Thursday, January 3, 2008

Same Sh-t Different Year

Texas is known for a lot of things.

It is known for having good BBQ.

It is known for having Cowboys and Dude Ranches.
It is known for some of the best football teams (high school, college and Profesional-How 'bout them Cowboys!!!) in the entire country.

It is known for for having a huge percentage of this country's untapped oil reserves, along with a lot of other things.

There is a saying down here that everything is big in Texas. Well, according to certain reports "everything" includes the people, because Texas is the fattest state in the country.

However, if you are down here a while you get used to it. This is not a bad place to live. Houses are cheap. (I could have brought 3 houses here for what houses are going for back east.) We have our fair share of crime, but it is nothing like Philly, Atl, DC or Baltimore. The weather is decent. The heat takes some getting used to, but you get over it quick in the winter when it is 70 degrees here, and -10 back east.

So all in all Texas is alright. Or rather Dallas is alright. (I cannot stand San Antonio and I have not spent any time in Houston.) I have to admit that the people are a little slower than I was used to, but like I said you get used to it.

On a bleaker note, Texas is also known to have a lot of discrimination. Personally I have not been affected by anything racial. I have some white guys I hang with every now and then, and they are pretty cool. But there are a lot of people down here that love to "remember the Alamo". There are a lot of people down here that could care less about anyone that is not pale, with stringy blond hair.

Prime example is a little incident that happened a little while ago in a suburb of Dallas and Ft Worth. It seems that a black family built a house in the city of Arlington. The neighborhood was an all white neighborhood prior to them adding a little color to it. Well, after the house was completed, it mysteriously burnt to the ground. The fire was ruled to be arson, and the family built a bigger house on the same spot with the insurance settlement.

One day the wife was home alone, when she heard a noise in her backyard. She went out and was confronted by an old, broken down 66 year old (white) woman who was brandishing a 2 by 4. The old woman started yelling racial insults at the wife. She told her that her kind was not wanted in "her" neighborhood, and she proceeded to hit the wife in the face with the 2 by 4. The wife called the fuzz and the old bat was arrested.
Side note: The old hag was not officially charged with anything. I believe that case is still in the air.

A couple of days later the family woke up to find that someone had spray painted in big red letters "DIE NIGGER" on their garage door.

Keep in mind that this is the later part of 2007, not 1965.

Anyway, the husband refused to clean off the "graffiti", because he wanted the world to see that this type of shit still goes on here in AmeriKKKa. (I do not understand his logic, but to each his own).

The neighborhood committee got involved, and tryed to make the man paint over the "graffiti". Their reasoning was that they didn't want that type of stuff in their neighborhood. Keep in mind that these are some of the same people that defaced the garage in the first place.

The brother stuck to his guns and refused. Now the city of Arlington is involved.

I think that the people in this neighborhood are upset for this brother telling the world their dirty little secret. There is supposed to be a rally and a march through the neighborhood tonight, lead by Rickey Smiley, so all kinds of media will descend upon Arlington.

This type of stuff does not surprise me at all. Some white people act like it is very new to them. They refuse to accept that there are some of their "cousins" that act out their inner-most desires.

Racism is still alive and well here in the good 'ole US of A.

I guess all I can say is that the beat goes on here in the Lone Star State.

Another year, the same 'ole shit.


Dark & Stormy said...

I understand the brother's logic perfectly and completely agree with it. He let his racist neighbors' actions bite them in the ass. Whomever put it up there thought the man & his family would run. And the ofays who tried to act like they didn't know what's going on are not only forced to [literally] look it in the face but now it's their problem too. Now they're worried about their property values declining. $$$ is their language and now they hear this brother loud and clear.

brran1 said...

It's completely sad that a black family cannot move into a new (predominately white) neighborhood without having racially motivated incidents occur. I too understand dude's logic. He wanted the world to see what the fools in his neighborhood thought of him. A fellow homeowner and taxpayer. But do they not see how the negative press will affect their neighborhood? The family seems as if they aren't going anywhere, and since they have the mayor of Arlington on their side, whomever else who may possibly try to start new crap will have hell to pay...smh...
Oh and by the way. Happy New Year to you and yours Dirty Red.

David Sullivan said...

I would leave it there too!

But I think that some white people, if not most, are genuinely flummoxed by such an act. Its the "lunatic fringe" that I eluded to in my latest post.

Anonymous said...

Does not matter where you are be it in USA or any where else in the world racism exist every where, you name me a country where there is no racism? Look at Blacks in Kenya, killing one another Kikuyus against Luos, so racism in USA is no different to other places, at least nin USA you are not killing each other like flies. In Arab Countries it is even worst.SSK

daddio911 said...

Dark&Stormy hit the nail on the head. It's about the money. When the world is forced to face the facts that exist, they fear where it could take them. This guys stance could truly affect the property value of the area and put a bullseye on this neighborhood and Arlington as a whole. Brran1 has it too because this guy is truly in the light and if anything happens to him while all of this is going on, all hell will have to be paid. Although I agree with most all that is said, you can't see this crap in everythng that is out there. exists....we all know it, but I refuse to let it replace at least the semi-decent view I have for the majority of the population of this country. I want to find some of these people and squeeze the life out of them after I find out why. Why are they who they are? There has to be some reason why they think we give a crap what they think. I hope this guy keeps his garage door exactly the way it is until every good person in Arlington apoplogizes for the idiocy of the ones who defaced his property. The kindness of the masses need to be truly evident now and he needs to truly feel comfortable before he gets rid of the writing on the wall. As for you Red.......the entire world is not racist. The parts that are just often overpower the good among us that won't speak out. Maybe we should start speaking out and letting the voices that ruin that we have something to say too.

Exquisitely Black said...

I just recently moved away from Arlington (yes, Texas isn't a bad place, just not for me). I also was never directly affected by racism, but still got those kind of uncomfortable "looks" every now and again. I get really pissed off anytime anyone suggests that racism doesn't exist anymore, such a person is either blind or living in a land of fairie.

M.Kam said...

I definitely understand & support him. I've found that in today's day in age, there are plenty of people who refuse to acknowledge racism still exists. They dismiss it as being overly sensitive. I'm glad he left it up; what are they gonna say now? Put their shit on front street; force it i their faces.