Thursday, December 6, 2007

Now Hiring Young Black Males. See Your Local Grand Wizard for information!

I was reading a post that Jason Whitlock wrote about the Sean Taylor murder tonight, and I actually agreed with him. He said that Mr. Taylor was killed by the Black KKK. This might sound ridiculous to some, but it is true. Blacks have killed more Blacks in the past 30 or 40 years than the KKK did in it's entire sad history. We are exterminating ourselves at an alarming rate, and no one seems to care. There really is no need for a white KKK any more, because young black males have taken the black KKK to a whole new level.
Example # 1 ....
A childhood friend of mine was killed 2 weeks ago by a "number 1 male". ( number 1 male is a slang "politically correct"term for young black male that the police in Baltimore use)He was shot in the face close range by a 16 year old, while his two partners (17 and 19 years old) watched. My friend was 34 years old. He was married with 3 kids.
Example # 2 ....
A couple of weeks ago at a strip mall here in Dallas, 2 "number 1 males" were video taped shooting at each other in between some clothes racks. Of course they missed each other, but they did manage to hit and kill an innocent bystander.
Example # 3 ....
A minister was at a corner gas station in a suburb of Dallas when he saw a "number 1 male" going into the store with his pants down around his knees. The minister approached the guy, and told him to pull his damn pants up. The "number 1 male" proceeded to pull out a gun, cock it and aim at the minister. The only thing that saved the minister's life was a car pulled into the parking lot. I guess the young monster didn't want any witnesses, so he got in a car, (with 3 other "number 1 males") and sped out of the parking lot. According to witnesses all the occupants of the car, including the gunman were in their teens.
This is only 3 examples of the thousands that can be talked about every day.
I have no idea why young black males hate each other this way. Hate is the only word that can describe this inhuman behavior. What is it about being black that cause people (including ourselves)to hate us so much? You know it is bad when you hate yourself so much that you want to kill anyone that reminds you of you.
Is it the poison that is being passed off as rap music?
Is it the "mindless entertainment" that is being passed off as video games?
Is it the violence that is being shown in theatres, or on TV?
Is it the history of discrimination this country is known for?
Or is it bad parenting?
Or maybe it is a combination of all of the above.
Can we really get mad at a white person that crosses the street if a group of "number 1 males" are approaching him/her?
Am I wrong for getting a little nervous when I go into the "hood"?
Why is it that our black "leaders" can stage a protest outside the justice department, but they say nothing about the violence on the streets of our neighborhoods? Why do they raise hell when a white person says the word nigger, and demand loudly that an apology be given, but they stay sinfully quiet when a 16 year old kills another 16 year old 10 blocks from the " rally" they held at the justice department?
If you kill the male in any species, the species dies.
That is what is happening here in AmeriKKKa.
Young Black Males are killing each other for no reason other than hate. This is exactly what the "original" KKK was doing to black males 60 or 70 years ago.
I think that the "original" KKK should hold their next rally in Harlem. Their membership would probably triple. Black males are already killing each other for nothing. So why not give them a cause?
Maybe the "original" KKK can go to the HSBC's and start their own Greek Chapter. At least then the killing would be sanctioned and controlled.


David Sullivan said...

Poverty and hopelessnes. You don't see middle class blacks doing any of this craziness. Just like you don't see middle class black kids going to schools and shooting them up.

When you feel that you have a life worth living and are appreciative of where you "are" and know where you "could be", then you would not commit these acts.

Survival breeds self centered behavior. I see it every day with the Traumatic Brain Injury survivors I work with. They spent so much energy working on themselves just to learn how to do simple tasks like eating with a fork, that they only care about themselves and their needs.

Similarly when you are scrapeing to get by with no parental guidance, poor, with no hopes for the future you don't develop an empathic response to the world. You think only about survival, thus bang...bang...bang

The Thinking Black Man said...

Great post!

It seems like I heard about this black KKK analogy a few years ago. I agreed with it then and I agree with it now.

"Number 1 male" Now, that is new but not surprising to me.

This whole phenomenom is so heartbreaking to me. I live outside of DC and between my county, DC and Baltimore, the number of "Number 1 Males" destroying each other is nothing short of an epidemic. I wonder what is more effective at killing young Black males - HIV or THEMSELVES.

I think the cause is multi-faceted like you said - it's a combination of family environment, lack of education, a lack of self worth, a lack of ambition, and a distorted reality from movies, TV, music and sports. So many "number 1 males" see mug shots and prisons in their future that it doesn't even bother them. And conversely, so few see decent bank accounts, a loving family, a nice house, a legitimate career, grandkids and retirement in their future. They strive for what they see.

Great post, again.

Daddio911 said...

