Wednesday, February 13, 2008

America the beautiful

Today I had an interesting conversation with a guy that came into my office checking on the status of a background search that my office conducted on several of his employees.
While I was pulling up the information, he asked me how I felt about this historic election that we will have this coming November. (This is a white Guy). He tells me that he is supporting Big O, and he proceeds to explain why the "O" man will get his vote on March 4.

Basically he told me that he is sick of the way Washington DC is, and he wants a change.
He told me that Obama is like a cold drink of water on a hot Texas day.
He told me that he could care less if Big O was black, white, or green with pink spots.
He told me that all of his friends feel the same way.
He also told me that Hill-Billy could bend down in front of him and.... well.... you fill in the blanks.

He then asked me who I was supporting. I told him my eyes were on Edwards, but now that he is no longer in the race, I have to go with Big O.
He asked me if I was voting for him just because he is black. I told him that of course I am thinking about him being a brother, but ultimately my decision to back him is that I think he is a better candidate than Hill-Billy. I reminded him again that Big O was not my first choice.
Well the guy goes on to say that he is glad that Obama is black, because it will make America look good on the world market, since the current President has f--ked up America's reputation.

Keep in mind this guy is being very candid with me in my little cubicle. He is talking to me like we have known each other for years.

Oh, I forgot to mention that this guy was a registered Republican until last year. Now he is an Independent.

Well, I finally get my slow-ass computer to cough up the information that he wanted and he shakes my hand, tells me I better hit the polls on March 4 and he leaves.

After he left I got to thinking about the conversation I just had.

If Obama can make a (white)Texas cowboy like this dude accept him ( A black man) at all costs, is nothing short of amazing.

I never thought I would see the day were a Black Man would have a legitimate shot of moving to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

I never thought that I would see the day where a Black Man that was not running a football, shooting a basketball or rapping, would get so much unconditional love from the majority of my beloved country.

It really amazes me.

If this guy represents what the rest of (white)Texas is feeling, I do believe that come March 4, Hill-Billy is in trouble.


writeonbro said...

I think most Americans are ready for a change from the status quo. Electing another Clinton doesn't offer much of a change.
If enough Texans for Obama vote twice in March, the world may get to see a new America.

jjbrock said...

It tells me hope is alive. I am beginning too look at this thing from a spiritual point of view. Those who are last, one day will be first.( who have been last, The Black Man)

jjbrock said...

It tells me hope is alive. I am beginning too look at this thing from a spiritual point of view. Those who are last, one day will be first.( who have been last, The Black Man)

jjbrock said...
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daddio911 said...

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDIN ME!!!!!! Obama is the antichrist!! How else can a jr. senator from a meager state, which happens to be in the east, walk his way into the front runner spot for the most imortant job in the world. Obama has done nothing to foster such consideration from as many people as he is garnering consideration. Now, as I sit here and remember why I started my rant, I'm gonna redirect...... ARE YOU PEOPLE NUTS!!!! you're going to vote for a guy because of the color of his skin and the fact no one like him has been there before?!?!?! Can I remind you that there has never been a purple tounged, green skinned martian in the white house want it to run so you can once again vote for history?? In case you good people out there have forgotten, Obama is for giving everyone your hard earned money and wants to tax us into the stone age to pay for it. He wants to keep and expand on the murder of unborn children. He wants to bless the union of the gay. Shall I go on. You all may think that pulling our troops out of Iraq, which he plans to do within 6 months, is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but you wait till it happens and another demotit president gets us attacked. People, the color of a person's skin does not a good president make. Yes, our nation could make history in november, but think about what and who you are putting in that position. He is well spoken....yes!! He is more than likely a very good man......yes!!! But, he is going to take our nation back into a layer of beauracratic gimmeness that we can't afford. I would love to see history come true in my lifetime, but are we all ready for what another demotit president will do to this nation. 911 is still fresh in my it still fresh in yours. Think about what's best for the nation first, history can take care of itself.

ZACK said...

I'm not getting any love!
I think it's a popularity contest. He's a successful lawyer and author. That's what draws people in, and then his president bid seals the deal.

