Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions....

I watched the Democratic version of WWE smackdown the other night, and I thought it was an embarrassment to AmeriKKKa. I am sick of all this bullshit. When did this shit become so personal for the top two contenders? Both of those assholes are old enough to know better.

I am very disappointed in "Sweet Dick" Bill. All the support that the Black community has given this motherf--ker, and the minute that a "brother" threatens to take his place at the top of the mountain, what does he do? He launches all kinds of unwarranted attacks on the "brother's" character.In my opinion this is the same as a white woman who is constantly getting down with a black man, yelling rape when her little "black" secret is let out of the closet. She only loves the "Big Black Buck" when it is convenient for her. The minute her standing in the white community is threatened, 'ole Jerome is a raping, murdering, Nigger. I understand the whole concept of defending your wife's honor and all that jazz, but this is getting kind of ridiculous. It is turning me completely away from Hill-Billy. Even though I did not have far to turn in the first place.

Why do Black people continue to follow behind the fake-ass Democratic party? I swear before God I do not understand this madness. Every election year my fellow brother's and sister's give all their power over to some lying, funky, power-hungry Democrat just because he was seen at some Black Church nodding (or in Sweet Dick's case straight up sleeping.) his head to the words of some Black preacher.
What ever happened to freedom of choice?

I am not endorsing the other side by any means. They have done irreversible damage to this country. My Great-Great-Great grand kids will be paying the bill for their f--k-ups.

And speaking of the other side.....

Why is Giuliani's racist ass still being considered as a viable candidate? If there are any New Yorkers that read my thoughts you all know that this man is DANGEROUS as hell.
Read this in the ny times.if you doubt me.
I mean what the f--k has he ever done? He was a MAYOR of a city!! A f--king MAYOR for Christ's sake. He was never in State Government, Federal Government or anything larger than being a damn MAYOR. I understand that he was mayor of the largest and in my opinion the best city in AmeriKKA, it is still only a city. So why is the media and all those other Politicians not talking about HIS experience the way they are talking about Obama's? At least Obama does have some kind of State and Federal leadership under his belt. Why is AmeriKKKa letting this man run on the backs of the brave men and women that died on September 11? What did he do that was so great?

I'll tell you what he did.

When he was MAYOR of New York, he cleaned up mid town Manhattan from 42nd street up to maybe 48th. In other words he only concentrated on the tourist areas. 10 blocks in either direction remained untouched. Brooklyn remained untouched. Parts of Queens remained untouched. The Bronx remained untouched. Harlem remained untouched.

So why is this fraud still getting so much attention?

I do not understand the people in this country at all. Black, White, Hispanic or Asian People.

Well, all I can say is we will get what we pay for.

AmeriKKKan Politicians are just like a hooker on the stroll up in Hunts Point in the Bronx. They look good, they sound good, they even make you feel good, but you only realize how "good" they really are when you are standing in front of your Dr. with your Johnson in your hand.

November cannot get here fast enough.


jjbrock said...

You express your self quit well on this post. I am very disappointed in Obama for falling into that trap the Clintions have nicely set. I don't trust them!

David Sullivan said...

I like the fact that the dems are getting into it. If you can't handle the debates and the democratic primaries then how are you going to be able to handle the deficit, republican bullshit and Iraq? I have different feelings about Bill than you, because I don't think the attacks are racially motivated, but just hardball politics. I think if Barack were white he would be hammering him much harded, but Bill is smart enough to not completely allienate the "Black" vote. Barack has to be smarter than to fall for an old dogs old tricks.

Truth said...

Interesting post,
The Clintons got Obama to come down to their level. That was their plan from the start, they needed to get Obama to stop playing the role of uniter and start getting into dirty politics like them. This way, the Clintons show white america Obama is not all what he seems to be.
As far as Blacks supporting the democratic party, there are not too many other options. I could not even tell you who's running for president from some of the other political parties. Even if you found a third party candidate you really liked, how likely would it be that they would actually have a chance of getting elected? Voting for one of them would seem like a waste time, considering they have no real chance of winning. Needless to say, voting for one of the repukelicans would be an act of self hatred. This f**king game is rigged.

brran1 said...

SMH. I'm glad I didn't even watch that. Why was Bill there in the first place? I think that was pretty much a last resort strategy for the Clintons. They didn't have any other way to come at Obama, so they started attacking his character and his past. Lest we forget Bill, remember that whole incident WHILE you were president where you kept trying to convince everyone that you DID NOT inhale?

Dirty Red said...

Jjbrock, I don't trust them either.But then again I don't trust any politician.

I have to disagree with you about Sweet Dick. I think he is playing the race card. It is politics as usual and all is fair. However, I think that Hill-Billy is trying to remind AmeriKKKA that Obama is indeed black, and you know as well as I do that there are a lot of people in this great country of ours that will vote for a dead white man before they vote for a live black man. But then again, it is all about winning. Nobody wants to come in 2nd place. Where is the honor in that?

I agree with you. That is why I think that Blacks, not just Blacks, but all Americans should vote for the person that you think is the best choice for you. Parties be damned.


AverageBro said...

Nice blog, homie. Good stuff here.

Amaretto said...

Yes and Amen!

"Why do Black people continue to follow behind the fake-ass Democratic party? I swear before God I do not understand this madness." exactly what I've been thinking! Hello? What is Hillary saying that you support? And dare I ask it, but what is Barack saying? Just because he's colored I must pledge my alligence?

At the end of the day neither party cares about the black community because we don't give them a reason to. We don't vote and more importantly we do give money. They hit our communities up at election time just to make sure they have that little bit to put them over, kind of like insurance just in case. We are the little cherry on top, but who eats an ice cream sundae just for the cherry?