Friday, November 9, 2007

Who am I to judge?

This is going to be a touchy subject for some of the readers of my lil 'ole blog, but yall will get over it.

I was asked the other day about what I feel about Gay marriage. I replied I don't feel anything about Gay marriage. I could care less if two men or two women want to be together. It is not my business. I know what I like, and I know that my likes or dislikes will not be like everyone else's.

I happen to like women.

A lot.

Maybe too much.

So in saying that, let me continue.

If two people of the same sex want to be together, (if they are two consenting adults), then who am I to judge them? I know what the Bible says about homosexuality, and I believe the Bible. But the Bible also says that he who is without sin should cast the first stone. I can only speak for myself here, but I know I sin a lot. I have to ask for forgiveness everyday for something stupid that I have done. I know that when my time comes to stand before God, I will have a lot of explaining to do about why I did what I did, when I did what I did. So I do not have time to worry about someone else.

The way I see it is, if you are Gay, then you are the one that has to stand before God and explain to him why if you are a man, you like either bending down in front of another man or bending over in front of another man. Or in the case of a woman, you have to explain why you perform oral sex on a woman or like it performed on you by another woman.I don't have to worry about that, so why should I treat you any different from anyone else? I have a lot more things in my life that need my undivided attention than worrying about what 2 adults are doing in private.

My problem with the whole Gay thing is this.

The so called "down low" Gay. I cannot stand someone that tries to hide who he/she is. I have no problem with a person being Gay. I have a problem with someone that tries to hide their Gayness. I can play ball with a Gay dude, I can go to happy hour with a Gay dude, I can even go to a club with a Gay dude, (a straight club) as long as I know that dude is Gay. I don't want to be out with one of my fellas, and we are drinking together, and all of a sudden he tells me that he has a crush on me. That is grounds for an ass whooping.

For Real.

Don't be ashamed of who you are.

In my humble opinion, if you feel that you have to hide what you do, then something is telling you that what you are doing is not right.

I also cannot stand the "girlie" Gays. If you were born a man, with 2 Balls and a Kane, then be a fucking man.
I cannot stand the flaming Gays. The same thing goes for the bull-dyke lesbians.
This is something I don't understand.
In every Gay relationship there is always the "girlie" man and the "manly" man. In lesbian relationships there is always the "manly" female, and the feminine female. What is that telling you? "Girlie" man, "manly" man. "Manly" female, Feminine female. In other words, there is always someone playing the mans' role, and someone playing the woman's role. Is that not the way God intended us to be, Man and Woman? So why don't Gay people face reality and do what is natural?

I do not understand the whole Gay mentality. I do not see what is attractive about another man.

But that is me. And this is my opinion. Not everyone is going to agree with my opinion, ( ask me if I am going to lose any sleep tonight).....
I do not have the room to condemn anyone else's behavior. I can only worry about the example that I set in AmeriKKKa.

I guess that means that I am "normal", whatever the hell "normal" is.


Anonymous said...

On behalf of all the "gay populace-rainbow coalition" let me thank you for your unwaivering support for gay marriage. With friends like you who needs enemies. i am one of those "DL" dudes that you you so vehemently abhor- ass whoopin'from you- negro please!
Did it ever occur to you that one of the reasons that folks like me are on the "DL" may be a defense mechanism to escape that "ass whoopin" " that you are so ready to administer. When was the last time that you were threatened with bodily harm simply for walkin' arm & arm with your shawty? OK- i did not think so. Also, not every gay guy will necessarily find you attractive- that is just delusional, son. Would you administer an "ass whoopin" to a woman whom you find unattractive simply for professing her undying love for you. So why do the same thing to a gay guy? Y? (wait for it...) Because you are a HOMOPHOBE and the worst kind at that because you are not fessing up to it. Bottom line just because you don't understand something (like quantum physics) does not invalidate it- maybe you just are not far enough yet in your evolutionary process-that does not make the thing itself invalid. As for strict gender roles- not "ALL" of us like the opposite i.e. butch vs. femmes dichotomy and to claim such idiocy speak volumes of where you are. This is 2007 son. Being a man has a little bit more to do w/ how you so aptly put it -born w/ "with 2 Balls and a Kane" It has to do w/ integrity, keeping your word and honesty in your relationships w/ yourself and the world around you to start. If "girlie" men make you feel uncomfortable- that is your issue not theirs- if you were confident in your sense of self, such trivia would not offend ya'- more "poontang" for you would be my way of lookin' at it if i was straight. Your GOD is just that-yours and yours ONLY- i could give a fig of whay your BIBLE says or what you "think" it says- feel free to live your life according to its tenets till you're drunk w/ the spirit. However, we have have a BIG problem when your Bible tells you to administer some "ass whoopin'" just because you don't like the way some guy's wrist just hang a little too limp, or he's just a little too swishy for your palate. That is hate crime, you fool.
Bring it !!!

