Monday, December 29, 2008

Beauty is only skin deep

If this story was not so typical of today's world then it would be really sad.

You have to admit,the woman in the picture above is finer than a pair of legs would be to a quaddroplegic.


Her story makes me think of the way people are treated because of their looks.

The better you look, the better you will be treated in today's world.

A famous beauty pageant winner getting caught up with drug dealers and gang bangers?

Who would have thunk it?

Would she have made the headlines if she was ugly and poor?

I think not.

Now I must admit that I consider myself to be a decent looking man. There are some things I want to get fixed, like my teeth, I need braces, I also need to get in better shape, I lost my 2 pack about 10 years ago, but other than that, I have no problem getting attention from the ladies that I encounter on a daily basis.

I get told on the regular that I am a very sexy Black Man.

But I have to ask...

What is real Beauty?

Why is it so hard to see real Beauty?

Looks are the first thing a person notices when they encounter someone, but why do people (me included) automatically assume that because a person is fine that they are above reproach?

Why do we assume that a good-looking person can do no wrong?

Personality is not what gets attention, it is looks.
When you first meet a person you could give a damn about personality, all you see is how attractive you think they are.

Most ugly people do not stand a chance in this world if they have nothing else to fall back on.

I fall into this category of judging people based on the way they look.
It is wrong and I try everyday to change my attitude, I am getting better at it, but It is hard to look at a person for what they are instead of what they look like.

Besides, I cannot see myself waking up next to a woman that might have a nice personality, but whose face looks like ten miles of a Mississippi dirt road, with all the bumps clearly outlined.

Lord forgive me, but I'm just saying....

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another example of the JUST-US system

This is some straight bullshit.

I was over at my man's Rippa's site and there is a petition going that I think everybody that demands equal justice for every American needs to sign.

This is the type of shit that makes me want to go back to my 'trying to be a gangsta' days.

There is no excuse for this type of behavior.


Some people seem to forget that we ( American Black People) are humans too.

We bleed, cry, laugh and love just like the rest of the people that we share this planet with.

Most of the problems that we (American Black People)are faced with in this "great" country of ours are problems of our own making.

We have access to education, but some of us choose to remain ignorant.
Some of us refuse to accept the responsibility of raising our children, which in turn forces our children to raise themselves.
Some of us live dangerous lives,(i.e having unprotected sex), which in turn effects the only people that are trying to hold this thing of ours together, (Black Women).
Some of us refuse to accept the responsibility that comes with being men, which forces the only people that are trying to hold this thing of ours together (Black Women)into positions that God did not make them for.
Some of us refuse to work for what we want, so some of us resort to the fast way, street life, which in turn fills up our nations prisons, which is glorified by ignorant-ass rappers, who are glorified by ignorant-ass youngins, Thus completing the cycle of ignorance.
So see, 75% of all of our problems are problems of our own making.

But the remaining 25% is shit that we do not have any control over.

Shit like the story Rippa blogged about.

Why are the people in this story not being featured on all the news outlets in the country? Nothing about any of this is right. Innocent people were wounded and killed by a bunch of rednecks, and all the media had the nerve to talk about during Katrina were looters?

Give me a fucking break.

Like I pointed out, most of the problems in our communities can be fixed.

By us.

But this shit here cannot be fixed by us.

It can only be fixed by people that care about this country and all that it is supposed to stand for.

So I am asking all the readers of my blog to sign the petition so those Rednecks down in New Orleans can be brought to justice.

A lot of people either read blogs or have their own, so if we can come together for this, maybe, just maybe this miscarriage of justice can be dealt with and corrected.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The more things change, The more they stay the same

There are a lot of things wrong in this great country of ours.

This is one of them.

Barack the Magic Negro.

What the fuck is this shit?

My man Zack wrote about this also, but I feel the need to elaborate on my little brah's comments.

This is some straight BULLSHIT!!

And if you need 3 guesses on where this originally started, well, on second thought, fuck it... All you need is one... Rush I want to get High Limpdick was the originator.


This man is Twenty Four odd days away from moving into the big white house on 1600 Penn. Ave, and this is the respect he gets?

Was there ever a song entitled 'I'm losing it' when that racist, piece of shit, fake Cowboy from Calfornia was elected?

Or what about 'It's hard out here for a pimp' when sweet-dick Bill was elected?

Or what about 'Move Bitch, Get out the way', when Jr. got elected?

Why does Big O get to be the first one to have his own 'national anthem'?

And the racist fuck (he is a leading contender to head the RNC) that sent this shit out as Christmas Gifts to all his Rethuglican partners said he meant it to be satire?

This was supposed to be funny?



And here I thought that Big O's election was the turn-around-point on race relations here in the good ole US of A.

Silly me.

Well I guess it has turned around.

Now it is considered to be funny to be an ignorant, racist, red necked, motherfucker.

Disrepecting the President elect of the United States of AmeriKKKa is now viewed as being satire.

My oh my, we sure have come a long way from the colored fountains, water hoses and police dogs, have we not?

If Big O happens to get hurt or killed (That racist motherfucker and all his boys sure better hope not), forget CNN, you had better tune in to Comedy Central.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry New Year

Today is Christmas.

Jesus' Birthday.


I am not a religious person. I believe in God and his son Jesus, but I just do not trust religion. Who can really say what religion is the right one? There are so many relegions out there, which one can really say they are the one true way to get to God?

I believe in heaven but I have doubts about Hell. I believe that we are living in Hell right now. I do not see anything that is worse than where we are. All the pain, hatred, despair, immorality and all the depraved conditions that we as humans have become so desensitized to, as if it is the norm, cannot be the way it was meant to be.

What can be worse that turning on the news and seeing a report on how a little kid was murdered by his own mother? What can be worse that looking at CNN and learning about the problems in Africa?

Besides, if you read the Bible, it says that Satan was banished to the Earth to rule it for a short time, not that he was banished to some furnace beneath the Earth. He was given the whole Earth, not whatever it is under the Earth. Satan and his goons are walking among us. They are eating with us, sleeping with us, laughing with us and maybe even crying with us.

I think everything we have been taught is a lie. Especially the story about Jesus' birth.
No where in the bible does it mention the exact date of Jesus' birth.

And if you do your research about where Jesus was born (Bethlehem), you will find out that their seasons are pretty much the same as our seasons. Meaning that if it is cold here in December, then it is cold there in December. Meaning that there is no way that any Shepard would be out in the fields at night, in cold ass December, grazing sheep. The sheep would have been in a pen and the Shepard would have been curled up next to a fire.

I also believe that Jesus said it does not matter about his birth, his death is what is significant. His death is what freed us from our sins, not his birth.

And if you do your research, you will find that Christmas was not intended to be a celebration of Jesus birth, it was started as a celebration of different Sun Gods.

So I do not get into the whole Christmas thing.

I believe it started out as a Pagan holiday that has nothing to do with my God or the son of my God.

I also do not like how for one day out of the year everyone is supposed to be so festive and full of good cheer. If you are an asshole, then be who you are all year. If you want to be helpful to your fellow man, then be helpful the whole year.

I am pretty sure that the homeless man that you see everyday going to work really appreciates the free Christmas dinner that you serve him every year to show how much you "care", but don't you think he will be hungry and cold tomorrow? (The day after Jesus' B-day).

And another point I would like to make is that in all my 30 some odd years, I have never seen a Fat white man slide down any chimneys in my hood delivering anything to any poor Black or Hispanic kids. If we saw a fat white man in our hood on Christmas morning, it was either an Insurance salesmen, a Jehovah's Witness or the Police.

And none of them was greeted with warm cookies or milk.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The ignorance among us

While I was cruising the list of blogs that I try to read at least once a day, I saw several things that really bothered me. This is one. Those two little heffas need their asses beat. There is no excuse for that type of shit. What kind of world do we live in were you can see another human being get ROBBED and then SHOT, and you think that shit is funny?


Damn Niggas!!
I swear if the rest of us Black Americans do not do something about these ignorant-ass niggas that we have living amongst us, we are all going to hell.

These next two links that I am about to share do not have anything to do with any of my distant niggerish cousins, they are about my equally distant melanin deprived cousins(white folks).

These next two links are full of hate and ignorance. (Which can be attributed to the first link as well).

This type of ignorance, and especially this shit does not surprise me at all, because I have seen it and dealt with it my entire life.

But that does not make it less disturbing.

