Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My House Negro of the Day

This is my House Negro of the day.

Sorry Field, I had to bite your saying for this one.

The negro pictured above is the first black U.S. Attorney for Louisiana, Mr. Donald Washington. He is the fool that decided that the white boys involved in the whole Jena fiasco should not be charged with a hate crime for all the mess that they started. Let's keep in mind that nobody would have ever heard of Jena, Louisiana if the white boys at that school had not hung nooses from that white tree. None of this would have made headline news if the black boys involved in this would have been treated fairly. No one has ever said that the black boys were innocent. They did beat a white boy down after he offended their manhood and their heritage with racial insults. They did what any group of teens would have done in any city anywhere in America.

If anyone goes to Little Italy in New York City and stands on the corner and yells " I hate Wops!" What do you think is going to happen? He will not make it out of Manhattan alive. If you go to China Town in San Francisco and start throwing around racial insults to the Chinese people that you see, what do you think will happen? You might end up on a plate next to some egg foo cat. So yes, the fight that those boys got into was nothing more than a little teenage skirmish. (Even though it was racially motivated.) It should have been handled in Juvenile court, since all the participants were Juveniles, and the assault did take place at a high school.

But we all know that this did not happen did it?

The Juveniles were charged as adults by a ignorant and racist-ass DA and an equally racist-ass grand jury.

One of the boys was convicted and sent to jail by a racist all white jury that wanted to prove that even in 2007, that in the town of Jena, Louisiana if you are black, you need to stay in your place. Isn't that what the DA meant when he told the black boys involved that he could "end their lives with the stroke of a pen?"

Now this is when the house negro pictured above should had stepped in. Because if my limited knowledge of the law rank structure is correct, a US Attorney out ranks a District Attorney
everyday, all day. But as we all know he did not. When asked why he did not intervene in this case from the very beginning by the honorable Congresswoman Shiela Jackson Lee, this was his reply.....

“I was also offended, I too am an African-American,” “I did intervene, I did engage the district attorney. At the end of the day, there are only certain things that the United States attorney can do.”

What? You mean to tell me that this is the best response that this negro could give? What the hell did the people of Louisiana elect this weak, spineless bitch to do? His job is, I believe, is to uphold the law in his state correct? His job is supposed to be to punish those who abuse the innocent is it not?

What part of this case was fair and impartial? The uproar that resulted from all this was not about releasing some boy from jail over a crime we all knew he was guilty of. The uproar was because this boy was not granted the same rights his white accusers were granted. It was about Justice for all. The law is supposed to be color blind, but we all know it is not. And for a black man, in one of the most racist states in this country, (past and present) to stand by and let this injustice go by unpunished, when he is in a position to grab his nuts and stop it, is an insult to not only us as a people but to the whole Judicial system in the state of Louisiana. WTF is wrong with this negro?

So Mr. Donald Washington I hereby declare that you are the recipient of my first Major Sell Out Award. I hope you enjoy your short lived status as the first black US Attorney for the State of
Louisiana. Because if the people that voted you in that historic position, has any sense, you will not be around after the next general election.

But I guess you can always go work for the District Attorney of Jena, since it seems you are in his pocket anyway.


Deirdre said...

Hey now I'm just stopping by reading some of your blogs and vibing with you. Thanks for stoppin by my blog.


*Don't mind me I'm just reading*

Dirty Red said...

Thanks Deirdre, I appreciate you stopping by my little ole blog. I will come to yours more often and return the love.

Side Note...

I made a mistake on this post when I said that US Attorneys are elected. They are appointed. My Bad. I guess you learn something everyday.

Jazzylady said...

I placed him in Uncle Tom's Cabin!

DJ Black Adam said...

Hmmm. I think his Jurisdiction is such that he has to make a case that a federal law (like hate crimes / civil rights) was broken to step in. In this case, the fact that these young men were facing what in my opinion is excessive sentancing, should have brought scrutiny from the US Attorney's Office.

Either way, I still blame the parents, that morning of Nooses on the tree should have been followed by an evening of new firewood!

Gunfighter said...

Greetings, brother!

Fair enough to disagree with the U.S. attorney in the case... but the "house negro" label goes a bit too far, dont you think?

It's a very loaded term, and I think it's a bit unfair. Aren't we allowed to have ediffering opinions within our family without being ostracized?