Dirty Red said...

Negro Please....
Did you not get when I said that I could give a shit about who you or anyone else, chooses to get with? And Why are you on the "d-l" brother? What are you afraid of man? Come out the closet!!! I do not care if you like men, women cats or dogs, stop hiding man. You would get more respect from me and others if you did not hide who and what you are. Homophobe, Me?
Man come on!!! I just shared my feelings about how I feel. I do not care if you are Gay or straight. Just be real with yourself and the people in your life. That's all I'm saying, Mr. ANONYMOUS. Don't you realize that you are not being fair to the people that want to be a part of your life, by LYING to them about who you are? Why do you think AIDS is running rampant in our communities? It's because of scared little bitches like you that are too afraid of what society will say if they show who they really are. Stop Hiding Man!!!

Anonymous said...

i posted anonymously b/c your post hit a nerve- i'll try to be brief;

My main objection to your post had less to do w/ your views per se than your failure to recognize how ill informed & abrasive those views maybe. Am wise enough to know that bigots can come in all flavas- KKK hood or purported do fo' self afrospear devote. So b/c Silence Is Never Golden- i just had to put forth my two cents.

To sum up- your views on homos seems to me to be you're kool (Good As You(GAY))if: 1) you man up (see opposite of "girlie" men); 2) tell me you're GAY from jump b/c ???; 3)i'll break a can of whoop ass if you look at me funny. Otherwise, what you do behind close doors is kool w/ me. The danger in that stance is that I have to jump thru these predetermined hoops before you are able to see my humanity i.e. Good As You. Red -a flamin' pre op tranvestite trickin' on the corner to get new boobs is as worthy as the aforementioned kool Gay dude. Trust me on this- just the packagin' is different!

DL to me means a Gay dude that's not "clockable" not one who is actively deceiving his/her partner. I am part of the former category & i feel doin'the latter is rotten. However, what i was trying to convey in my response (i may failed miserably) was this. The prevalence of the so -called DL phenomenom (nothin' new as far as i am concerned) has a lot to do with the intractable homophobia in our community. Exhibit # 1 ladies & gent of the jury - your post Red -yup i said it- promisin' to whoop some ass(sounds like serious bodily harm to me) just b/c of mere crush and to think nothing further of it. What got me heated is your failure to recognize how crazee that sounded (not to mention illegal) & how it perpetuates this insane notion that you can bash a fag/ batty just because. Yet surprisingly, you wonder why more of us are not out & proud and waivin' the rainbow flag -(keep those wrists firm and absolutely no swishin' allowed miss thing)- right RED?

DJ Black Adam said...
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DJ Black Adam said...

Damn good article. I see where you are coming from.

brightstarr said...

I agree with you 100% dirty. I have no problem with homosexuality, it is the DL brotha's that really get on my last damn nerve. Just be you - who cares what people have to say. You can't spend your whole life worried about what others think while deceiving those who care most about you. Makes no damn sense anonymous...

PHABRO1970 said...

2balls and a kane.
Print, paint, cut, carve,stamp, stain mark or engrave.
Who and where is your Mother?
Excellent blog. Keep it up.