Friday, September 28, 2007

To Protect and Serve

This story really pissed me off. I have a strong respect for law enforcement and all that Cops do, but this shit here is uncalled for and some heads need to roll behind this.

(I would add a link to this story, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet). The above picture is of young man from Gary, Indiana. He was involved in an accident this past weekend that killed two of his friends. The kids were on their way home from a party. There was probably alcohol involved and they were young so they were probably driving too fast for the road conditions, so they ended up upside down in a field. Shit like this happens. It is sad, but hey, it happens.

The part that gets me riled up is the fact that 2 of the boys in the car were able to walk away from the crash, but there were two that were ejected from the vehicle. The driver managed to climb a hill back onto the road and he attempted to flag down a passing motorist. Well of course nobody would stop and help him(young black man, covered in blood, standing in the middle of the road, in the middle of the night.... You remember this is America right? And Indiana?) But some concerned citizen did call 911. I would love to hear the audio from that call... Anyway I digress....

When the Fuzz and paramedics arrived the driver tried to explain that 2 of his friends were missing and that they needed to be found. The Fuzz blew him off. They carted the driver and his friend off to the hospital, treated them and sent them home. No more was said about the 2 missing kids.

The next day the parents of 1 of the missing teens went out to the accident site. What did they find several feet from the accident?

Their DEAD son!!! And close by their son was the body of the other missing teen!!!

Now my question is this.....

Why the hell did it take this kids parents to conduct a rescue mission for their child? Ain't that supposed to be the job of the people that we pay to protect and serve?

They found their son and his friend the next day for crying out loud!!! Do you think that maybe their lives would have been saved if the damn Police did their jobs?

How about if this accident involved young massa Tom and his little sister Becky? Do you think that maybe the Fuzz would have conducted a better search for the massas kids?

Of course the Indiana state police or who ever the hell was called to the accident scene has circled the wagons. "The investigating officers followed procedure... blah blah blah..."

And of course the blame is all on the driver. He was driving at an excessive speed and he had been drinking.


Where is the concern for 2 black kids whose lives could have been saved?

I hope that I am not the only one to be upset about this story. If anyone wants to read the story for themselves, go to CNN.COM. The article is a link called " cops should have looked for bodies".


brightstarr said...

I heard about this, and strangely enough I'm originally from Gary, IN. I can't say I'm surprised by our city's finest police department (notice the sarcasm) but my prayers go out to all of the families involved.

Anonymous said...

I am from Gary, IN. While I am not one to judge, and neither should you, you do not know all the facts to the story. There is more to it than you have stated. The story of the young man have been changed several times. One of the young men was still in the hospital. Playing the blame game will not bring the two young men back. Until we know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, let's pray for everyone involved!

Dirty Red said...


What the hell are you talking about?
Who is playing "the blame game"?
Did it occur to you that if the Police had listened to the young man involved in the accident when he tried to tell them about his missing 2 friends, that 2 lives could have been saved? The parents of that young man should not have found their son like that. If that were your son, daughter, nephew, neice or anyone that you cared deeply for, would you have wrote that bullshit-ass reply? What does the kids stories changing have anything to do with the police not doing their fucking jobs?Is it not the "whole truth" that 2 young men were thrown feet from an accident and the police did not do enoungh to find them? Is it not the "whole truth" that the boys parents found their DEAD son the next day? How much "Truth" do you need to hear, to see that this whole thing stinks to high heaven? So let me ask you again ANONYMOUS, who the fuck am I judging? It doesn't matter what the young men were doing before the accident. What matters, ANONYMOUS, (and this should be pretty obvious, even to dense headed people like you), Is what should have happened after the accident. Is it not the job of the police to preserve life? 2 lives might have been saved if the police in Gary Indiana gave a damn. And that is the "TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH"!!!!

Jazzylady said...

this is so not right. Recently we had a child who's car went over an embankment and turned upside down. He was able to remove his shoe and drink water from the stream and eat minows! For seven days. Instead of retracing the child's route from college to home they just left it as a missing person. on the seventh day he finally dragged himself out of the ravine on his arms to the side of the road where he was spotted by a passing car who stopped to help. He's still recovering in the hospital. He was less than a mile from his parents house.

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MysTery said...

Dang. That is horrible.

Liz said...

That's horrible. I really feel for the parents of those boys. How horrible to have to go out and find the dead body of your own child.

DJ Black Adam said...

@Dirty Red:

Don't u just LOVE the anonymous posters?

nikki said...

daaaaaaayum. didn't hear about this story until i read it here. i've nothing to add, especially after your response to anon. i mean really...the police should be held accountable.