Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It takes a team

This morning before I made my daily trek to work, I made the mistake of putting some info on my blog that was not correct. I have since realized my mistake and deleted that post.
The mistake I made was that I didn't review my facts before I started typing. Blame it on the lack of sleep or just plain laziness, I don't know.
Anyway, I posted that my team, "America's Team", the Dallas Cowboys, had lost last night. It was a post called "To my Uncle Larry pt 3" yada yada yada.
Well anyway, I turned the T.V. off after my man Romo threw his fourth Interception, because I thought that the game was over at that point. Well, that was my first mistake. I should have fought the ZZZ's and kept watching, but I always have to get up early so I said forget it and went to sleep.
So this morning, after my shower and my daily get my mind right for the everyday bullshit routine, I went straight to my computer, logged in and came here and added my "Uncle Larry" post before I checked the scores. I already assumed that the 'Boys lost, because they were playing very, very poorly, (especially Romo, but hey everyone is entitled to a bad night.) I also anticipated the phone call I would get later on from my Uncle, so I wanted to beat him to the punch. My second Mistake.
Well, I said what I had to say on the post, logged off and proceeded to leave for work. All I heard on the radio was the unheard of before comeback by the Cowboys, and the 53 yard field goal by my man Kin-Folk.
So after work I came straight home logged in and deleted that post.
To my Uncle Larry,
Ha, Ha
I think we are undefeated.... Is it 5-0? And where are your DeadSkins?
C-ya in November!!!!
How 'bout them Cowboys!!!!

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Ebonne said...

I was at this game.. right behind the dallas bench... thought I was going to have a heart attack. I know it skipped a couple beats.... the best game I've been to in my life!