I do not understand any of this. All three of these links boggle my mind.

What kind of person is so evil that they will sit by and laugh at another person that is getting robbed and then shot?

What kind of parents would name their children after one of the most hateful and despicable people that ever walked the face of the earth, and then not understand why people are upset about it?

What kind of person writes a blog that degrades other people, people that have done nothing to them personally, just because of something you might have read somewhere else? And then what kind of people read such blogs and leave comments that agree with the author?

It is shit like this that make me want to go live on an Island all to my self.
How can the majority of Americans say that they are "Christians" when they sit by and allow such hate and venom to walk side by side with them?

I wonder if the people in the sites I have linked actually think that their behavior is accepted by whatever God they claim to represent?

Things that make you go Hmmmm.....

Friday, December 12, 2008

I see Pink Elephants and Purple Dinosaurs

Yesterday afternoon while I was sweating to some Big Daddy Kane at my office gym, I noticed something that, well, for lack of a better term, made me think about this great country that we live in.

On 3 of the 4 50 inch Plasma's that are right in front of the treadmill I was on, was ESPN's All Madden championships.

For those of you that don't know what this is, it is a championship for the best player of the Madden08 NFL football game. The winner was some kid from somewhere that I don't remember. He won $100,000.

$100,000 DOLLARS for playing a video game. (Lord I am in the wrong business.)


That is not what got me to thinking. I am happy for the brother. He did the damn thing and he did it legal. I ain't knocking this KID'S hustle. Get your paper by what ever way you can.

What got me to thinking was all the grown ass men that were there cheering this KID on. They were yelling and high-fiving each other like they were at the SuperBowl.

Me personally, I don't find any enjoyment playing video games. They bore me. I do however like the Nintendo WII, and I intend on getting me one soon. That is only because I can actually interact with the game. I can get a good work-out playing the WII.

But sitting on a couch with a bunch of other grown ass men does not appeal to me at all. I would rather be on a court, field or golf course doing that shit for real.
I don't see the purpose of pretending to be a commando, or a medieval knight. I don't get the sensation of pretending to kill zombies or jack cars in Malibu.

And that is the purpose of this post.

Americans like to fantasize. We like to pretend that we are somebody else, or that we have more money than we actually do, or that we were born with DD tata's. We like to pretend that our eyes are blue or that we were born naturally blond or that our hair was born straight cascading down our backs.
We like to pretend that America is just and fair to all of it's citizens.
We like to pretend that the people that we elect to represent us actually do have our best interests in mind.

Most Americans are a bunch of pretenders.

That is what I was thinking about as I watched those grown ass men cheering those kids on for pretending to play in the NFL.


I guess pretending to be real is the new reality.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A tale of Two "Brothers"

As you all know by now the Supreme Court threw out the case that a lawyer from New Jersey brought up concerning whether or not Obama was born in the good ole US of A, or whether he was born in Kenya.
The lone Supreme that pushed this bullshit was none other than Black America's favorite uncle, Clarence Thomas. Another brother, Alan Keyes tried this same shit California. He was trying to get the Cally Supremes to take back the Electoral College Votes that Obama won there under the guise that he is not an America citizen.

Now I really don't know anything about either one of these guys, so I decided to wikipedia them.

What I learned surprised me.

Clarence Thomas was born poor in back woods Georgia. According to his upbringing, he should be the main person leading the civil rights movement. With him being a Supreme and all, he is in a perfect position to put it down for the cause.

But we all know he has not and probably will not. The same programs that got him where he is, he disowns now.

He says we don't need them. He has gotten so comfortable living in the big house, that I think he has forgotten the struggles that he went through.

Alan Keyes on the other hand, was not born poor in some field in the South. His parents were military, so he probably never saw the racism that Uncle Clarence did. He grew up in a very diverse environment. To me this guy is a religious nut. He is one of the few Black people in this country that thinks that America really cares about people of color.

What is the purpose of this post?


I just cannot for the life of me understand how anybody, Black, White, Asian or Hispanic could hate themselves so much that they disown everything about themselves and their culture. How in the world can any Black Man not be proud of Obama? You don't have to agree with his politricks, because he is a politician, but damn what does a brother have to do to get a little respect?

Are they jealous, or are they so enveloped in self hatred that they will not acknowledge the fact that Obama has made history?

I guess that is the $64,000 question.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Trouble in Paradise

There are a lot of things in this world that I share with 7 or 8 billion people that really pisses me off.

People driving slow in the fast lane during rush hour is one of them.

Getting cold fries at a fast food joint is another one.

The damn Cowboys choking again in final 5 minutes of a game that was being handed to them is something that really makes me want to grab the Jammy and flat blast anyone that is within 10 feet of me.

How bout them Cowboys?

Damn they piss me the hell off.

Romo and his inconsistent ass, the defense choking when it counts and T.O. complaining about not getting the ball is getting very old.

The Cowboys have the best roster that money can buy. On paper there is not another team in the NFL that should be able to step on the same field as them and walk away winning.

But we see that is not the case.

There is something going on in that locker room that is not right.

There is no plausible explanation on why they lost that game last night.

There is one silver lining however....

The Deadskins got their asses handed to them last night, so I guess all is not lost in the world.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm a Nigga, You a Nigga, We some Niggas, Wouldn't You like to be a Nigga too

First Soldier Boy showed how ignorant and young he is with his 'shout out to the slave masters' quote, and now that one hit wonder Jim Jones wants to replace the word Nigga and Bitch with Obama and Michelle.

Yep you read that right. This bamma wants to call people Obama and Michelle instead of calling them a bitch or a nigga.

Most of the rappers out today are not artists. They are a bunch of CB4 types.

But this shit right here is straight ignorant.

All I can say is What the Fuck is this fool thinking?

When will the buffoonery and homie the clown ass clown shit stop?

You would think that seeing a Black family about to pull up in a U-Haul in front of the whitest house in America's History would be enough for fools like these to want to stop being and acting like Niggas.

To me it would make them to want to stop wanting to associate with and be seen with Niggas.

Being Niggas is the one thing that my people just can't seem to want to stop wanting to be.

I don't understand it.

I swear before Allah and 9 more Niggas, I just don't understand it.

(Just kidding folks. I know Allah is not a nigga. Just a little Jokey joke)

Lighten up People!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

It Ain't my Fault

There is something that pisses me off something fierce.

It is people that do not own up to their mistakes. It is people that constantly make excuses for their own bad decisions.

Someone else is always to blame for their fuck-ups.

In my opinion being addicted to crack, heroin, meth, pain killers, porn, chocolate, fat women or whatever a person finds themselves addicted to is not a disease.

It is a choice.

People choose to get high.

People choose to eat until they have to have our brave firefighters use a forklift to get their 900 pound asses out of their house.

All of this is a choice. A bad choice, but a choice none the less.

So why are scientists, government paid scientists, (i.e. tax payers are paying for their research)wasting our money to conduct studies that try to prove that getting high and letting your weight balloon to crazy proportions is a disease?

I understand that depression will drive a person to do certain things that they would not normally do. But it is still a choice to put a needle in your arm, or a glass pipe to your lips.

I have been around crack dealers and crack heads. I have seen what people will do to get their fix. It is no disease. It is a weakness. It takes a very weak person to choose to die slow instead of just ending their pain quick.

A person would have to be from Pluto to not know what drugs, to much food, or unprotected sex will do to you.

So the bottom line is this...

In this society there is no repercussions for your actions.

A person can do whatever the hell they choose to do with no consequences.

All they have to do is say, is 'It is not my fault that I just stole from my mother and disowned my family, my wife and kids to get money for crack. I have a disease, so why worry about it.'

Addiction is not a disease.

A person had to make the decision to start doing whatever it is they are addicted to.

They had to make a choice.

No one is born high, fat or with a pair of dice or a racing form in their hands.

So in my opinion, and this is only my opinion, If a person chooses to start life threatening behavior, then he/she is a threat to society as a whole and should be dealt with like a threat.

I have no remorse for crack heads or anyone else that uses their choice to get addicted to whatever they choose to get addicted to as an excuse to keep doing whatever it is they are doing.

In my opinion Fuck em.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fine as Frog Hair

My man Zack wrote a post last week talking about how he thinks women do not find him attractive. Zack is a very good writer, and if none of yall have checked him out before, show my little brah some love. You will not be disappointed.

