rich people, if they were not born rich, forget about the struggle that it took for them to be in a position of power. They forget about the minimum wage jobs they had to take to make ends meet. They forget what it is like to be "common". And thus we have people like our Secretary of State and the guy in Luby's.

I am not knocking anyone that has money, because Lord knows I need a lot more of it. But I am knocking the ones with money that act like they sit on the right hand of God. The ones that look down on me because I cannot afford to become a member of their social club. We are all people, and being people we all deserve respect no matter what our economic status is. No one comes into this world wanting to be poor. No one comes into this world wanting to be rich. We all come into this world wanting to live the best life we can.

If you read the bible, I think there is a passage in there that says that it would be easier for a Camel to fit through the head of a needle, than it will be for a rich man/woman to get into the kingdom of heaven. If that is the case, I guess there are a lot of millionaires walking around Hell waiting on the "Guy" from Luby's and our esteemed Madam Secretary of State.


daddio911 said...

You do know that you can't believe everything you read.....don't you? I've heard a lot of stories about how the people around the president have done this and have done that, but when you get to the end of the truth.....the story seems to be different. Now, I'm not saying that the Secretary of State can't get pissed at the juvenile nature of someone whose employment hinges on us being happy, but give the story some thought. You saw the actions in Luby's, but not the actions in the jewelry store. Give Dr. Rice the courtesy of at least beilieving she'd never do anything in public to embarass herself or the President. Now she may have been thinking of slapping that little hussy upside the head, but really...would she do something that she knew would get out into the public and tarnish her image. My bet is she's too smart to do an action that would lead in exactly this kind of fair. Give Dr. Rice her due and think hard before thinking she'd say anything so demeaning.....even to the laziest or most unprofessional of servers. My thought is that this is an attempt to smear a good, strong woman who has the entire nation in her mind everyday.

Dirty Red said...

You are absolutely correct. I hope that she is smarter than that..but she still supports Jr. so... how smart can she be?
Thanks for the comment.

Jazzylady said...

Right on the head! I saw your message and came to read. For right now I am reading as many blogs of color as I can to gather my blogroll, and thank you for giving me permission ahead of time. For now I will add you to my bookmarks so that I can continue to read your blog. Please come back to mine too. See you.