Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A little something about me

Yall have to forgive me on this post. I have stolen an idea from another black blogger. Gasp.....
Yeah I did it. Anyway I thought this was a very good idea, and whoever reads this, please feel free to participate.

Here we go.....

3 things that scare me... (1) Not ever realizing the joy of being a father. (2)My mother dying
(3)The Future

3 people who make me laugh...(1)My Nephew (2)My Niece (3)Sam Putney on the Skip Cheateam Morning Show, The Playground

3 things I love...(1)My family(2)Myself(3)My freedom

3 things I hate...(1)Racism(2)Ignorance(3)Traffic

3 things I don't understand...(1)Racism (2)Our so called black "leaders" (I guess this falls under ignorance)(3)Republicans and Democrats

3 things on my desk... (1)Bills(2)Cell Phone(3)Pens and pencils

3 things I'm doing right now (1)Writing this (2) Listening to music (reggae)(3)Trying to unwind from work

3 things I want to do before I die...(1) Have a son or daughter (2)See my Grand kids (3)Live until I am 85

3 things I can do well...(1)Write (2)Make Friends(3)Cook

3 things I can't do... There is nothing I cannot do if I put my mind to it

3 things I should listen to more...(1)God (2)God(3)God

3 things I shouldn't listen to...(1)Rap Music... it just keeps calling me!!!(2)Bullshit(3)The national Media (Or is this 2 things?)

3 things I watched as a kid...(1) Scooby Doo (2)Thunder Cats (3) Rap City

Well, there you have it folks. A little something about me. If the mood so strikes you, please let me know something about you.


Anonymous said...

[aka hawa from FackinTruth]

I enjoyed your "Three's"

And I was just a touch jealous about the reggae. (LOL) I haven't heard good reggae in a looooooong time. I wouldn't even know what artists to look for (except my old-time favorites, like Bob Marley). And yes, I did like Shabba Ranks.

Got any suggestions for a sistah for some good reggae music shopping??

Merry Christmas!

daddio911 said...

Yo man!!!! Nobody wants to know about you. We read the highly intelligent words you write and agree(or disagree) with your ideas and views. Come on. Let's get back on focus and talk about the energy bill my President led through the House and Senate. Now that's leadership. About the children thing, there's a house next to me for sale in the country and I have two ankle huggers that wouldn't mind coming over and calling you uncle. Repubs rule!!!

Dirty Red said...

Thanks for the luv Boo!
Yeah I can hook you up with some nice reggae artists check these out...
Peter Tosh
Barrington Levy
Mickey Dread
Bounty Killer
Mad Lion
Buju Banton
Mad Cobra
And Cocoa Tea just to name a few
They should all be available in your corner music store.

Have you lost your damn mind? you can have "your" president, because I sure as hell don't claim his dumb-ass. I am flattered that you consider me uncle-type material for your two rugrats, and I gladly accept. However, they will have to make the trip to the Big D to see their Uncle Red, you know I cannot do the country. All that quiet gets to be too damn loud to a brother after a while, but to each his own!!!

David Sullivan said...

Good list DR. I was just listening to "Toots and the Maytals" on the way back from the gym this AM. The weather up here in Mass. is already unbearably mid-winterlike. aaatoots gets me thinking about warmer climates.