Sunday, September 23, 2007

Who will you believe?

This morning I was watching the Sunday Political shows to see if anyone would mention what happened in Jena. Of course Jena was not mentioned. Which brings a question to mind...
Which of the above candidates actually gives a shit about the problems and views of the black community?
Not one word was mentioned about what happened in Jena this past week. The President of Iran wanting to visit ground zero got more attention than the most important civil rights issue to take place in America since the Million Man March. I do not agree with Iran's views, or their President's sponsoring the insurgents that are killing our soldiers in Iraq, but the whole world knows that Iran did not have anything to do with 911. Supposedly all the man wanted to do was lay a wreath to show respect to the people that lost their lives on that fateful day. What is wrong with that? Did Japan stop America from paying respects to the Japanese citizens that lost their lives after America dropped the big bomb on them? Uhhhh... NO! So what is the difference? If we were at war with Iran, then I would have a problem with it. Or maybe this is a glance into the not so distant future? But that is the subject of another blog.
Getting back on the subject.....
Thousands of Americans went down to Louisiana to protest the bigotry of Americas legal system, and not one of the big political shows thought it was a big enough deal to even mention it? What is this telling me?
It is telling me that my concerns and views are not important to main stream white America. It is telling me that my concerns and views are not important to the people that want me to vote for them next year. Black people protesting something that is a very real problem in our communities is not a big deal. We are always complaining or protesting about something, right? So why should they stop and listen to us now? Black people are always yelling racism right?
Black people are always screaming about how unfair America is to them. But are there not more black millionaires than ever before? Are there not more black people in positions of power than ever before? My answer to those questions that I would bet even money the white folks that watch Fox News are asking, is yes and no.
Yes, there are more black millionaires than ever before. Yes, there are more black people in positions of power. But how much power do these blacks have? Not much if the injustices in Louisiana and in every state in America still exist. Not much if we don't have a real voice in the political arena. Not much if white America thinks that 2 black men in America speak for all 35 million black Americans. (The 2 Reverends that only show up when a camara is on). Not much if every time an issue that concerns black America arises, white America accuses us of yelling wolf. And not much if the main political shows do not even mention the issue on their weekly forums, that are seen by millions of Americans.
So out of the 25 or 30 people wanting me to vote for them next year, which one really cares about what concerns me and the 35 million other black people in this country?
Now that is a question every Black American should ask before we go into a voting booth next year.


brightstarr said...

Awesome post. I do feel that a lot of politicians shy away from speaking on the topic of racism or the state of Black America because they feel [and rightfully so] that they would lose votes. Specifically in the South and certain parts of the midwest. Until we as minorities show up in real numbers to the polls, we will not have much power. Even then, is there one particular political party that will have all the answers?...probably not.

Liz said...

Good point about the political talk shows. There definitely was no mention of it at all. What a shame.