Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just a little chat between friends

I had a very interesting convo with my man Daddio911 last night.

He is a die hard Republican.

You cannot tell him anything bad about his side of the political spectrum. (Which is why our conversations are always entertaining.)

Anyway, we were talking about current politics and of course Big O came up. He cannot understand why anyone can get behind the "O" man. He thinks that Obama, if elected, will raise taxes, withdraw our troops from the quagmire that is Iraq, and renege on his health care plans. He believes strongly in his side of the fence, even after our current figure head has fucked our country up so bad, it will take the next 3 Presidents to straighten it all out.

He has a problem with Gay Marriage, abortion and big Government.
Well, I could care less if two Gay people want to get married and I think abortion is a woman's choice. The only thing we agree on politically is, I totally agree with him on big Government and how our troops should be withdrawn from Iraq.

I would like to see our troops home from Iraq, but the situation is too complicated to just pull them out. As long as this country is dependent on that black gold that runs beneath all that sand, our troops will be dying over there.That war was never about any weapons of mass destruction, or liberating the people of Iraq. It was and is about MONEY. I believe Hill-Billy, and Big O know this. But I also believe that they are playing with America's heart. They know that the majority of Americans want our troops home. That is why they are basing their campaigns on bringing our troops home.

Our troops will not be home anytime soon. It is going to be next to impossible to get out of Iraq. Which is why our two leading candidates have voted time and time again to keep funding the war. They know that America cannot get out of Jr.'s war anytime soon. But as long as America wants her troops home, politicians will keep telling America want she wants to hear.

I also agree with Daddio911 about taxes. Taxes are way too high as it is. Raising them should not be on any ones agenda.


We are at war. Taxes are what pays for war. I am not saying that our taxes should be raised, but they should not be cut either. If rich people keep getting tax breaks, then people like me and the majority of the readers of my lil ole blog will keep getting hit in the head.

If rich people keep getting tax breaks, that means my day to day expenses will be raised to compensate for the reduction of their taxes. It also means that our troops will not get the equipment they need to keep fighting.

Which makes no sense to me.

This is the first time in America's short history that during a time of war, the sitting President cut taxes. Why would any sane "leader" cut back on the main source of revenue that keeps his security force fed, clothed, equipped and happy?

This is the first time in America's short history that war did not turn our economy around. War is big business. The sole purpose of any business is too make money. This "business" that we have been in since 2003 has done the total opposite. We have lost almost a trillion dollars behind this war. A TRILLION fucking dollars!!!

The Great Depression ENDED when America joined WW11.

Why do you think that is?

It is because war generates jobs.

This is the first time in history that a country is facing a recession while it is fighting a major offensive.

All this is due to the piss poor planning and management of Daddio911's political family.

I am not a Democrat.

I consider myself an Independent.

In other words, I cannot allow myself to blindly follow behind any one idea or any one person.

I like to have options.

I do not believe any politician has my best interests at heart. This includes the "O" man.

However, I do believe he is a little better than Hill-Billy and of course he is better than that 200 year old man that is trying to become the oldest human ever elected to anything that doesn't involve bingo.

That is why I exercised my option to vote for Big O during the early voting here in Dallas.

Besides, my forefathers did not die for me to say ,"nothing will ever change" and "my vote does not count".

I cast my vote for all the black people that died trying to make sure that I could vote.

I did not vote for any "one" politician. I will never vote for any "one" politician. I vote because it is my right, and also I feel the need to pay back my forefathers what little I can afford to pay back.

So Daddio911, that is how I can feel good about backing Big O.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's a man's world

James Brown could not have said it better.

But I have to ask....

Is this really a man's world?

I mean think about it. Everything that a man does he does for a woman, unless of course that man is Gay... and that is a topic I ain't gonna touch.

Look at the cars that men buy. If women did not like a man with a nice, "cool" car, you would see more men driving 1976 Pintos. A Pinto would not get the attention from the ladies that a 2008 Lexus coup would get, would it?

Look at the clothes men buy. If women did not like a "well dressed" man, you would see more men walking around in hand-me-downs from 20 years ago. A man wearing a tight, pink, plaid polyester lesiure suit would not get the attention that a man wearing a $3000 dollar Brooks Brother suit, would he?

Look at the homes and apartments that men buy. If women did not like men with nice homes, you would see more men living in their grandparents basement, with a pullout couch bed and a 62 inch TV as the only furniture.

