Friday, January 11, 2008

Just doing a little thinking

I feel the need to comment on the whole Tiger Woods "lynch him in a back alley" thing.

I was over at my man the Field Negro's site and he blogged about how he felt about the whole situation in a post that he calls poorly-chosen-words.I usually agree with 99% of what Field has to say, because he tells it like it is. He is the main reason I started my own little blog. I have nothing but respect for him and his opinions. If the Field was running for the big seat that is to be vacated in less than a year, he would definitely have my vote.

But AmeriKKKa is not ready for that yet.

If ever.


I have to add my 2 cents.

Who the hell cares about what some blond haired blue-eyed Becky says about Tiger Woods? Tiger Woods has avoided all conversations about his heritage. In fact when he was asked about what he is, he said something to the effect that he considers himself "Cablinasian" , Caucasian, Black, Native American and Asian. Tiger does not consider himself to be just a black man. So he figures (and this is just my opinion), that Black AmeriKKKan Man's problems are not his problems. He does not fully grasp what the word "lynch" means to those of us here in the good 'ole US of A who do not have a choice in defining our ethnicity. That is why he quickly defended his "friend". I have no problem with that. That is how his pops raised him.

What I have a problem with is this....

Why in the hell do Black People get crazy when somebody White says something stupid? If Tiger felt the need to defend his "friend", why is this still a sore subject for some of us?

How many times has a Black Man called a Black Woman a Bitch Or a Hoe?

Where is the outrage over that?

How many times has a Black Man called another Black Man a Nigger?

Where is the outrage over that?

How many Black Men where killed by other Black Men last year?

Where is the outrage over that?

Where are the pickets and marches through the worst drug corners in our cities? If the good Reverend Dr Al can organize a march in front of the Justice Department, why can't he do the same thing down on the corner of Ledbetter and Bonnie View here in Dallas?

Where is the outrage over the dead beat sperm doners that are not raising their kids in our communities?

Where is the public outrage and demonstrations over the quality of our public schools here in AmeriKKKa? Why are there not "freedom marches" in front of the Department of Education instead of the Department of Justice? Would it not make more sense to TEACH our kids about the law instead of complaining about how the "law" is enforced? Doesn't the old saying "Knowledge is Power" apply to our children too?

Where is the outrage over the music industry promoting "artists" that glorify and promote every negative aspect of life?

Where are the pickets and the singing of Kumbaya over at RCA records?

I think these (and many many more)are the questions that we as black people need to ask ourselves before we get all crazy about what 1 stupid white person says about somebody black.

How can I tell my neighbor to mow his grass when my own grass is up to my waist?


Marcus said...

Add "Where is the outrage over dead beat sperm catchers?"

I'm just saying...

brran1 said...

I guess in certain sitations all you do is turn the cheek. People are going to do what they want to do. and companies are going to sell what they want to sell. You'll end up driving yourself crazy trying to figure out a solution to all those problems. IMO, one way to remedy these problems could possibly be to reach out to the youngsters. If you make an impact on a young kids life, then they may be less likely to go out and be the subjects of the questions you asked in one form or another.

jjbrock said...

So what, she said something stupid. OK, what do we want to happen next? She has been suspended for 2 weeks some one said with pay. I don't know about that. But, she said she talked to Tiger about it and he was cool. So we must move on

M.Kam said...

I think we've got that big sibling, little sibling mentality.

In my case, my brother & I fought all the time. But as soon as someone from the outside tried to mess with me, he was ready to kill them. Its easier to see the wrong in others than yourself & people that look like you. Everyone got up in arms & made a pilgrimage to Jena, La but few had even heard about the Dunbar Village Rape. There was no Al or Jesse organizing and calling for change. I'm not trying to say one incident is worse than the other but we need to realize that the people hurting us don't just have white skin; alot of time their skin is the same color as ours.

Jazzylady said...

Well marcus, if the deadbeat donors would wear their rain gear each and every time they donated to a donee who they're not married to they wouldn't be deadbeats now would they?

Jazzylady said...

dirty red, trust you to say it right every time, lol. the problem is tho, they should protest against ALL of it, not just one or two things. I am always biting at people about ALL of it, from the slip slop "artists" calling black women bitches and whores (I refuse that cutified hoe, like it's a gardening tool!), because the problem is this. Ms. Ann might have thought she was close enough to Tiger to say such a thing, and while he may not consider himself black, WHITES DO, and that is the point. Whites will look at your face, see who showed up, and name you. Every time. Believe me, I've seen a grown a white woman make a grown black man cry because she denied any knowledge of the excellent work he had done. I tried to tell him how it would be, but no, he was the great African black male, not of this continent. Welllllllll, lol, Ms. Ann told him right to his face that she didn't remember his work, and that man cried. Which is why all remarks of that sort need to be addressed when they happen.

B_More BAP Life said...

Right On! Write On!

David Sullivan said...

You are right on DR! Everyone, not just Black people, needs to worry about their own actions and not focus on stupidity committed by others. It was an extremely poor choice of words, but it was just that and no more. Here in Massachusetts we say "Don't be so gay" or "Thats so gay" when describing something less than masculine. It is so engrained in our vocabulary that even gay people who grew up around here say it. I have worked with retarded people for 20 years and defend their rights to the hilt, but occasionally I say to one of my friends after doing or saying something stupid "don't be a retard" or "thats retarded". Its not meant to disparage people with mental retardation, but a misguided way to describe stupidity. No excuses for Kelley Tillman, but bet you anything she grew up saying that shit without thiunking about its true meaning. Bet she won't say it again.

Anonymous said...


plez... said...

i couldn't have said it better... thanks for a fresh perspective on a prickly subject!

but then again, i'm not sure why they fired Imus (only to hire him back a few months later)... and he had to fill out all those 401(k) forms again! *smile*

Larry55X said...

Good observation. I'm 57y.o. Black male just starting on the PC, kids have been perpared to live the Ist world socity with still the integrity of family, race and I have timeto see what happened to "my people/ I agree with your prose on the current affairs of our current leaders. Still a Panther from the 60s, I know that Amerikka tolerate 'non-strong Black so-called leaders". If our two so-called leaders would act outside the "box"..they would not be around long. They are entertaining like so many of our current ones. The people who gave you that status will never allow you to act outside of that box. Thank you for your wise writing you and the FN keeps me current. StillaPanther2.