Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions....

I watched the Democratic version of WWE smackdown the other night, and I thought it was an embarrassment to AmeriKKKa. I am sick of all this bullshit. When did this shit become so personal for the top two contenders? Both of those assholes are old enough to know better.

I am very disappointed in "Sweet Dick" Bill. All the support that the Black community has given this motherf--ker, and the minute that a "brother" threatens to take his place at the top of the mountain, what does he do? He launches all kinds of unwarranted attacks on the "brother's" character.In my opinion this is the same as a white woman who is constantly getting down with a black man, yelling rape when her little "black" secret is let out of the closet. She only loves the "Big Black Buck" when it is convenient for her. The minute her standing in the white community is threatened, 'ole Jerome is a raping, murdering, Nigger. I understand the whole concept of defending your wife's honor and all that jazz, but this is getting kind of ridiculous. It is turning me completely away from Hill-Billy. Even though I did not have far to turn in the first place.

Why do Black people continue to follow behind the fake-ass Democratic party? I swear before God I do not understand this madness. Every election year my fellow brother's and sister's give all their power over to some lying, funky, power-hungry Democrat just because he was seen at some Black Church nodding (or in Sweet Dick's case straight up sleeping.) his head to the words of some Black preacher.
What ever happened to freedom of choice?

I am not endorsing the other side by any means. They have done irreversible damage to this country. My Great-Great-Great grand kids will be paying the bill for their f--k-ups.

And speaking of the other side.....

Why is Giuliani's racist ass still being considered as a viable candidate? If there are any New Yorkers that read my thoughts you all know that this man is DANGEROUS as hell.
Read this in the ny times.if you doubt me.
I mean what the f--k has he ever done? He was a MAYOR of a city!! A f--king MAYOR for Christ's sake. He was never in State Government, Federal Government or anything larger than being a damn MAYOR. I understand that he was mayor of the largest and in my opinion the best city in AmeriKKA, it is still only a city. So why is the media and all those other Politicians not talking about HIS experience the way they are talking about Obama's? At least Obama does have some kind of State and Federal leadership under his belt. Why is AmeriKKKa letting this man run on the backs of the brave men and women that died on September 11? What did he do that was so great?

I'll tell you what he did.

When he was MAYOR of New York, he cleaned up mid town Manhattan from 42nd street up to maybe 48th. In other words he only concentrated on the tourist areas. 10 blocks in either direction remained untouched. Brooklyn remained untouched. Parts of Queens remained untouched. The Bronx remained untouched. Harlem remained untouched.

So why is this fraud still getting so much attention?

I do not understand the people in this country at all. Black, White, Hispanic or Asian People.

Well, all I can say is we will get what we pay for.

AmeriKKKan Politicians are just like a hooker on the stroll up in Hunts Point in the Bronx. They look good, they sound good, they even make you feel good, but you only realize how "good" they really are when you are standing in front of your Dr. with your Johnson in your hand.

November cannot get here fast enough.

Friday, January 18, 2008

"When I became a man, I put away childish things"

I have a question for the readers of my little 'ole blog....

Exactly how is a "typical" black man supposed to act?

I ask this because I was told recently that I don't act like the "typical" black man. I was told this by a white girl I work with. I really didn't know how to respond to this, so I all said was O....Kay, and I ignored her the rest of the day.

Now... What the fuck is a "typical" black man?

Let me give you a little history about myself. I grew up in the PJ'S in a semi-major city on the East Coast. I am not giving any names here, because my Uncle told me I need to tone my blog down, because there is no telling who is reading my thoughts. (I am still trying to get that position in the corporate world that I have been working for since I got out of the Army.) I grew up in a single parent (mom) house with my little sister. I was an A, B student until I got to high school and girls (and me too)started thinking I was "cute". I started thinking I was grown and my grades went down the toilet. I was hanging out on the "block" with the "corner boys", trying to act like them. I got into a little trouble, nothing major, just typical black teen stuff. I joined the Army at 18, stayed 10 years, got out, went to college, got my degree and here I am writing this. My neighborhood was predominately Black, Puerto-Rican and Dominican, so the only white people I saw were the police or crack heads. In other words, I grew up with a "Nigga for life" attitude. The Army changed my whole perspective on the world and the people that I have to share it with.