The only thing about my man is that he is a little bit too honest at times. He tells some things about himself that frankly I would not ever mention in public, let alone on a blog that hundreds or perhaps thousands of people see.

But I guess that is why he is such a good writer.


Zack asked his loyal readers a question.

What does it feel like to be considered good-looking?

I answered in the comment section, that "Swagger" and confidence are what make a person attractive.

In my opinion Zack has both of these qualities for the simple fact of how honest he is on his blog. It takes swag and confidence to talk about his faults and his dislikes the way he does.

I could never do that. I talk about myself a little bit here, but there are certain things that I will not divulge.

Not that I am scared or anything....
Well maybe I am scared.....

It is just that you never know who or what is reading this.

So what does make a person attractive?

Is it looks?

Or could it be money?

Or am I right, and it is confidence?

Because if it is confidence, why is my man Zack having such a rough time finding a woman?

I can't answer that.

Women say at least a thousand times a day about how there are no good (black) men left, yet there is one named Zack that says he can't get the time of day.

Go figure.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our Father who is in Heaven....

I consider myself a God Fearing man.

I believe in Jesus. I believe he is the son of my God. I pray through him to my God every day I wake up. I pray for my family, my continued health, the health of my loved ones. I pray for his will to be done. I pray for HIS kingdom to be established.

That is why I did not pray for his O-ness to be elected President.

I felt it would be wrong to pray for a man made "kingdom" to be established. I have no trust in man, so why would I offer my prayers to see a man become "king"?

I told a cat this at work and he said I was wrong. He said I should have prayed that this man became president because of all the hell our people have gone through.

What the hot ass hell does that have to do with who becomes president?

I did not say that I did not pray for Big O's overall welfare, because with the threats that he is getting on a daily basis,he is going to need all the prayers he can get.

But I feel praying for the up keep of any man made institution is wrong.

I don't know if I am a Christian or not, since I have never been officially baptised into any man's church.

Besides, with the mistakes I have made, and what I know I am capable of doing now, I feel I am not too "Christ-like".

But I do know who God is and I know what he has done and will do for me.

To me praying for Obama to become President is like praying for the Cowboys to beat the Deadskins.

Or praying that my lottery numbers hit.

It just don't seem right to me.

So did any of yall pray that Obama would win?

Friday, November 14, 2008

If you give a mouse some cheese, he'll come back for crackers and wine....


If you or I were to f%^ck off our money, get behind on our bills,mismanage our children's college fund and piss off our 401K's, would you expect our government to write us a check that would cover our debts?


Wait for the answer....

Wait...for... it....

Hell to the nawl!!

We would have to file bankruptcy,our house would be auctioned off on the front of the courthouse steps, our kids would be lucky to attend the local community college, (while they live in our basements) and we would all have to get 2nd jobs as greeters at Wal-Mart. After we "retire" from our "careers" that is.

This is the way our government would handle our situation.

So why in the hot ass hell is our government expecting US, tax-payers, aka "Joe Six-Pack" to bail out companies that have done exactly what I just described?

First it was the 700 BILLION, that was approved last month to supposedly help people with bad mortgages, that now is not going to help people with bad mortgages, but it is now going to the banks that gave out the mortgages in the first place. And now the big car companies want the same deal.

These companies, banks and insurance giants were ran into the ground by money hungry, slimy ass slimy CEO's. They are the ones that mismanaged their companies assets, not me or you.

So why should my great great great....(you get the picture)grand children have to pay for their fuckery?

Why is my country borrowing money from countries that could give a damn about us to give money to crooked ass crooked companies?

In my opinion, all those high paid executives should be thrown in prison, and their assets liquidated to help bailout their respected companies.

My hard earned pennies should not even be mentioned into this equation.

But that would be in the world I would create.

A world were people were actually held responsible for their actions.

A world were if you f*%ked with people's money, money that they were counting on for their and their families future survival, you paid the price, even if that price demanded your money, your freedom or your life.

Yep, that is the world I would like to live in.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No one on the corner has swagger like us....

It feels good to be proven wrong.

I did not think his O-ness could pull it off. I thought that all those folks that said they wanted change out in public would reneg when they were in the privacy of that booth.

Boy, was I wrong!!!

Big O got 65% of the white vote.

He got 67% of the Latino vote.

We all know he got probably 99.9% of the Black vote. The only Black dude I know that voted against him was my man Daddio911. But he is on a planet all to himself.

This is a good day to be an American.

I am finally represented in a positive manner to the world.

I no longer have to be a basketball player, a football player or a rapper to be considered as having made it.

I don't have to sing for you or dance for you, or make you laugh to be considered a "good" American.

I don't have to be a movie star to be considered mainstream.

Now I have someone that looks like me, talks like me and acts like me, talking FOR me to the world.

There is someone that shares my heritage representing me.

The notion that some people in this country have that Black People are inferior to the rest of the people that inhabit this great country of ours was squashed last night.

This election was never about electing the first "black" president.
It was about being accepted and recognized for being American, no matter what color your skin is.

This election was not about only me or people that look like me.

It was about being American.

For the first time in my life I am proud of my country.

Monday, November 3, 2008

My Sick Since of Humor

I thought that the above cartoon was funny as hell. I was rolling when I saw this over at Raving Black Lunitic. It would not be so funny if it were not true. After "Rednecks for Change", I pretty much expect anything to happen tommorow.

Oh, and by the way....

My name is Dirty Red and I am an Obamaholic.

(Shouts to my man the Field Negro).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I am Legend

That's right folks, I am officially a part of history now.

What am I talking about?

Well, I about to tell ya.

I have cast my vote for the first Black Man to be nominated to the most esteemed office on the face of the earth.

That's right my little chick-a-dees..

I have early voted for Barack Hussein Obama.

Even if my man does not win, I can tell my Grand Kids that I participated in this historic event. This is the most important election in United States History, and I was a part of it.

I am damn proud that I was alive to be able to do this. I never thought I would see it happen in my lifetime, and I am only 35 years old. I can imagine what my grand-parents are thinking.

Even though his O-ness was not my first pick, he is my pick now.

I do not know if he will win, I still think that the rethugs will pull a fast one, but at least I did my part.

It just makes me feel good to say that now maybe the world will stop judging us (Black men), by what the "news" outlets and BET show them.

There are millions of (Black) men just like Big O, and now that we have one on the world stage, maybe... just maybe shit around here will be a little different.

I know that Barack is not The Black man's savior, but now at least all those little kids that have no hope for the future can look up and see this Black Man that looks like them, their father,their uncle or Grandfather sitting in the big seat behind the big desk in the big white house and say, 'I can do that too'.

The Audacity of Hope....

Yep, today was a good day.

No matter what happens.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Diary of an "unreal" American


According to the the Almost Beauty Queen and her pimp Mcsane, People that live in urban areas are not real Americans.

People that live in Urban areas do not have the same love for this great country of ours than the good working class people of say, Western Pistolvania.

Those people in Rural Virginia are the real patriots here in America.

Those people in Rural Ohio are the only ones that bleed red, white and blue.

The only people that are real americans are the ones named Billy Bob, Joe the Plumber, Tommy Sixpack or Suzy Homemaker. The ones of us with names like Jaheem, Tyrone, Lacreatia or Chardonnay or not "real Americans".

Never mind the fact that according to the constitution of the WHOLE United States, not the Constitution of Western Pistovania, or Rural Virginia or Rural Ohio, says that all it takes is to be born here.

It makes me think that Mcsane and his bitch (yeah I said it) and all the other people on his side of the fence named Joe the Plumber, are implying that the only people that can really call themselves "REAL" Americans are born White.

I could be wrong about that, but I don't think so.

Mcsane said at a rally the other day in Western Pistovania, (which if you know anything about Western Pistovania, it is straight lily white, redneck, KKK, Nigga don't get caught here after sundown country), That in his opinion they are the epitome of what America is. They are the example that the rest us that were born here should strive to be like. He said this after the Senator from that same state said that the people that live there are the most racist and intolerant of other cultures in the entire state.

That senior Senator said this about his own state.

But according to Mcsane, this is the "real" America?

The part of America where people wear t-shirts, that say "Nigga Please. It is called the 'White' house?"

The part of America where people say things like, 'if Obama is elected he will give special privileges to the negras'?

The part of America where people say things like, 'Obama & his wife, I'm concerned that they could be anti white?'

This is the "real" America?

So does this make me and my ancestors foreigners?