Why do you think Men pay sky high membership fees to big name gyms and work their bodies to exhaustion? If women did not like "well built" men, you would see more beer guts, and slouching posture.

Everything that a man does, he does to get the attention of a woman. From the way we talk, to the way we walk, to the way we act.

I think women know this.

I think that this behavior starts from infancy. How many times has a famous man been qouted as saying "I love you mom", when a camera is on them?

What about Dad?

So is this truly a man's world?

The best qoute I can think of to describe the Female's importance in this country, came from the 1983 movie, DC Cab.

The quote goes something like this....

"Why are women so uptight? They've got half the money and all the pussy".

Can anything be more true?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Who's Bad?

Last night Wifey and I went to the movies to see Samuel Jackson's new flick Jumper. This was a pretty good movie. I think it was one of the better movies Sam has made in a while.
Don't act like I am the only one that sometimes wishes that Sam would just shut the hell up and sit down sometimes.Sam has been known to make some straight garbage. Besides he makes so many movies a year a brother kind of gets "Sam Weary". I mean it's like Sam is the only guy in Hollywood at times. How many movies do you think he has made in the last 5 years?


On the way home Wifey and I started talking about music. Of course the two music Icons, Prince and Michael Jackson came up. The question we debated was.....
Who has a better catalog of music... The Purple Wonder or The Gloved one?
Well... I said Prince.
She said MJ.
I procedded to rattle off some of Prince's timeless master-pieces like, When Doves Cry, Purple Rain, 1999, Adore, Diamonds and Pearls, Do me Baby, Kiss, Scandelous....I could go on and on and on. Prince is the man. Sometimes I think he is a bit fruity, but no one can get a woman in the mood to get freaky like Prince.
Well she started to call off some of MJ'S music. The Girl is Mine, Thriller, Billie Jean, Remember the Time, and so on and so forth.
Well in my opinion, Prince and MJ are not in the same catagory.
They are not from the same planet.
Prince is more of a freak. He makes music to love to. Michael Jackson makes music to dance to. One belongs in the Pop Catagory (MJ), the other is in a catagory all of his own, (Prince).
To me (and this is MY opinion) there is no comparison.
Both of these two gentlemen are music genius's . Both of them have had careers not too many people in the music business could dream of having. Both of them have millions of fans the world over.
So, who's bad...
Prince or Michael Jackson?
I say Prince.
What say you?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

America the beautiful

Today I had an interesting conversation with a guy that came into my office checking on the status of a background search that my office conducted on several of his employees.
While I was pulling up the information, he asked me how I felt about this historic election that we will have this coming November. (This is a white Guy). He tells me that he is supporting Big O, and he proceeds to explain why the "O" man will get his vote on March 4.

Basically he told me that he is sick of the way Washington DC is, and he wants a change.
He told me that Obama is like a cold drink of water on a hot Texas day.
He told me that he could care less if Big O was black, white, or green with pink spots.
He told me that all of his friends feel the same way.
He also told me that Hill-Billy could bend down in front of him and.... well.... you fill in the blanks.

He then asked me who I was supporting. I told him my eyes were on Edwards, but now that he is no longer in the race, I have to go with Big O.
He asked me if I was voting for him just because he is black. I told him that of course I am thinking about him being a brother, but ultimately my decision to back him is that I think he is a better candidate than Hill-Billy. I reminded him again that Big O was not my first choice.
Well the guy goes on to say that he is glad that Obama is black, because it will make America look good on the world market, since the current President has f--ked up America's reputation.

Keep in mind this guy is being very candid with me in my little cubicle. He is talking to me like we have known each other for years.

Oh, I forgot to mention that this guy was a registered Republican until last year. Now he is an Independent.

Well, I finally get my slow-ass computer to cough up the information that he wanted and he shakes my hand, tells me I better hit the polls on March 4 and he leaves.

After he left I got to thinking about the conversation I just had.

If Obama can make a (white)Texas cowboy like this dude accept him ( A black man) at all costs, is nothing short of amazing.

I never thought I would see the day were a Black Man would have a legitimate shot of moving to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

I never thought that I would see the day where a Black Man that was not running a football, shooting a basketball or rapping, would get so much unconditional love from the majority of my beloved country.

It really amazes me.