Guys......Boo Freaking Hoo.... Theses little punks have every ability to get out of their surrondings as the next person, butdon't want o because they have been trained by system using mothers and a system designed to forgive to be exactly what they are hood scum. Don' feel sorry for them guys, feel sorry for he system, the people who fear them, the people who love them, the people who pay their taxes so these little assholes can be who they are. I decided to get my wife a CHL and a 40 cal for christmas so I feel safer letter her out of the houe to go to work, but it has been a complete pain in the ass trying to get a date that works and a gun that doesn't take an arm and a leg, but these little punks don't have a problem finding, purchasing or probably stealing a gun to terrorize a population that just wants to be left alone. We spend billions of dollars fighting terrorism abroad when honetly the true terrorist are here and there and everywhere we seem to want to be. What's the cure? I'll tell ya.......women of this world stop shacking up and spreading your legs for theses thugs to impregnate and spawn the next batch of thugs. When you do this, despite my excellent advice not to, observe your mistake and find good man to be a father to your child and raise him/her to be a good member of the circle we live on. For all you other pople out there......WAKE THE HELL UP and start packing. When these punks start getting shot by law abiding strapped CHL carrying citizens, they'll know what being a minority is.

MysTery said...

Ha ha!! Good post!! This is sooo true. Sad to say...

brran1 said...

It's sad. Most people conside young black men (as myself) to be wanna be thugs, criminals and the like. Rarely do you hear stories of young college-educated black men let along young black men, owning businesses,being community leaders, excelling in any other field besides sports (not that theres anything wrong with that). Being raised by a mother that was 36 when she had me, she instilled alot in me that I don't think a young mother could...put another way..SHE WAS OLD SCHOOL AND DIDNT PUT UP WIT BULLSHIT. It is alarming that us young black men are killing ourselves...but what are we killing ourselves for? Hate? nah I don't think its that..I personally think its a mix between pride and wanting to be that alpha male. The one that's on top of the world by any means neccesary. When 2 supposed Alpha Males conflict only one can be victorious...I personally blame the parents of these youth (in most cases). If they would have been doin what they were supposed to. Alot of this senseless nonsense...Just what the KKK wants.

brran1 said...

I pressed the wrong button...My B

Alot of this senseless nonsense wouldn't be goin down...

truth said...

My condolences go out to you and the family of your murdered friend.

The real question here is, what is the african american community willing to do to confront the problem of young black males killing each other? I believe we must start young and give these boys the right psychology to conduct themselves in this society. Psychologist believe once an individual reaches 15 or 16 years old, their core values are set. This is not to say people cannot change, but it becomes more difficult past that point. Young black males must be giving the right character values to become strong men.

If you are not thinking right, you will not act right. It's obvious that many of our young black men today are not thinking right.

Jazzylady said...

It's the sounds of silence. It's the feelings of fear. It's the heaviness of inertia. It's the smallness of mind. For some strange reason black America has let one segment, that of the hip hop culture, beat it into silence, mainly because of the success and money. Young black men are making money at an unpresedented rate in the music industry, through the beat, the lyrics and the images presented of black men as gangsters, thugs, killers, thieves, druggies, and black women as bitches, whores, sluts, tramps, over sexed, ever ready, libidinous, voracious vaginas, eager please any and every penis going, along with the video imagery. Never anything good or happy, or loving and caring, just ugly and sluttish. Those who earn their money in this manner are now mad that anyone is telling them that they are wrong because this is killing the fatted calf that is hip hop, so shhhhhhhhh! It started back in the 80's, the fear. You know. I got on the elevator going home one day and a little black sister got on with me, cute as a button. I smiled at her. Motherfucker! That's what the child said to me when I got off on my floor. I couldn't believe her. She couldn't have been more than 7 years old! I thought about trying to find out who her parents were and letting them know what she had said but then thought better of it. If she said that to me, what were her parents saying to her in the home? What kind of talk and speech went on there that lead her to believe that she could say such a thing to a total stranger as if she were just saying "hello"? What would they say to me if I appeared on their doorstep with a tale of how their child had acted in public? Doing nothing has become a way of life for most black folks. It seems that the more things have gotten out of hand the less black folks have to say about it. I have never really understood why Aretha, Gladys, Patti, Anita, some of the most wonderful sisters of song have never said anything against the lyrics of hip hop. OK, so that's a piece of naievete on my part, cause I know it's the money, and it's not wanting to knock a black man down, but what about knocking him upside the head? We let things go for so long now that what is really asking for correction and respect, now seems like pointing fingers, saying you're wrong, chastisement in the deepest sense of the word, which rankled and hurt with the sting of truth. Once upon a time we used to scrape, beg, barrow and steal a dime and try to throw the dimes and the children out the door to college. This was the most prized treasure we had, our work and our kids and trying to give them a better life. The children participated too, going to school, learning, staying on track to take up the gift of getting out of the ghetto, out of the hood and into a larger world. Territory. Four blocks by four blocks. He strayed out of his territory and into theirs. Knowing he was going to be killed for his transgressions, he donned as many coats as he could and hid in a car. They gunned him down anyway. Those coats did not help. I used to take three buses every day to get to the office where I worked, just on the other side of that area where that brother was killed. He couldn't even imagine taking one away from the area so that he might live a little longer. If we don't find a cure for some of the ills we all speak of we really will become extinct. I don't always agree with what Jason Whitlock has to say, but on this I agree. Black thug nation, that's what it is. Young black men with no other law than what they created, ruling their world and ours by whatever means necessary, and we aren't saying a word, and when we do, those words are ignored. Ain't it a shame?