To tell the truth about it, I would rather be a foreigner. I cannot and will not support and acknowledge the "real" America if the "real" America does not support and acknowledge me.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Out with the old.... In with the new.

While I was blog surfing this weekend, I came across a post on one of my favorite sites, POLITOPICS. The author of the post, Mrs. Angela Winters, pretty much said everything I am going to say, but I am still going to add my two cents to her good observation.

Jesse Jackson cannot keep his nose out of Obama's business. I just don't understand it. He has no authority to speak for the Obama campaign, he even said that he is not a confidant or advisor to Obama. He is only a "supporter". So my question is this,
Who the hell does he think he is to fix his mouth to say anything about what the Obama administration will do when it comes to foreign policy? Why is he making comments on how the Obama administration will handle this country's position with Israel?


This is the same man who a couple of months ago said he wanted to cut off the O-NESS'S royal family jewels.

The same "leader" that called Big O out his name by calling him a Nigga, which was caught by Fox News of all places.

The same man who had a mock "funeral" for the very same word after he gave a speech on how derogatory the word is.

So after all this, and after he admitted that he is only a "supporter" of his O-ness, what gave him the right to say anything about something that he admitted he has no knowledge of?


How do you think Fox Noise, Rush Limpdick and all the other "country first" assholes are going to spin this?

If the polls are correct, and everyone that says they will vote for Big O actually does when the curtains are closed, then the only thing that will stop him will be getting caught with a live boy or a dead girl in his bedroom.
But still the nerve of this dude.

Is Jesse Jackson still relevant?

He had his run. It did not work out for him. White Folks despise him. The same white folks that Big O is going to need to go against the grain of America and put a Black man in the White house. Because Stevie Wonder can see that Obama will not and cannot win without White Support.

He does not need any distractions.

Jesse Jackson is a distraction.

He is a reminder to most White Americans of their ancestors hateful history towards Black Americans, and White People, just like everybody else, do not like to be reminded of bad past experiences.

Especially experiences they want to forget.

It is just like your spouse bringing something up that you did months ago to hurt them at every chance they get.

Something that you thought was dead and gone.

That is Jesse Jackson.

The scornful and hurt spouse.

Or in his case, the EX SPOUSE

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Country is as Country does

I hate anonymous comments. If you have the balls to criticise someone else, have the balls to own up to your statement. Or keep your punk bitch ass off of other people's blogs and start your own.
Then you can be anonymous, alone and hateful all you want.

I just had to get that off my chest.

Wooosa... Wooosa..

I'm back.


Last night in my Advanced writing class, I noticed that I am just as bad as believing stereotypes as the next man.

I actually felt bad once I realized what I was thinking about one of my fellow "brothers".

We had to give presentations about a business proposal that our individual groups had to come up with. Well this dude's little group's presentation was on home security systems.

Before I get into that let me tell yall something.

Everyone that has blessed me by frequenting my little ole blog and giving me the privilege of sharing my views with you, know that I live in Dallas, TX (well a southern suburb of Dallas,TX.)

But I am not from here. I am from the East Coast. My family is all up and down the East Coast, from North Carolina to Maryland,(the DC area) across to Philly and 2 hours further North to Brooklyn.

Anyways.. I have that East coast accent. At least I get told that everyday. When I open my mouth you can tell I ain't from here. I don't try to sound different, I just do.

Well.. Back to my man in class....

This guy is straight up from Texas. He talked like he had a mouth full of mud. Slow and realllly back-woods. Country as hell. He talked just like he was straight from the cotton fields of 1860. He was very knowledgeable on the subject of his presentation,but I found myself thinking why did they have this country-ass bumpkin talk? Who would give this guy a chance if this was a real business proposal?
I found myself not listening to what he was saying, but how he was saying it.

Why do Southern people sound so dumb and uneducated when they talk? They sound lazy to me. They sound so slow. (This includes my White Brothers as well as my Black Kin folk.)

I know this is wrong. I know that the South has some of the best schools in the the nation. I know that my people here are not dumb, uneducated or lazy. I know my people here are far from slow. This is a misconception that I think everyone has about the South. These people here will f%^ck you up quick if you get out of pocket.

But I could not stop thinking this about ole boy. I am not trying to put myself out there like just because I from the North-east side of thangs that I am better. Lawd knows I am not. But the way he talked just irritated the hell out of me.

I felt so bad about thinking this about dude.

I still feel bad about thinking like that. He is a real cool cat. I just don't think his group should have chosen him to be the speaker for their presentation.

I know I'm wrong.

So let the hating begin.

But if there are any anonymous comments.... I swear before my Lord and Savior..

Wooosa... Wooosa

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Welcome to the Island of Red

Sometimes I think I might be a little too damn smart for my own good.

I have the ability to see through BullShit.

I have the ability to know when a person is full of shit, and when a person is being real.

Usually God keeps the Bull shit ass people away from me.


But occasionally one happens to slip through.


I start this post off like this to make a point. Most Americans don't have my special ability. I should be on that show Hero's. Or maybe I am a mutant. Who knows?



BullShit. My special sensors go off like crazy when ever I hear this 200 year old man talk. How can anyone not be able to see through this man's shit? How can you call yourself a "Maverick" when you have aligned yourself with the worst President in our Nations History? How can you say that you will put a stop to lobbyist control over Washington, when most of the people that are running your cam pain is(are)lobbyists?
How can you call yourself a man of the people when you don't know how many houses you own? Why did you suspend your campaign to go back to Washington to "help" your colleagues with the cough(bullshit) bail-out plan, only to get there and not say or do anything of substance? And then you are supposed to be the leader and all, but they still said f-you and the bill failed? To me and my special ability this man is just like Kryptonite. I just can't stand him. Hearing him just makes me feel weak. Sometimes I have to pray just to make sure his bullshit did not effect me in any way.

The Almost Beauty Queen...

Bullshit. Listening to this woman is just like being tortured. I mean the kind of torture where someone dips your jibby in honey and ties you butt booty naked ass naked from a tree in a field full of fire ants. If you have been paying attention the last couple of weeks, then you know what I am talking about.


Bullshit. Both parties treat us like we are 3 year old children. Neither side will answer a question directly. Both sides are responsible for this mess our country is in, yet both parties are pointing fingers to each other. Accountability is something that is not a part of either party.

People that constantly make excuses on why their particular party is always right.

Bullshit. I do not understand for the life of me how any man or woman can blindly follow one point of view. I believe God gave us a brain. A brain to think, to analyze, to decide, and to question. Then we should use our brain to decide what is best for us. We should not use our brain to listen to what someone else says is good for us.

Yes Folks, I think that if more people had my special ability the world be a much better place.

Sometimes it feels like I am on an island all by myself.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

We got your Black Ass now!!!


You know you done f$%ked up right?

You could not leave well enoungh alone.

You got away with killing Mr. Charlies daughter and his nephew and you just could not leave it alone.

You had to stay in the spot light.

You thought that you were invincible.

Now look at you.

You are finally on your way to share that cell with Bubba.

I told you back in September that you were going to see Bubba soon.

I told you back in September that you were not going to be convicted of breaking into some fool's Hotel room, that you were going to be convicted for killing Mr. Charlies daughter and his nephew.

I told you that Mr. Charlie was going to get some get-back for the slap in the face you gave him.

And what happened?

You got slapped with the same glove that Johnny C described when he said (god rest his soul) most elogantly, "if it don't fit, you must acquit!"

The same glove that got you off the first time, 13 years ago to the day.

Life is a bitch huh, JUICE?

Well is it fitting now, JUICE?

You dumb-ass Nigga.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Who the hell Is Joe Sixpack? Do you Know him?


I watched the debate last night and I have to give it to the Almost Beauty Queen. she did not F%^k up.

Too Bad.

Hammering Joe did a damn good job. He did not elaborate on how dumb his opponent was (which I would have done). He stayed on the message that His O-ness has been on from the jump. He was not condescending, he was respectful and he knew his bizzyness.

His opponent on the other hand....

Not an original thought.
You can tell that the "debate camp" worked, because she is a damn good memorizer. She hit on all the Rethug talking points. The only question that she answered was if she supported Gay marriage. Other than that she did not stray off her well beaten path once.

She did come off as down to earth and neighborly, which I guess was the whole point. She came off as someone that "Joe Sixpack" could go hunting with.

Just for my own information.. Who the hell is Joe Sixpack? Is this another code for White People?