If this guy represents what the rest of (white)Texas is feeling, I do believe that come March 4, Hill-Billy is in trouble.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Is Obama the Black Candidate or is he the Candidate that just happens to be Black?

On my 40 minute commute through Dallas traffic every afternoon, I tune my radio to the Michael Baisden show. Today he had CNN personality Roland Martin calling in to talk about the "O" man's beatdown of Hill-Billy this weekend. Mr. Martin gave his opinion of this weekend's political games, and how he felt about Hill-Billy downplaying Big O's victories. Basically she was quoted as saying that the states that he won, (4 of them, plus the U.S. Virgin Islands) didn't really mean anything because of the small amount of delegates that each state has. In other words, the people of those states and U.S. Territoties don't mean anything to her. If your state does not have 100 plus delegates for her to claim, she will not pay you or your home state any attention, which I think is very f--ked up. She is supposed to be campaining to become President of the United States, not President of the Big States. And some Black Folk wonder why I do not like Hill-Billy.

But that is just my opinion.

Anyway Mr. Martin was also asked how he felt about Tavis Smiley calling out Big O for not getting back with him on whether or not he would attend his State of the Black Union summit.

First let me say that I have the up most respect for Tavis Smiley and everything he does to put the spotlight on the problems that Black America faces.


I think he is dead wrong about this.

First.... What exactly does Tavis think Big O can do for the state of Black America? Obama is a politician. He is a smooth talking politican, but a politician none the less. Obama, in my opinion, is a breath of fresh air compared to his opponent, but he will only be able to do what Congress allows him to do when and if he is elected President of these here United States.

I think this is the biggest problem with Black America. History has shown us that we as a people cannot depend on a politician to fix the problems in our communities Politicians are often the cause of the problems in our communities, especially greedy, power hungry, BLACK politicians. That burden lies on us, Black America. Or to make things perfectly clear, BLACK MEN.

That is the main reason I do not like Democrats. They expect the government to fix all of our problems, and give us hand-outs instead of buckling down and working hard to correct our problems on our own.

We all need help from time to time, but damn, if you continue to give a mouse a piece of cheese, he will come back for crackers and wine.

Second.... Big O is running for President of the United States, not President of the Black States. It is not fair to Obama for Tavis to expect him to put his historic campaign on hold to come listen to a bunch of Loud Talking Do Nothing Black "leaders" complain about problems that are within our grasp to correct.

How do you think Hill-Billy would spin Big O speaking at the State of the Black Union summit, but ignoring some white summit? (I think Hill-Billy accepted Tavis's invitation. But she is only trying to get back in Black Folk's good graces.)

It would be political suicide.

Part of his historic run to the Big White House on Pennsyvania Ave, is the fact that he is appealing to all Americans. I mean he won Maine for crying out loud! How many brothers do you think are in Maine? On top of that he won a heavy Black voting State like South Carolina!

What more does Tavis want?

Tavis is trying to turn Big O into another Sharpton or Jackson. A person will never get elected to President of these here United States by concentrating on one specific ethnic group.

So I am praying that Obama tells Tavis that he cannot make it, but a lot of misinformed Black Folk would take that as a diss.

So I think the "O" man is damned if he does and damned if he don't.

That is the State of the Black Union.

A bunch of loud, Black "leaders" and a few fading hip hop stars who only want to stay in the lime-light, sitting around a stage complaining about the white man, and what "the man" is doing to keep us down as a people, when in reality the only "man" keeping us down is the man in the mirror. The problems in our community are our problems, and the only way to fix our problems is to stand up, take responsibility for our problems, and stop blaming everyone around us for our problems.

Obama is not the Black Messiah. He is a politician from Chi-Town.

If you were an advisor to Big O, what would you tell him to do?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The way things were...