I consider myself a educated man. I try to act like an educated man. Note I said MAN , instead of BLACK man, because I consider myself a MAN first. My skin color does not dictate who I am.

I still curse some.(alot).I am known to throw out a few "motherf--ckers" on occasion. I have been known to act a little niggerish in the clubs that I have frequented in my day. (I can still take it back there if I have to, so please don't take my new found maturity for weakness.) I have called women bitches and hoes. The word "nigga" was once a very important word in my vocabulary.

I am not trying to condone my past ignorance, but I was young and very ,very immature.

Thinking back on my past misdeeds, the only reason I did most of what I did was because I was young and immature. When I truly became a man, I stopped doing little boy shit.

That is what bothered me about the "typical" black man remark.

My coworker should have just called me a "boy". I really did not actually catch on to what she meant until I got home and replayed the whole scene in my head.

In my understanding, and someone please correct me if I am wrong, according to her, I am not the "typical" black man because I do not act like a angry militant black boy. According to her, I am not the "typical" black man because I do not act like the world and the white people in it owe me something. According to her, I am not the "typical" black man because I do not blame Mr. Charlie (probably her uncle) for all of Black AmeriKKKa's problems. I am not "typical" because I try to respect every person I come in contact with. I am not "typical" because I am a responsible adult. I am not "typical" because I have a college degree. I could go on and on why I think that this girl thinks I am not the "typical" black man.

Maybe I am digging too much into what I think she meant. She might not have meant anything. It probably could have been a very genuine compliment. But the shit... (excuse me.. am I acting "typical"?)Correction... her remark still bothered me.

Maybe I am getting way too sensitive in my old age.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Just doing a little thinking

I feel the need to comment on the whole Tiger Woods "lynch him in a back alley" thing.

I was over at my man the Field Negro's site and he blogged about how he felt about the whole situation in a post that he calls poorly-chosen-words.I usually agree with 99% of what Field has to say, because he tells it like it is. He is the main reason I started my own little blog. I have nothing but respect for him and his opinions. If the Field was running for the big seat that is to be vacated in less than a year, he would definitely have my vote.

But AmeriKKKa is not ready for that yet.

If ever.


I have to add my 2 cents.

Who the hell cares about what some blond haired blue-eyed Becky says about Tiger Woods? Tiger Woods has avoided all conversations about his heritage. In fact when he was asked about what he is, he said something to the effect that he considers himself "Cablinasian" , Caucasian, Black, Native American and Asian. Tiger does not consider himself to be just a black man. So he figures (and this is just my opinion), that Black AmeriKKKan Man's problems are not his problems. He does not fully grasp what the word "lynch" means to those of us here in the good 'ole US of A who do not have a choice in defining our ethnicity. That is why he quickly defended his "friend". I have no problem with that. That is how his pops raised him.

What I have a problem with is this....

Why in the hell do Black People get crazy when somebody White says something stupid? If Tiger felt the need to defend his "friend", why is this still a sore subject for some of us?

How many times has a Black Man called a Black Woman a Bitch Or a Hoe?

Where is the outrage over that?

How many times has a Black Man called another Black Man a Nigger?

Where is the outrage over that?

How many Black Men where killed by other Black Men last year?

Where is the outrage over that?

Where are the pickets and marches through the worst drug corners in our cities? If the good Reverend Dr Al can organize a march in front of the Justice Department, why can't he do the same thing down on the corner of Ledbetter and Bonnie View here in Dallas?

Where is the outrage over the dead beat sperm doners that are not raising their kids in our communities?