But is this enough to be able to sit in the seat next to the big seat in the big white house?
Is this all the American People want is someone they can go hunting with?
Someone they can go get drunk and wild with?
Is this what our country has come to?
What happened to being knowledgeable of the world?
What happened to being educated?
Where are our standards?
Why do we advocate education and accountability to our children all day every day, just to go back on all that to vote for somebody that we feel comfortable getting drunk with?


I got a couple of Partners that I go to the club with, drink with, shoot pool with, you know doing "Joe Six Pack" type shit. But I would not want these cats in charge of mowing my lawn let alone in charge of running my country.

Me personally I do not want someone that is supposed to be representing me and my views to the rest of the 'educated world' to be "cool".
Or "Folksy".
Or a C Student.

I want them educated. I want them to be able to talk to other educated heads of state without sounding like a stupid Hic. I want them to be able to negotiate with other countries on my behalf without having to have cue cards or an entourage of smarter people around them.

In other words I want them to be the smartest person in the room.

We have had the "cool" guy for the past 7 plus years, and look where we are...

Are the "Joe Sixpacks" in the good ole U S of A really that damn naive?

Lawd knows I hope not.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Don't fall for the Okie Dok!!

Palin has difficulty naming court case she disagrees with

From CNN Ticker Producer Alexander Mooney

Couric interviewed Palin last week.
(CNN) — Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin had difficulty naming a specific Supreme Court case she disagreed with besides Roe v. Wade in a long-awaited clip CBS News aired Wednesday night.

The comments, first reported by Politico, came in an interview with CBS News anchor Katie Couric taped last week.

"Well, let's see. There's –of course –in the great history of American rulings there have been rulings, that's never going to be absolute consensus by every American," Palin said. "And there are–those issues, again, like Roe v Wade, where I believe are best held on a state level and addressed there. So you know–going through the history of America, there would be others but–"

"Can you think of any?" Couric interjected.

"Well, I could think of–of any again, that could be best dealt with on a more local level, maybe I would take issue with," Palin responded. "But you know, as mayor, and then as governor and even as a vice president, if I'm so privileged to serve, wouldn't be in a position of changing those things but in supporting the law of the land as it reads today."

What the fuck did this crazy woman just say?

Or am I the only one that read this shit and was like, what?
Am I the only one that had to go back and reread this dumb-ass statement? Like 3 or 4times?
How did this woman get to be a governor of one of America's States? Even a state with less people than most large cities?

I have heard people on my job talk about how this woman has just as much experience as his O-ness.


Have you ever heard Obama spit out some gobley-gook like the above statement?

This is a simple question...

'Can you name any Supreme Court Cases that you disagree with?'

'Well Katie let me see. There are several that I have a problem with, but just off the top of my head I would have to say Brown V the Board of Education. This is a case where the Supreme Court trampled all over the rights of the Hard Working Citizens of Kansas, by allowing those Minorities the right to attend the same school as the your kids or mine. I strongly disagree with the ruling in that case. This is exactly what we are dealing with in Pakistan and Iraq. And if given the privilege to serve this great nation, Senator McCain and I will put those people back where they are supposed to be. We can ill afford another attack on U.S. soil like 911.'

Of course I joke, but you get the point right?

Any 8th grader can name at least one Supreme Court Case that they disagree with.
And this woman could not?

I am beginning to believe that this is all a ploy. There is no way this woman could be this damn stupid.

I think that this is a Republican plan to distract the people away from what's really going on. There is no way that they would have allowed Mcsane to pick somebody like this without a plan.

This is the party that got Jr. elected. Twice.

That's why I think that Biden better not under estimate this woman tonight during the debate. There has got to be something more going on.

It is the ultimate boxing strategy.

Distract with the right then... POW!! Left cross to the jaw, and it is lights out.

What better way to get people to drop their guard than to feign being stupid?

Biden, keep your hands up.
Focus on her face, not on her footwork. Keep your distance and don't let her get too close. You are damn near 63 years old for Christ sake, I hope you are in shape for this. You cannot afford to go 10 rounds with Mrs. Barracuda. Knock her ass out quick, then go home and drink your Geritol.

I'm just saying....

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The 1st Ammendment... A beautiful thing

This post is going to elicit several different opinions.

I am going to hear that a brother has to do what a brother has to do to keep his paper flowing.

I am going to have some people that agree with me.

This is how I feel on this subject...

Josh Howard, a NBA player for the Dallas Mavericks was caught on video saying how he did not believe in the National Anthem. I have blogged about how this brother needs to keep his mouth shut before when he admitted on a radio show here in Dallas about how he gets lifted during the off season. Anyway the video about the National Anthem was leaked to U-Tube and the brother has caught all kinds of hell for telling how he and the majority of blacks in this country feel.

Don't get me wrong... This is not going to be an anti-American rant.

I love being an American, as I am sure Josh Howard does.

But (of course there is a but), The words of the Anthem were not written with people that looked like me in mind.

"Liberty and Justice for all"

Can anyone actually reading this say this is true?

Anyways... Mr. Howard felt the need to apologize for his comments in order to keep his money flowing. I do not agree with his apology.

Why apologize for saying something you meant to say? Of course he does not mean it and anyone that heard him could see he does not mean it. But this being America the land of "free speech" he was forced to give a "heartfelt" apology. He was forced to appease the people that he "offended".

Me being me I say F%%ck them.

If I was Josh Howard this is what I would have said at my press conference....

"Good afternoon.
Thank you all for coming.
I apologize for breaking you all away from your busy schedules for something like this. As you all know the past couple of months I have been the subject of some very negative press. All of it was my own lack of thinking. I am not here to blame anyone else for my actions. I was supposed to come here today to apologize for my comments concerning the National Anthem. I am not going to do that. I cannot stand up here and tell a lie. I meant what I said and I stand by what I said. I believe that this country was not founded by men who gave a damn about me. In the constitution all men that look like me are not even considered a whole man. And I have to mention that when the words of the National Anthem were written the sentiments of this country's leaders had not changed. This nations history has shown that the words of the Anthem, "Liberty and Justice for all" does not apply to me or anyone that looks like me. But me being an American citizen, even though the constitution was not written for me, it still applies to me. According to the 1st Amendment of said constitution, I have the right to say whatever I feel the need to say. The 1st amendment does not say that I can only say what I feel as long as I do not offend anyone. I did not break any laws by voicing my opinion. I just said something that some people did not like. I understand I may lose some endorsements behind this statement, but let's face it, I make 9 million dollars a year. Losing an endorsement for 500,000 will not hurt me that much. Financially I am set for life. Mr Cuban might be forced to trade me due to this statement, but that does not concern me. My contract was guaranteed, which means I will get my money no matter where I am. So I do not need to appease anyone I offended. If I did offend anyone with my comments concerning the National Anthem, then all I can say is, get over it. I am not here to be a role model for your kids. I am a role model for my kids and my kids alone. Your kids should go by the example you set, not by what some celebrity says and does. Just because I am in the public eye does not mean I have to stop being who I am. It does not mean I have to stop being Josh Howard. I am a Black Man in America. That is who I am and that is what you all see standing before you now. That is all I can be.

Thank-you again for coming."

If only it were like this.

What would you have said?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Straight Bitchassness

I consider myself a man with an open mind. I try to expose myself to as much as I can. I do this to keep my mind active. I read a lot, I expose myself to different kinds of music, I try to watch different programs on T.V. and I try to expose myself to as many different cultures as I can. I am really striving to be a "citizen" of the Global Community instead a resident of South Dallas County.

I say all this to bring up a point.

It is amazing to me how close minded some of my "cousins" are.

Case and point...

I just stated that I listen to different types of music.

Well this morning I am at work jamming my Incubus station on For those of you that are not hip to, it is an Internet station that allows you to program what you want to listen to.

Example... say you like Big Daddy Kane (which I do), you simply type in Big Daddy Kane, and all his music plays as well as anyone that is like him.

I have a Big Daddy Kane station, an Earth Wind and Fire Station, an Al Green Station, a Linkin Park station (that's rock)a Jay Z station, a Creed station, Chuck Brown, Beanie Man, Eric B and Rakim,Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phil Collins, Depeche Mode I already said Incubus and well you get the picture.

I have pretty much the whole spectrum of music covered.

