Thursday, November 1, 2007

Man, be real with yourself and us!!!!

Here is a story about another big named celebrity that let his true feelings come out when he thought that no one was listening.
It seems that America's favorite bounty hunter DOGG was taped calling his son's black girlfriend a nigger. He was taped telling his son that he needs to quit that nigger girl and just leave her alone. I don't know if those were his exact words, because I have not heard the tape. I do not want to hear the tape. I don't need to hear what this man thinks of people whose skin looks like mine. His opinion doesn't matter to me. What matters to me is that now I and everybody that has heard about this guy finally knows who and what he is.
Of course he made the rounds on the right radio talk shows and the right newspapers and tried to clean up what he said. ' I apologize to all the people that might have been hurt by my words. I am not a racist. I love black people. I respect the contributions that they have made to our country. yada yada yada'....
Yeah Dogg I believe you man. I believe that when you were younger you were part of a racist all white motorcycle gang. I believe that you went to prison for some of the things that you and your posse did. I believe that I have never seen a person of color on your show that was not being hunted down like a dog and handcuffed. I also believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause and werewolves . So you expect me and everyone else that has seen your show and the interviews you gave were you were talking about your past to believe that since you are a big time celebrity now, being interviewed by Larry King and all, that your views have changed?
Come on man. I might not be the brightest bulb in the room, but I ain't exactly that dim either.
Be real man. You cannot stand the fact that your son, the Doggs own boy, could fall for one of us darkies huh? Is this an embarrassment for you? Has your old redneck, ignorant, meth smoking biker buddies called to revoke your biker jacket? You can tell me man. I understand. I think I would have a fit if I found out my son was dating your daughter.
So why apologize?
Were you not saying exactly what you feel? So which part is bullshit? The so called heartfelt "I love black people" apology, or your true feelings? The way I figure it, you are lying about something. Either you really don't want your son dating a black girl, or you really are not a racist. My bet is you don't want your son dating Shameka. (But that is only my observation).
The way I was brought up is, if you feel that what you will say or do to a person will hurt them, demean them, or in anyway devalue their worth as a fellow human being, you keep your mouth shut. In other words, DOGG if what you say or do will force you to apologize later, then you don't need to say or do what ever it is you were going to say or do. You follow me?
So why apologize?
This is still Amerryica. Freedom of speech. The land of the free. Free Press and all that jazz.
Be proud of who you are. If you a mullet wearing, leather in the summer wearing, fake Indian medallion wearing, card carrying member of whatever biker gang you went to prison for redneck, then be proud of that!! Don't give no fake bullshit apologies!!!
Don't piss on my back and tell me it's raining!! Come out of the closet DOGG!!
I for one am glad to finally know what you think of my people. I have more respect for a man that let's the world knows how he feels, than a BITCH that hides behind a bullshit-ass apology when he gets caught with his pants down. Be real with yourself man. Show some dignity and respect for once.
Besides it ain't like you are going to lose any money behind all this. We all see that Don Imus got his show back. Bill O' Reilly is still spewing his bullshit. Rush Limbaugh is still popping his illegal prescription pills, and Fox Noise is still raking in millions of viewers every day.
This will all blow over in about 2 or 3 days.
This is still AmeriKKKa.
The Land of the free.


Save Imus said...

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brightstarr said...

To be honest, I think a lot of white people may use the word inside closed doors on a regular basis. What we're not used to is hearing it so boldly. I believe too much emphasis is being put on the words and not enough on where these words are coming from. But again, I'm definitely not surprised he got caught up using it. Come on now...what is that a mohawk? He looks like e straight

brightstarr said...

nope, it's a damn mullet...

Jazzylady said...

OUCH! Lol.

Anonymous said...

No surprises with the dog man.Most people in law enforcement/bounty hunting are racist,or this line of work would not even intrest them.dehumanazation & oppressing non whites,truly a nazi's line of work.

Hostess said...

Whenever anything like this happens it shocks me to hear other peoplebe shocked. Like folks can't possibly believe that just because most white folks have the mind not to say it at the water-cooler that SOME of them arent't saying (and believing) it when they arrive home.