Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Bush Legacy....What?!

What will the Bush Legacy be? How will America remember it's 43rd president? Ed Henry, a journalist on asked this question in his article about Jr.'s last year in the big seat in the big office in the big white house on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I guess that depends on who you ask. But if I were asked, I don't think Jr. and the people pictured in the above illustration would like what I had to say.

Why you may ask?

Where do I begin?

Well, Dirty Red how about at the beginning?


1. The 2000 elections.
The majority of America voted for Al Gore. But thanks to Jr's brother down in Florida, and the United States Supreme Court, Jr. was crowned king of America. This became known in all "hoods" in America as the biggest jack move known to man. The only man in U.S. HIS-story to jack a whole damn country.

2. 911.
Do I blame Jr. for the towers falling? No!! There are a lot of conspiracy nuts out there that will disagree with me, but I don't think the White House had anything to do with it.
I do think that his reaction on that day was very strange. He could have showed a little more emotion to me. I don't like how he let the Saudis fly out of the country when Americans where grounded and stuck like chuck at every airport in the country.

3. The war in Afghanistan.
To me this war was justified. If the reports were correct, Bin Laden is guilty as hell. But again, if the reports were correct.

4. The war in Iraq.
A total fabrication and lie from the beginning to now. I don't think I need to say any more on that subject.

5. The wire tapping of American Citizens.
Well, I believe that this has been going on since J. Edgar Hoover was diddling with little boys. But at least the government had the decency to keep it somewhat hidden. In comes Jr., and what was the best known secret in Washington, became the the most known blunder in Washington.

6.Hurricane Katrina.
Just the name says it all.

7. Alberto Gonzales.
I don't have enough room on this page to start on this guy.

8. Dick Cheney
I believe that he shot someone in the face, and the man that he shot apologized to him for being in the path of the shotgun that was used to shoot him. Now that is definitely Gangsta!

9. Donald Rumsfield
The "architect" of the Iraq mess.

10. Now this has nothing to do with Jr., but it did happen on his watch.
All the Republican scandals. Which one do I start with?

11.Karl Rove
The genius behind Jr.'s political successes.

12. Haliburton and Blackwater
Billions of dollars have gone to these companies and for what?

I can go on and on and on.
So what should his legacy be?
Is this the type of President that all of Americans can be proud of?

What has this President did to benefit the people that put him in office?

Who has he helped?


People are losing their homes at an alarming rate due to sub-prime mortgages given out by crooked mortage companies looking for a profit.
The American education system is a joke.
Gas prices are through the roof.
Insurance companies are scamming people left and right.
More companies are getting U.S. tax breaks to move their operations overseas.
The lie that is Iraq is costing U.S. taxpayers a whooping $4,000,000,000,000 (that is billion with a B) a month.
Our biggest trading partner China is sending us poisoned goods.
The United States no longer has a good foreign standing.
And last but not least the United States is so far in debt that Jr. is asking other countries to buy some of our debt!!
All of this and more has happened on the current President's watch.

So how will HIS-story write Jr.'s legacy?

Is it right to blame one man for all the problems that America is faced with today?

No, I don't think that is fair.

However, if a sports team has a losing season, then the coach that was supposed to be the leader of the team gets the blame and he losses his job.
There are no glowing reports on what went right(if anything did go right since the team did have a losing season) while the coach was in charge. The players don't get the blame of why the season went down the toilet. There are no ceremonies. There is a press conference and the ex-coach gives a speech and apologizes to the fans for letting them down and he thanks the owner for the opportunity to lead his organization and he leaves with no fan-fare. (He is usually escorted off the teams property under guard).

So do you think we will get an apology from our current "coach"? Do you think he will apologize for letting all of us down? Do you think he will thank us for giving him the opportunity to lead our "team?"

Well, I would not hold my breath waiting and neither should anyone else.


brran1 said...

I agree with everything that you just have said...But I remember one thing that Adele Givens said during one of her stand up routines...What the hell happened to the Emergency Broadcast System on 9/11? They always interruptin my shows wit that damn blank ass screen...but when 9/11 happened, the EBS was nowhere to be found...

jjbrock said...

Thanks for another great post. I approve of this post. Bush have done nothing for our people nor for the people that put him in office. But, one thing that I can say he has caused a lot of heartache and pain. Let us start the count down to the end of that legacy.

Seaniemo said...

So true. I wonder how come I never recieve any questionaires like that in my email or snail mail. I tell you what though America will have so much healing to do behind his dictatorship.

Did I say that?

before the mayflower said...

I believe that your assessment of Geo. Bush's administration is fair.

I'm no conspiracy buff when it comes to the attack against the World Trade Center, etc, but I still would like to know "what Geo. Bush knew and when."

There's a part of me that believe that this government knew something was going to happen, and they probably knew who the key players where.

Where they miscalculated was on the intent of the terrorists. I believe that they felt they would just hijack planes, and hold hostages for the release of some of their imprisoned comrades, not fly them into buildings.

I could be wrong on this. I'll concede that.


I believe that this government needed a pretext to go after bin Laden and Al Qaeda, and a hijacking in the sky would offer the perfect-storm opportunity for the military to do just that, and perhaps garner international support at the same time.

Again, I could be wrong. But....

Jazzylady said...

LOL! That's all I got to say!