But for average Joes like me, a degree (or in my case- a degree and a half) means virtually nothing to people.

Like you, I was an Edwards supporter. Unfortunately, Edwards didn't have a gimmick. If he was black AND a woman, he'd still be in the race.

He'd be getting endorsed by beauticians. (JUST KIDDING!)

* and to the imbecile above me:

Buy a geography book BEFORE you log online next time.

daddio911 said...

Clap...Clap...Zack. It's nice to see that you can spot the literal geograpic location of Obama's state. I half way expected to see longitude and latitude along with your post. To be honest with you, I was really going for more of a symbolic representation of the senator's state and its location, an idea I can see now you obviously were not able to grasp. Let me put this next idea in easier to understand verse. I wish that your keen sense of direction could lead you to make a better decision on who you should place your support behind. The laws of good sense and decency took Edwards out of the race as it did Thompson, Romney and Giulliani. For that wonderful gift, I say THANK YOU!!! Edwards is a foolish little puss who should have been spending as much time with his dying wife as he could, rather than traveling the nation looking for handouts. He's young and dynamic and could run again after his wife dies. (there's your gimmick) I personally could never see myself putting support behind a man who chooses not to support his own family. As what seems to be the path of his previous running mate, Edwards would have brought an inconvenient truth to this nation as I'm sure the sign that we're open for attack would have been prominantly displayed right beneath the upside down american flag. His mere presense would scream hit us now so we can downsize our military. Afterall isn't that what the demotits do best. The eloquence of your words and the obvious intelligence you have should lead you to a better decision in November. Thanks again for the geography lesson though.

Dirty Red said...

Daddio, Daddio, Daddio,

Look here man. Leave the battles for something that really matters. Nobody that reads my lil 'ole could give a damn about your republican bullshit. Your gang, and that is exactly what your crew is, a gang, does not care about the common people. You and I have had this convo before. Blacks and the issues that concern blacks do not register with your side. If the repubs would take the time to come into our neighborhoods, talk to our people, the they would see that more blacks would support them. But what do they do? They ignore us at all turns, then blame us for flocking to the side that shows us some attention. Democrats do not have our interest at heart either, but at least they do make an effort to come and sit down with us.
Let me ask you something. What does gay marriage have to do with you? How does gay marriage affect your way of life? How can our country get out of this mess if taxes are not raised? Can you tell me a time in the US of A's short history, that during a time of war, the sitting President did not raise taxes? Taxes are what pays for the war. The Bushes fake ass war is the reason we are in a recession in the first place. 7 billion a month for what? What else could that money be used for? The republicans are a cancer on our society, and I do not understand why people like you cannot see that. Do not use my site to promote your bullshit agenda, but thanks for stopping by.

I will hollar at you after 7.

medic911 said...

I am new to this site, yet welcome the opportunity to shed some light on this ever darkening race for president.(no pun on the race of the actual candidates intended.)
Everyone posting on this site seems to be in the infant stage of the political world. Can no one remember far enough back to establish an economic pattern? Think about it for a minute. It takes years to build an economy. So, lets go back as far as Carter. A worthless, spineless president who left the USA in shambles. Then comes Reagan, a "kiss-my-ass" president who did exactly what he thought had to be done to better the country. No one understood at the time, but now he is revered as one of our best presidents. Even spawning "Reaganomics". The repubs of that term left the country on an uphill swing for the next democratic white-wash (the Clintons) to run into the ground again. Under Clinton we were attacked repeatedly without any response. Our economy after his eight years again began to fall...which bring us to our currently leadership, Pres Bush. He has some of the "I don't care what you think" attitude that Reagan had. Admittedly, he has missed the mark a few times, given unlimited material to the prime-time stand-up comics, but will be seen (in time) as having done the right thing. And when the next president is elected, and the economy begins to rise once again, it will have nothing to do with that president. It will have everything to do with how Bush left the country at the end of his term.
This world is not a friendly place. And, Obama’s shake hands and be friend policies are going to do one of two things. Either, he will align us with entities we really want nothing to do with or we will turn our tail and hide as we have done during each democratic rule since Carter. MAYBE BOTH!!

