Monday, September 24, 2007

To my Uncle Larry pt 2 Cowboys 3-0 Redskins what?

Well Unc what happened to your Dead Skins this Sunday?

I hate to say it, but I was rooting for them.

Yes I admit it. I wanted those funky-ass Dead Skins to beat the snot out of the Giants. Why you may ask?

Well, I cannot stand Eli Manning. His brother (Peyton) is by far the best QB in the league, but Eli? The only reason he is even starting in the NFL is because his last name is Manning. He is not a good QB. He should be walking around the sideline with a clip board, but we all know that the 'ole saying is true, it is not what you know, but who you know.
But the damn Redskins could not even do me that one little favor.
No... they folded up like a cheap lawn chair. As Usual.
But on the other hand...
Them 'Boys shined once again.
I believe they made fools out of last years NFC champs wouldn't you say so Unc? I could have sworn the Bears had the "best defense" in the league. And what was the score? Was it thirty-something to.... I believe it was.... 10? I believe that classifies as an ass whooping, wouldn't you say so Unc? I also believe them 'Boys are Number 1 in their division, wouldn't you say so Unc?
And where are your Dead Skins?
Right BEHIND them 'Boys!!
C-ya in November!!!
How bout them Cowboys!!!!


brightstarr said... comment.

nikki said...


as a cowboys fan and a redskins hater, i very much appreciate this entry.

as for eli, i wouldn't go so far as to say he wouldn't be playing in the league had he not been a manning. this IS only his third season and he has had to learn on the job. what quarterback you know came out the gate shooting bullseyes. you being too hard on the kid.

Anonymous said...

Blogging is not my cup of tea, However for the record I must respond this once. It seems my nephew, as out spoken as he is, has a short memory.

Facts: Because you should report it correctly..

2005 - Washington swept the COWGIRLS (sorry "the boys"), yes, that’s right, we beat you twice..

2006 - Washington split the two games with the Girls. OOPS "the boys"

You should remember that’s when Sean Taylor said no to T.O. in the Red Zone and T.O. began to cry again. He cried for the rest of the season no less..

2007 - NE SPANKED THE 'GIRLS" as they should have 48 to 27 and the officials could not help them very much to overcome that display of what happens when a real team plays some want to be.

Praying was heard all over Dallas and the girls got the gift from the Bills.

Findings - "They are how we thought they were"


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