So like I was saying... I was jamming my Incubus station (that's rock)not thinking about nothing, when I call the next person in the Que to be seen. It was a brother.
The first thing he asked was 'Why are you listening to that shit?' I looked at him and said, "because I am a grown ass man and I can listen to whatever the hell I want to". (That was a direct quote.)Well he shut up and didn't say anything else the rest of the 10 or 15 minutes it took for me to do what he came into my office for me to do. As he was leaving he said real low, damn near whispering, which told me what kind of bitch ass bitch he was, "I bet your ass is a Republican too."
I damn near lost it. I was close to showing him how a hood nigga (like myself) from back East handled slow minded Texas ass Texans.

But I got a family, a mortgage, 2 car notes, and more bills than the average man, and I needs my paper. So I had to slow my role.
I just calmly said "Naa Brah. I ain't a Republican, but since I am not a felon, I can vote.Can you? My bad.. your paperwork said you just got off parole" (That was a direct quote)I did not say this low, I said this where everyone could hear it.
The dude put his head down and left without another word.

The point of this little story is...
What is the definition of Blackness?
Am I a less of a Black Man just because I like Rock Music?
If I was a Republican (lord forbid)would that make me less of a Black man?
What about if I happened to like White Women? (If I was single, I know a couple of Becky's that could get it.. All day and twice on Sunday.)
Why am I expected to be the "typical", loud, ignorant ass nigga?
I don't understand this slow minded mentality.
It is exactly like my people saying if I do good in school I am trying to be White.
What the F%^K is wrong with my people?
Just because I like something different from you, that makes me less of a Black Man?


Sometimes I can't stand the way my people act sometimes.

I just cannot do ignorance.

Am I wrong?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This pretty much sums up Mcsane and the Almost Beauty Queen

I thought this picture was funny as hell. I jacked it from the Insanity Report.

Anyways that'll do it for this post. I am still trying to get my mind around how Jr. and his flunkies had the nerve to send a 3 page bill to Congress explaining why we (American Taxpayers) need to fork over SEVEN HUNDRED BILLION dollars to bail out companies whose RICH ass RICH CEO'S ran into the dirt.

3 Fucking Pages!!!

Man give me a break!!!

My mortgage paperwork was damn near 40 pages and it was just for a little over 150,000.

And all it takes to ask for SEVEN HUNDRED BILLION is 3 damn pages?

I tell you if the American People give the Rethugs 4 more years to do the same bullshit...

All I can say is Damn..

Lawd help us!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

"There is nothing more scary than watching ignorance in action" Tommy Smothers

The title of this post was taken from a comment that Tommy Smothers made at this past weekend's Emmy Awards.

I can't think of a truer statement. I thought of this when I heard about a new poll this morning that was taken by a group of college students at one of America's Ivy League Colleges. This poll interviewed 2200 (give or take 1 or 2) White Democrats. One of the questions of this poll was, How much of a factor is race when deciding your vote in this Presidential Election?

40% of those 2200 (give or take 1 or 2)White Democrats said that they could not and will not vote for a Black Man for President of these here "United" States.

Another question that was asked on this poll showed that 25% of those good working class AmeriKKKans said they had negative views about Black people.

Is any of this surprising?

Not to me. I am Black in AmeriKKKa and I have seen the ugly face of racism smiling at me numerous times in the past and the present.

But the question I have to ask, is how accurate is this poll?

I think it is more than 40% and definitely more than 25%.

The reason I feel this way is because it is not politically correct for a person in these here "United" States of America to be honest about how they really feel.

At least not in public.

No one wants to be seen as a "racist".
How many times have you heard, 'Some of my best friends are Black?' Or my favorite 'I have always been friendly to "you" people?'

Especially the "Democratic" party. They are supposed to be the party of "diversity" and "unity".

Another reason I feel this way is because most AmeriKKKans believe what the media tells them.

How often are Blacks displayed negatively in the media?

If you live somewhere where Blacks are really the minority (Like all those states that Hill-Billy won)and all you see on the news are Black Drug dealers, Blacks lead the country in all Aids cases, More Blacks are in prison than college, Black men do not support their children, Black kids do not value education, Blacks are more likely to commit murder than any other race, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and all the other "race baiters", "specials" like CNN's Black in America, what would you think if you were not smart enough to think for yourself?

Most people vote with their feelings instead of voting for what really matters. This includes Blacks and Whites.

That is why I think Obama will lose.

It doesn't matter to those 40% of the 2200 (give or take 1 or 2)or those 25%(give or take 1 or 2) that the current administration has presided over a recession, have damn near burned the Constitution and tried to put it out by pissin on it, gotten us into an illegal war, have neglected the needs of people without health care, have not secured our borders, have seen more American jobs disappear than any other administration in history, have ignored the education needs of our children and have borrowed so much money from foreign nations that my children's great grand children will have to pay it back. I could go on and on.

It does not matter to those people polled that Black "Americans" have supported every single Presidential candidate in this nations history irregardless of the fact they were all White Men.

It does not matter to those people that the "statistics" about "those" people that look like me are not accurate.

It does not matter to those people that the current White man and White woman that are running against that Black man they said they could not vote for, has lied to them, have played on their intelligence and their fears and have offered no real solution to counter what has been going on in this country for the past 8 years.

It does not matter to them. All they see is a Black man that is closer than any other Black man in our history to get a chance to actually sit in the big seat in the big "white" house.

All they see is an "uppity" Nigga that has forgotten his place in our society.

All they see is one of those drug dealers or Dead beat fathers or AIDS carrier and distributor, or felon or even the "big black buck" they have been warning their daughters about.

I have to admit that I am extremely proud of the fact that a Black Man is very close to representing to the world the red hair step child in this country that everyone has but no one wants to acknowledge.

But if that were the only reason I am going to cast my vote for him in November, I would be just as Ignorant as the 40% and the 25% of those 2200 (give or take 1 or 2)people polled.

And contrary to Public opinion I am not an ignorant man.

So to those 2200 people polled and to those that feel just like them, but don't have the balls to admit it, when Mcshame and his almost beauty queen wins in November, all I can say is you get what you pay for. And whatever is the outcome of this election, well, you will get what you deserve. If the country plunges into a depression or if the 2 White people that are running against that "uppity" elitist Nigga, start World War 3, well you bought it so don't complain when it does not fit. It is what you wanted after all. There is no way that that Black Guy you said you could not and will not vote for would have had your interests in mind. After all you didn't have his interests, the country you swear you love so much interests or the people he looks like interests in mind when you voted, now did you?

Ignorance is as Ignorance does.

And White people wonder why people like Josh Howard say they do not believe in this countries National Anthem.

I know why, Do you?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stay at your own Risk

Monday night in my ethics class we discussed Hurricane what's love got to do with it,Ike. The question that was the topic of discussion was, Whose responsibility is it to help people that refused to evacuate when they had the chance to?

Well, my take on this is, you are on your own.

Let's just say I know a person is going to get robbed and maybe killed in the near future.I go to the person and tell them that they need to get the hell out of Dodge until the threat passes. I offer them transportation to leave, I offer them money for a hotel, I even offer to give them money for food for the entire time they need to stay away. I also tell them that if they choose to stay, I cannot guarantee their safety. I repeat this message everyday up to the day that the deed is going to happen. Everyday the person tells me that they ain't leaving. Everyday I tell them that the threat is real and I am willing to offer whatever assistance I can to keep them and their family safe. They tell me they are going to take their chances.

Well the day comes, and sure enough the big bad robber shows up, destroys the house and the person and their family are forced to hide in the basement or attic until the robbers figure there is nothing else of value there.

I then get a call demanding that I come and save them. The person is irate. They tell me that their children have been traumatized and it is my duty to come and help them.

I calmly tell them that I offered help before and they refused. I tell them they are low on my priority list because I have to get to the people that could not heed my warning. I.E.The elderly, and the physically impaired. I tell them that their house is not the only one that got robbed. I tell them to survive the best way they can and I will get to them when I get to them.

The next day this family is interviewed by all the major cable "news" outlets. They give a tour of their destroyed house and say that I am not doing enough to help them. They cry about how they have lost everything and how they were almost killed.

So who is responsible?

What would you do?

Is it ethically right to help someone that refused to help themselves when they had the chance?