I have asked some members of my family why they are supporting Hill-Billy over the "O" man.
I get the same answer from all of them.
By them, I mean my older Uncles, my Grandmother, and some of my older Aunties.
The answer I get is, 'Well baby. Let me tell you. When Bill was up in the White House he did a lot of things for us black folk.'
I am so sick of hearing this bullshit, I don't know what to do.
My people act like Hillary was sitting on Bills lap in the the big seat, in the big office, in the big white house. (We all know that is not the case, or Monica would not have been an issue. Wasn't she (Monica)hiding under the big desk, in the big office, in the big white house?)
My people act like Hillary's hand was over Bill's whenever he signed a piece of legislation into law.
My people give Hillary more credit than she deserves.
Hillary was nothing more than a FIRST LADY.
That is all.
If she had power to change anything, it was what color drapes she wanted up in the private residence of the White House.
Hillary got her power from being in the Senate,which she won because she was a popular FIRST LADY. Why else would the people of New York elect a person to represent New York, who had never lived in New York?
Things that make you go Hmmm.
Anyway, what did Sweet Dick actually do for us 'black folk' while he was the "First Black President" of these here United States?
Well let me see....
1. He signed NAFTA into law which sent jobs that Blacks (and Whites) were doing over seas to cheap foreign markets.
2.He refused to help the innocent (black)people of Rwanda when thousands of men, women and children were being slaughted every day during their brief spat with genocide.
But he did send troops to Bosnia to help out those (white) people during their brief spat with genocide.
I should know. I was one of those troops.
3.He refused to change laws that would make powder cocaine and rock cocaine drug sentences the same. Which was a key factor that sent thousands of black men to prison longer than their white counterparts for dealing the same drug.We know rock cocaine is a "black" drug, and powder cocaine is a "recreational" drug. Whatever the hell that means. In my eyes cocaine is cocaine, whether it is being cooked with a little bit of baking soda or being snorted, but that is just me.
4.He did move his headquaters to Harlem after he left DC, but it was his 2nd choice. Real estate was too high in Mid Town Manhatten. So he moved uptown to the "hood" where he could get what he wanted cheaper.
So why do some blacks feel inclined to vote for Hillary?
Is it because of what her husband "did"?
I am inclined to say yes.
I believe that most older black folk want things the way they were yesterday, instead of wanting something different for today.
I was not going to vote for Obama, I was throwing my vote behind Edwards. But since Edwards is no longer an option for me, I have to throw my vote to the "O" man.
I have never liked Bill or Hillary Clinton, and my feelings have not changed.
I could care less about how things used to be.I cannot make decisions that will effect my life based on how things used to be.
I want something different.
To me it is almost like eating bologna everyday because that is what you are used to eating.
Me personally, I like to change up every now and then. So I am putting the Bologna back in the refrigerator, and I think I will thaw out a big juicy steak.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

"We arrived on a nightmare, hoping for a dream"

The title of this post is an exert from one of the esteemed poet's Maya Angelou many poems.

This is the beginning of the 28 days that Mr. Charlie has designated to be observed by all Americans as African American History Month.

28 days!!

That is all the time that was given to us to celebrate our Ancestors contributions to this great country. I wonder if there was a month for White history which month would it be in?


I say that because January is typically the coldest and most dreary month of the year, as well as being the first month of the new year, and we all know how Mr. Charlie thinks that if he were not the first in everything, America would not be the America that we know today.

I think that question deserves to be on my side bar "Things that make you go Hmm".

Anyway, let me get to the topic of this post.

This month the only notable Afican American our children will hear about is Dr. Martin Luther King. The "King" was a great man. He paved the way for all America, not just Black America, so there is nothing bad that can be said about him.

However he was not the only trail blazer in our history. I am going to talk about a few in this post. I was surfing the net and I found alot of notable Black Americans on this site, infoplease.
These are Americans that paved the way for me to enjoy the life that I have today in this country.

Drumroll Please.....

Aaron, Henry Louis (Hank Aaron), 1934–, U.S. baseball player, b. Mobile, Ala. A durable outfielder noted for his powerful wrists, Aaron was among the first blacks to play a full career in the major leagues (1954–76). In 1974 he broke Babe Ruth's legendary lifetime mark of 714 home runs. Elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1982, Aaron is baseball's career leader in runs batted in (2,297), and extra-base hits (1,477), and is second all-time in homeruns (755). In 1976 he became one of the first black executives in the game, beginning a long tenure in the Atlanta Braves front office.
Barry Bonds Who?

Abernathy, Ralph David , 1926–90, American civil-rights leader, b. Linden, Ala. A Baptist minister, he helped Martin Luther King, Jr., organize the Montgomery bus boycott (1955). He was treasurer, vice president, and, after King's assassination (1968), president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). An advocate of nonviolence as a means to social change, he led the Poor People's Campaign on Washington, D.C., after King's death. He resigned from the SCLC in 1977.