Where is the public outrage and demonstrations over the quality of our public schools here in AmeriKKKa? Why are there not "freedom marches" in front of the Department of Education instead of the Department of Justice? Would it not make more sense to TEACH our kids about the law instead of complaining about how the "law" is enforced? Doesn't the old saying "Knowledge is Power" apply to our children too?

Where is the outrage over the music industry promoting "artists" that glorify and promote every negative aspect of life?

Where are the pickets and the singing of Kumbaya over at RCA records?

I think these (and many many more)are the questions that we as black people need to ask ourselves before we get all crazy about what 1 stupid white person says about somebody black.

How can I tell my neighbor to mow his grass when my own grass is up to my waist?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Same Sh-t Different Year

Texas is known for a lot of things.

It is known for having good BBQ.

It is known for having Cowboys and Dude Ranches.
It is known for some of the best football teams (high school, college and Profesional-How 'bout them Cowboys!!!) in the entire country.

It is known for for having a huge percentage of this country's untapped oil reserves, along with a lot of other things.

There is a saying down here that everything is big in Texas. Well, according to certain reports "everything" includes the people, because Texas is the fattest state in the country.

However, if you are down here a while you get used to it. This is not a bad place to live. Houses are cheap. (I could have brought 3 houses here for what houses are going for back east.) We have our fair share of crime, but it is nothing like Philly, Atl, DC or Baltimore. The weather is decent. The heat takes some getting used to, but you get over it quick in the winter when it is 70 degrees here, and -10 back east.

So all in all Texas is alright. Or rather Dallas is alright. (I cannot stand San Antonio and I have not spent any time in Houston.) I have to admit that the people are a little slower than I was used to, but like I said you get used to it.

On a bleaker note, Texas is also known to have a lot of discrimination. Personally I have not been affected by anything racial. I have some white guys I hang with every now and then, and they are pretty cool. But there are a lot of people down here that love to "remember the Alamo". There are a lot of people down here that could care less about anyone that is not pale, with stringy blond hair.

Prime example is a little incident that happened a little while ago in a suburb of Dallas and Ft Worth. It seems that a black family built a house in the city of Arlington. The neighborhood was an all white neighborhood prior to them adding a little color to it. Well, after the house was completed, it mysteriously burnt to the ground. The fire was ruled to be arson, and the family built a bigger house on the same spot with the insurance settlement.

One day the wife was home alone, when she heard a noise in her backyard. She went out and was confronted by an old, broken down 66 year old (white) woman who was brandishing a 2 by 4. The old woman started yelling racial insults at the wife. She told her that her kind was not wanted in "her" neighborhood, and she proceeded to hit the wife in the face with the 2 by 4. The wife called the fuzz and the old bat was arrested.
Side note: The old hag was not officially charged with anything. I believe that case is still in the air.

A couple of days later the family woke up to find that someone had spray painted in big red letters "DIE NIGGER" on their garage door.

Keep in mind that this is the later part of 2007, not 1965.

Anyway, the husband refused to clean off the "graffiti", because he wanted the world to see that this type of shit still goes on here in AmeriKKKa. (I do not understand his logic, but to each his own).

The neighborhood committee got involved, and tryed to make the man paint over the "graffiti". Their reasoning was that they didn't want that type of stuff in their neighborhood. Keep in mind that these are some of the same people that defaced the garage in the first place.

The brother stuck to his guns and refused. Now the city of Arlington is involved.

I think that the people in this neighborhood are upset for this brother telling the world their dirty little secret. There is supposed to be a rally and a march through the neighborhood tonight, lead by Rickey Smiley, so all kinds of media will descend upon Arlington.

This type of stuff does not surprise me at all. Some white people act like it is very new to them. They refuse to accept that there are some of their "cousins" that act out their inner-most desires.

Racism is still alive and well here in the good 'ole US of A.

I guess all I can say is that the beat goes on here in the Lone Star State.

Another year, the same 'ole shit.