Monday, September 15, 2008

'Look into my eyes'

I am going to admit something to yall...I love watching Vampire movies. I love reading books about Vampires. I don't know why since I do not like Horror films. I think they are stupid. I think killing people in every kind of gruesome way imaginable for no reason and calling it entertainment is just stupid. I believe that a person has to actually have a damn good reason to take a life. Child Molester's, rapists, any fool that doesn't respect the elderly, why are they here? Some people just need to die. I know that sounds kind of bad, but what purpose do these kind of people serve? But killing just to kill is just flat out wrong.


Back to the Vampire admission.

I tried to watch the HBO series "TRUEBLOOD" the other night. Notice I said tried to watch it. I got about 15 minutes into the show and I had to turn the channel. This is a really sick show. It really bothered me. I know that Vampires are supposed to be evil and all that, but this show actually scared me.

Maybe I am just getting old.

I thought I could actually feel the evil radiating out of the T.V. No other movie, book or show,(I like that show on CBS called "MOONLIGHT"), has ever effected me the way this one did.

I don't understand it. Like I said Vampire movies don't usually effect me like that.

I actually had to pray after those 15 minutes. I asked God to forgive me for even wanting to watch some s%^t like that.(I also asked him to protect me through the night. LOL)

What got me was a scene about a women having sex with a vampire. I was like wooo, what the f%%k is this sh%^t?

That was it for me.

I will not allow that show back in my house again.

Am I overreacting?

After all, it is just "mindless entertainment".
I am old enough to know better, but the show still freaked me the hell out.

What are some movies that freaked you out?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

It is all in Black and White

The other day I had lunch with one of my co-workers. This is not the first time that I have had lunch with him, but it is the first time that I noticed how different we think. I kind of sorta knew from the jump how this dude thought, but I am the main person that tries to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
We went to a popular food court around the corner from our 'slave' (my ghetto term for my current employment). After the lunch of very unhealthy food we wolfed down, we sat around bullsh&*^ting and checking out the sights.
Yes, ladies that meant we were admiring the many beautiful women that were out and about during our lunch hour. I am still(happily) married (sometimes). But I can still look right? Just so long as that is all I do. In my opinion there is nothing more beautiful on God's green earth than a woman. I have never broken my vows, and it will take a lot more than a big butt and a smile to get me to do so.

Well.... maybe all it might take is for Eva Mendez or Stacy Dash to show some interest in a brother...Let me shut up..

Back on topic...

We were sitting around looking at the women that passed us and we were pointing out to each other what made a particular woman attractive to us. I know that this sounds so high schoolish, but hey, We are men after all.
All the women I noticed were either 'Thick' Black women, 'Thick' Hispanic women or 'Thick' White women. When I say 'thick', I don't mean obese. I mean healthy looking. I mean nice legs, nice butt, and decent sized breasts. 'Track-Star fine' is what I like to call them. All the women I noticed were in different age groups as well.

All the women he noticed were bottle blonds, big breasts, no ass and rail thin. They all looked to be in their early to mid 20's. There was no variety in his search. Well, he did notice one Latina, but Stevie Wonder would have noticed her, she was so fine.

I called him out on this.

His response was that all the women I pointed out would get fat as they got older.
He said that it does not matter what HE looks like in 15 years, but it damn sure matters what SHE looks like. I should have known this because this guy is tapping 41 or 42 on the shoulder and his current girl is only 23. And of course she is rail thin, no ass and blond.

To me this sounds kind of crazy.

I believe that if I meet you and you are the size I like and I am the size you like,whether it be rail thin or sumo wrestler, in order to maintain that initial attraction that obviously got our attention in the first place, both of us need to maintain ourselves.

What it takes to get a person, is what it takes to keep a person.

Or so I have been told.

I told my friend this and all he could say is 'you Black Guys are crazy about big-butts'.

Well I can't deny that.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Who Does that Nigga think he is?

You know the more I think about politricks, I do not understand how any Black person can belong to the republican party. I personally don't see how any person, Black, White, or any other American Ethnic group can blindly follow a single political party.
Both major parties are full of major KA-KA.
Both major parties only care about power. They will say or do anything they have to say and do to keep getting votes. And being the Country of choices that we are, we steady keep putting the same worthless people in office.
Election after election after election.
It does not seem to matter to Americans that nothing is getting accomplished. No promises are being kept, no schools are getting better, major crimes are still being committed, the justice system is fair from being just, jobs are still being shipped at an alarming rate out of the country, our borders are still not secure, people are still dying from lack of health care, the elderly are still getting bent over and the beat goes on.

But the Repubs are just plain racist and evil.

They do not hide the fact that they could care less about the "lesser" people in this here great country of ours. They are very blatant with their disrespect. They don't even try to court the minority vote. They publicly disrespect all the other major parties candidates, all the while claiming to be "Christians". They refuse to acknowledge that there are poor people that share the same country as them, yet they claim to know what the "average" American is thinking.They claim to want small government, while campaigning that the government needs to be in control of women's bodies or who their fellow Americans can marry or who has the right not to be spied on. They refuse to acknowledge the Accomplishments that the minority's that built this country have made. They think that the more money that the rich friends that put them in office make the better off the country will be. I think they call it the "trickle down effect". They openly mock community organizers, while they beg in private for them to go out and convince their communities to vote for them. They refuse to recognize the sanctity of other nations. They think that America should be the sole beacon of light on this big-ass planet. They claim to want to be free from depending on nations that could care less about American lives, yet the leader of their party is shown on Global TV holding hands and kissing the leader of the nation that the voters in this country want our leaders to stop dealing with.They think that only America has the right to defend itself. They think that the American way of life is supposed to be the way of life for the entire planet. Everyone else that lives on this planet is just backwards and wrong. They think that America has to defend other nations and run to their aid when something goes wrong within their government, while ignoring the fact that our own infrastructure is falling apart.

They run to European nations when something goes wrong. Countries in Africa have to fend for themselves.

The democrats are no better.
But at least they act like they care about minorities and poor people. At least they try to court the minority vote. At least they act like they actually believe that 'All men are created equal.' I know it is all an act, but it sure makes a man feel good to think that his government cares. They sure act like they value diversity, I mean look at pictures from their convention and then compare it to the Rethugs convention. I could count on 1 hand how many people of color I saw in Minnesota. It looked like a big-ass Klan rally.But the Democrats on the other hand, well, you would think it was Hispanic Heritage month, African American history month, Support your secretary day or even a Gay pride celebration. Every single minority group was represented. The speeches at the convention in Denver were more heartfelt. The speakers in Denver touched on all the issues that America is facing now.The rethugs convention was all about 'Obama is not ready to lead.' Not one speaker said anything about the state of our country and what they would do to fix it. They spent 3 days bashing Obama. 3 whole days with nothing of any substance.

And they even have the nerve to nominate a "colored" guy with a funny non American name to be their pick for the most coveted job in the world?

Who does this "uppity" Nigger think he is?

You mean to tell me there was not any qualified white men to choose from?

This is AmeriKKKa after all. And this cannot be allowed. It simply cannot be allowed. AmeriKKKa cannot have one of them "coloreds" representing them to the world.

And to prove that, what did their party do?

They nominated a woman with less experience than a high school student to be their nominees running mate. That does not surprise me though, they are constantly saying that the Dems choice, that "colored" guy, who has a Law degree, was President of the Harvard Law review, graduated in the top percent of his class, was a highly popular State Senator and an even more popular US Senator is not fit to lead this country, when the f$%k-up that is running the country now barely finished college.

So I have to ask,


Why even vote at all? What is going to change? It was proven back in 2000 that votes do not determine who will win. It was proven again in 2004 that votes do not determine who will win.

If my forefathers did not die just so I could get equal treatment in the country they helped to build, I swear before God I would not vote at all. I would not even acknowledge that I am an American. America has never acknowledged me after all.

Michelle Obama said that this is the first time in her adult life that she felt good about her country.

Well Mrs. Obama, how will you feel about your country when your husband gets cheated out of this election that he should win hands down or some Redneck "country first" hard working class Republican tries to kill him?

Things that make you go HMMM....

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Yesterday after work I ran into my partner Daddio911. As usual we had a very testy discussion on politics and the current state of things here in our country. He is a die hard, red dyed republican, I prefer not to claim allegiance to any "gang".

A gang is exactly what the 2 political parties are.
They even represent gang colors, Red and Blue.


I do not understand the logic in any Republicans thinking. Or rather the lack of logic.

My man Daddio911 actually thinks old man Mcsane is going to make a good Prez.
Granted, I did my research on old boy,(did you do yours Daddio?)and he does have an impressive record.