Bethune, Mary McLeod ], 1875–1955, American educator, b. Mayesville, S.C., grad. Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, 1895. The 17th child of former slaves, she taught (1895–1903) in a series of southern mission schools before settling in Florida to found (1904) the Daytona Normal and Industrial Institute for Negro Girls. From 1904 to 1942 and again from 1946 to 1947, she served as president of the institute, which, after merging with Cookman Institute (1923), became Bethune-Cookman College. A leader in the American black community, she founded the National Council of Negro Women (1935) and was director (1936–44) of Negro Affairs of the National Youth Administration. In addition, she served as special adviser on minority affairs to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. At the 1945 conference that organized the United Nations, she was a consultant on interracial understanding.

Diahann Carroll(Carol Diahann Johnson)singer, actressBorn: 7/17/1935Birthplace: Bronx, New York
Stage and film actress who appeared in Carmen Jones (1954) and Porgy and Bess (1957) and was nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award for her role in Claudine (1974). She also played in two successful TV series, as the working-mother title character on Julia (1968–71) and as a glamorous, scheming businesswoman on Dynasty (1984–87). She appeared in the much acclaimed TV movie Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years (1999).

These are just a few of the millions of Afican Americans that played a notable part in American History. It would take a hell of a lot longer than 28 days to talk about every African American that gave their contribution to America's legacy.

Authors note
All the information that is posted here is from the web-site Infoplease. This is a cut and paste job, so if the people of Infoplease wish me to remove their work from my site, I will do so.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Am I my brothers keeper?

I meet some very interesting people on my job.

One of the duties of my office is to fingerprint potential employees and run criminal history checks. A lot of the potential employees of my organization come from different countries and backgrounds. I see a lot of people from different countries in Africa, El Salvador, Honduras , Mexico and every other country you can think of. It amazes me on how many people want to come to the DFW area to work.

Mostly everyone I come across during the course of the day are pretty cool. There is the occasional asshole, but that is to be expected since I deal with the public all day, everyday.

The people that trip me out are the Africans.

I say this because of the way their attitudes change when they find out I was born and raised here in the good 'ole U S of A.

You see I am a dark-skinned brother. I am tall and somewhat muscular. I keep my head shaved and my face is clean. (I tried a goat-tee when I got out of the military, but I guess old habits are hard to break.) I am told almost everyday that I look like I am from somewhere in Africa.

I get Nigeria and Ghana a lot.

None of this bothers me in the least. I consider it a compliment. To me all this is saying is that my roots are pure and untainted.

I have light-skinned people in my family, but I get my genetics from my Grandfather. My Pops was coffee colored as is my Moms. My sister is light, and my Grandmother is also. It is obvious that "Massa" dipped his wick somewhere in my family pool, but his taint skipped me.

Anyway, like I said the Africans that come into my office to either get hired or get escorted out of my office by Immigration, treat me different when I open my mouth and they hear my East Coast accent.

When they first step in and take their number from the receptionist everything is all good. If I am the one that pulls up their number, I call them to come back to my little cubicle. When they first see me, they look relieved. When I ask them for their ID'S, and they hear my accent, they look like they are getting ready to converse with the enemy. Their whole demeanors change. I have had some refuse to speak English.

Now I am wondering, What the fuck is this about?

Now I kinda expect this type of behavior from other races, but from my fellow Africans?

I asked one of the African guys I am cool with why this type of shit happens.

He told me that some Africans, (he empasized some and not all), do not consider us (African Americans) to be "real" Africans.

They consider us straight Americans.

He said that some "real" Africans consider us to be nothing but lazy, stupid, drug dealing, gangbanging misfits.

They don't understand why so many of "us" do not finish school, or why so many of "us" do not have jobs, when most of the "real" Africans that come here to AmeriKKKa have 2 or sometimes 3 jobs.

They think African American women are not worth anything because they constantly disrespect the man, and they dress so provocatively.

I asked him where they get their information, and guess what he said?

BET, Rap Videos and CNN.

Ain't that some shit?

Now what could I have said to that? All I could do was shake my head in disgust.

Well, my fellow Black Americans, we are not only labeled here in our own country, but also in "some" of the countries on the continent of our ancestors. (Notice I said some and not all.)

We have been weighed on the scales of life and have been found to come up short. All because of the media, and the way we are portrayed on our very own Black Entertainment Television, the "voice" of black America.

If this doesn't open up a lot of eyes, something is dangerously wrong with "us".