Sunday, September 16, 2007

To my Uncle Larry

My wife and I just finished watching our team put the beat down on Miami.
And my Uncle is not too happy about it. You see, he is a die hard Redskins fan, and he loves to hate the Cowboys. My Auntie, his wife, is a die hard Cowboys fan, so you can imagine the conversations they have during football season. Every year they come out here to see the Cowboys beat down the Redskins. Every year my Uncle goes back to Maryland talking about how the Cowboys cheated and wait till next year.

Well Unc, I don't know when "next year" will come, but it will NOT be this year!!!!

C-ya in November!!



DJ Black Adam said...

As a San Francisco 49'ners fan, so I'm with your uncle!

Tommy said...

I'm witcha all the way on the Cowboys Bra! We all know a win is a win right. I say that to say this, Dem boys better get a little better at executing and a hell of a lot better on defense. Because any prominent team in the league is not going to give up 5 turnovers for you to capitalize on inside your own 20. I say don't get to excited yet. We still are not yet proven! However, I look forward to them Boys beatin them Skins any day!!!! Rock On!!!!

brightstarr said...

Bears fan. Booo to the Cowboys.