But he is OLD.
His thinking is OLD.
His ideas are OLD.
His views are OLD.
The job of being El Presidente in these here divided states of AmeriKKKA will take it's toll on a person.

I mean look at the way it has aged Jr.

Bill Clinton did not have a grey hair on his head until he sat in the big seat in the big office in the big white house.

This man is damn near 100 years old for Christ's sake. And to top it off, he has a history of battling cancer.
This is his last Hoo-raa. If he does not get the job this go around he will not get a second shot. He knows this, so he is pulling out all stops.

The man has got to be senile. Or stupid. Or maybe he just does not care. It is obvious that he does not connect with the average Joe. Why else would he pick this woman Palin to run with him?
Who the hell is she really?
She is nice to look at and all, but with the state of the world and our country, don't you think that he should have picked someone other than a MAYOR of an apartment building, or a GOVERNOR of a decent sized city? To me this is a logical assumption. But in keeping with the Republican illogical way of thinking, he picked a woman whose only claim to fame is that she was an almost beauty queen, and she has a special needs child.

My man Daddio argued me up and down that this could have been beauty queen(she lost the pageant she almost won to a black woman. Did you know that Daddio? It's about the research man!! A black woman winning Miss Alaska! Who would have thunk it?) has more experience than his O-ness.

Give me a F$%^king break!

He sounded just like those talking suits that are constantly on CNN, MSNBC, FIX NOISE and all those Sunday Morning talk shows. He gave me the same arguments that he probably heard on those shows.

Come on Daddio!!

Do your research!!


Surf the web if you don't want to read!!

Stop letting other people think for you!!

This is the problem with AmeriKKKans.

I recently did a post called "Sheep being led to slaughter". That phrase describes Daddio911 and all the other close minded fools like him in this country. They cry about all the "freedoms" that we have, but they refuse to exercise those "freedoms". We have freedom of thought, freedom of speech and the freedom to see through the bullshit that Mcsane and his cronies are trying to pull over on us.

If anyone that reads this thinks that our "free" country is better off now than it was before Jr. and his "gang" fu&*ed it up, please feel free to give Mcsane and his almost beauty queen sidekick the opportunity to have access to the little red button in the big office.

While you give away all the "freedoms" that keep you Rethugs up at night bitching about losing,the rest of us that refuse to let other people tell us how to exercise our "freedoms" will vote for the person we think will at least kiss us before we get bent over.


You know I love talking to you about these thangs, but come on man, open your eyes and look at the way our country is.

Stop blaming the Clinton's for all the woes that we are faced with.
Stop voting based on Gay Marriage and Abortion.
There is so much more things that matter to me and the rest of us thinkers (I know we are in the minority).
Things that will not only affect us now, but will affect our Great Great Great Great grand kids.
Things that can be placed at the feet of your gangs leader Mr. George (Jr.)W. Bush.
I know that everything that is wrong with our country is not solely his fault, but like I told you yesterday, he is supposed to be our "leader".
He is the "decider".
He is the Big Bad Boss.
He is the Big Cahoona.

So in being all of the above things, the fault lies with him.

You and your people are just like a person sitting on the commode taking a dump, standing up and looking at it hoping that because it was red yesterday, it is going to be brown today. If it was red yesterday, something is terribly wrong with you.
S$%t should never, ever, be red.
Our countries s$%t has been red for the past 7 years.
Ignoring it instead of going to someone that will help you is not going to make it better.
Voting for a person that has the same bad habits of the person that made our countries sh#$t red, is not going to help us.

At least that is what I think anyway.

I can't wait for your comment on this one Daddio!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


It just came down the wire that Sarah Palin's 17 year old daughter is 5 months pregnant.

Should this affect her becoming McCain's VP?

In a fair world the answer would be no.
Personal business is just that, Personal.
But this is not a fair world.
Especially for a person that literally opened her life up for the world to dig though. Mrs. Palin does not have a personal life anymore. So in my opinion her daughter's underage pregnancy is fair game. Especially for someone that preaches abstinence, thinks sex education is a bad idea and last but not least.... Christian Family morals.

If a candidate can get called on the carpet for getting a $400 haircut, or wearing $400 shoes, something their pastor said or even not knowing how many houses they own, then their kid's underage pregnancy should be admissible.

How can anyone tell someone else to teach their kids abstinence when their own kid is pregnant at 17?

Now, the word on the street is that the girl and her baby daddy are going to get married. How long do you think that is going to last?

Married at 17? Is that good family morals?

And to top it off this woman is getting praised for not letting her daughter have an abortion?

Me personally, I think that abortion is the woman's choice. I don't approve of it, but I have no right to tell a woman what to do with her body. If she feels that an abortion is her only option, then the choice she makes is between her, the father(if he is around) and God. It has nothing to do with Government or me.

But a 17 year old girl that has not finished High School?

If this were Obama's underage daughter, then the people that are praising little Miss Palin and her mother,would be asking (loudly)how can Obama be ready to lead this country, if he cannot lead his own household?

And this woman is saying how proud she is of her daughter, for having sex without protection in a state that leads the rest of the country in cases of teen age cluemedia?

Come on now Mrs. Palin!!!

You expect us to believe that you are proud of your 17 year old daughter getting pregnant out of wed-lock?

You are supposed to be the "perfect beauty queen mother", and yet you did not know that Little Miss Thang was pregnant until she was 5 months along? How can I expect you to be able to tell me what is going on in Russia, when you don't know what your daughter is doing in her bedroom, in your house?

How can we expect you to be able to set an example to the rest of the world when your own Kids don't listen to you?

These are a few questions I would be asking if I was in Obama's camp.

But as you know I am not in his camp.

I have just seen on CNN where his O-ness said that a candidates family was off limits.

When is this cat going to learn?

Nothing is off limits in a street fight, and this is exactly what this is, a down and dirty, ball's kicking, throwing dirt in the eyes, biting, hitting with 40 ounce bottle, street fight.

Win at all costs.

Is that not the American way?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sheep being led to the Slaughter

I did not watch Hillary's speech last night.

I heard it was a pretty good speech though.

I frankly could give a flying f$%^k about what she had to say. I have never liked the Clinton's. I was anti-Clinton when Sweet Dick was supposedly the first Black President. I would tell all my people that Bill was fake and full of ka-ka and that the world would see eventually.

Well, I hate to say I told ya so, but......


I just read on CNN that Sweet Dick is refusing to attend the Speech that his O-ness is going to give Thursday.

What kind of Juvenile S#$t is that?

His wife lost!!! Get over it!!! Try, Try again!!

There is no consolation prize for 2nd place!!

The Clinton's are the one's who made the primary race so ugly and long.

The Clinton's are the one's who mismanaged their campaign funds and as a result are begging their "18 million" supporters for money.

Obama picked someone else for the VP slot.


Where is it written that he had to choose Hillary?
Is it not the choice of the nominee to pick his own running mate?
Do you think that Hillary would have chosen Obama?

And these PUMA bi$%^&ches...

Are they really long life Hillary supporters, or are they undercover Mccain people?

Why is Obama's experience still being brought up?

The man is a UNITED STATES SENATOR, is he not?

He was a STATE SENATOR before that, was he not?

He did run one of the best pre-Presidential campaigns in our nations History, did he not?

I just don't understand this sh$%T.

I don't want to say the man is not leading Mccain by double digits because some AmeriKKKans refuse to vote for a Negra, but what else could it be?

What more damage can the Rethugs do to this country before their blind as bat ass followers open their eyes?

I am not an Obamaholic. He was not my first choice. I am not even a Democrat.
I am a registered Independent. If either party wants my support,like the old saying goes, If you don't work, you don't eat.


I think Washington needs some fresh meat to spoil.

I do not think that Obama is going to be much different than Mccain. But I am going to give him a chance.

Obama is a politician. All Politicians are full of sh$%t.

But compared to what our current "leader" and his political party have let happen to my countries credibility, credit standing, security, financial markets, housing markets, his fuckrey with Katrina, his illegal war, oil prices, his refusing to acknowledge Global warming, his total disregard for my countries Constitution, and the list could continue from now until......, a band of untrained Sea Monkeys could have done less damage.

So what the hell is it going to take?

Well, I am beginning to think that is a question that cannot be answered.

The AmeriKKKan people did vote for Jr. and his bullsh$%t.