Tuesday, September 18, 2007

On Today's Menu.... Freshly Squeezed OJ

I was not going to waste my time blogging about this idiot, but what the hell.

This has got to be the dumbest negro in the history of negrodom. He is an embarrassment to not only black men, but to all men period. Why can't this fool just disappear? Doesn't he realize that white people in this country despise him? If I was acquitted of killing Mr. Charlies daughter and step-son, do you think that I would continue to rub it in his face? Hell No! I would disappear off the face of the earth. If you did ever hear from me again, it would be because I was donating time and money to a very worthy cause.. like say, children's causes or abused women. I would do anything I could do to get white folks minds off the fact that I killed a white woman and got away with it. But that is just me.

This fool seems to crave attention. He cannot stay out of the news. Everyone knows that he killed that woman and her booty call. If he didn't kill them, he knows who did, which makes him just as guilty. So why can't he just celebrate in private? He did what every black man in America dreams of doing. He beat the white man at the very game that he invented. He not only beat Mr. Charlie, he bitch slapped him, then he spit in his face.

But we all know (Black People knows) that "the juice" has not been black since he won the Heisman Trophy. He stopped being black when Richard Nixon invited him to the White House and told him he was a credit to his race.He stopped being black after he left his first wife (who happened to be a nice looking black woman) for a blond haired blued eyed Becky. He stopped being black when he moved to the Brent Wood section of L.A.

But Lo and Behold when he got caught up, all of a sudden he was a victim of racism. He was being stereotyped, he was being treated unfairly. He was being treated like a... Gasp!!!, BLACK MAN!!!

Negro please!!

His ass should be in prison sharing a cell with Bubba, but because he had money to afford the best lip service that money could buy, he walked right out of the courtroom. And he has been dying to get back in the limelight ever since.

Well this time Mr. Simpson, I think your luck has run out. Johnnie Cochran is gone, your money is gone, and there is not a white person in America who does not want to plaster your balls on their living room wall.

So where is he going to go to get a fair trial? No one is going to pay attention to what this fool is on trial for this time. All the jury is going to see is that this negro killed a white woman and got away with it. He is going to be convicted for killing his ex-wife, not for breaking into a Las Vegas hotel room. White people have wanted this dummies blood since he skated the first time, and I be damned if he didn't walk right into the blood bank and donate all 8 pints of blood in his stupid ass body.

Well, what goes around comes around "Juice". Your ass is going to get to share that cell with Bubba after all. There is no way in hell Mr. Charlie is going to stand up for a bitch slap this time.
I bet you are wishing that Mr Cochran was still around, huh? But I doubt even the late great Johnnie Cochran could get you off this time.

So waiter, I think I will order a Seagram's Gin , straight up, without the "Juice".


Jazzylady said...

This would have been funny if it weren't just too damned sad.

Jazzylady said...

Dang, don't he look crazy? Why do they all look so crazy once they're caught?

DJ Black Adam said...

OJ got the can't help its, the man is a moron.

Villager said...

OJ is classic case of a brotha that is lost...

brightstarr said...

Still laughing at "This has got to be the dumbest negro in the history of negrodom." --> HILARIOUS. Couldn't have said it any better myself.