bankshotboy said...

daddio911-what planet have you been on for the past 8 years.most of us black americans are well aware of what the Bushes have done to the U.S. in terms of the economy and foreign policy. if you are happy watching folks fight a war that should have never started with the info jr. was given, and you really like paying $3-$5.00 a gallon for gas at the pump, then you keep right on voting for those republican idiots. And for that theory you had about blacks voting for Obama because he is black...if you had been paying attention (like everyone else watching and listening to the candidates) you would know the vast majority are voting for CHANGE. matter of fact, all the black radio personalities and Senator Obama himself are telling folks don't vote for obama just because he is black. Also they are encourageing folks to pick the candidate that speaks to the issues that "you" feel will benefit your cause. By the way daddio911 before the proposed stymulus package and the assistance with homeowners caught up in the prime lending scandal name something effective the Bushes or any other Republican has done that benefited anyone making less than $50,000 a year? Still trying to find something... yeah me too.

daddio911 said...

Bankshotboy have you not been reading the post to this site. There's no one here boasting of any economic ideals that Obama is planning on sending down the pipe towards me and you, unless you count this universal healthcare bs. They are though speaking highly of the fact that he is black and how it's about time. And what do you expect black radio personalities to say...."Hey brothas and sistas, let's hire the brotha". They would alienate all their white support if they did that. Anyway, what change do you speak of?? Are you talking about higher taxes and proposed spending meant to keep those below that $50,000 barrier you speak of from ever getting above the $50,000 barrier. We are right this instant as far removed from a gimme state as we have ever been and I, for one, like that fact. I remember the inception of the lonestar card, do you? Iremember paing women to stay home and have babies that the nation supported, do you? I remember the inception of NAFTA, do you? I remember giving a lot of money to the UN only to have them use it to prop up and support regimes that meant us no good fortune. I know that the info given to the masses from President Bush about the need to go to war has and will be used against him for the remainder of his tenure and beyond, but he was not the only person that saw that information and sat in front of the cameras and pushed for us to ---as only republicans can-- take care of business. I weep at the death of so many who never thought they'd be in a prolonged engagement abroad, but they are doing it. By hook or crook all those troopers in that "war we shouldn't be in" are keeping you and I free to not look over our shoulder for the next attack. Those brave soilders are the first line abroad fighting against what I fear in an Obama future, being at the front door of all of our homes. In a Bush presidency, I have seen a stock market rise and fall, but still remain higher than it ever was while Clinton was in office. You are right about one thing.....I don't like paying $3-$5 dollars a gallon for fuel, but I fault the true villans in this game.....the demotits. The Clinton regime for years blocked republican attempts to drill for oil in Alaska, off the coast of California and in the Gulf of Mexico. For years, the demotits blocked any advancement towards the increased usage of nuclear power despite the fact Europe almost solely uses this resource. For years, I have watched texas oil wells rust because the demotit powers that be look for ways save a tree. For years, I saw one plan after another to increase our crude processing ability go by the wayside. I don't look forward to the next increase in fuel costs this year, which will come with the change over in blend from the winter to summer formula, but if the demotits hadn't blocked all of what I speak of, we'd be able to store and produce both blends because we'd have the processing ability. No, I don't like paying high prices for a problem I place solely at the feet of the demotit, but thanks to that man I helped put in office, I can afford it. Now, lets look at the future. What do we do to end the probems we now have. Well I won't bore you, but I can promise you it doesn't come with electing a man under the guise of change. I don't want a change that comes with me going back in time to a place where I stand in line next to a person buying pastrami while I'm buying bologna all because our economy sucks and they have a demotit gimme card that allows them to prosper. What change do you see him bringing?

Jazzylady said...

I swear I wish I could get with the program, and yet I can't, I just can't. King O seems to me full of smoke and air, nothing but empty promises. How is it this guy never tells you just where he stands,just what he intends to do when he gets to the House, if ever he does. If he makes it I fear he will be the biggest disappointment going, just as much as bush. Maybe if he wins the nomination I'll see it differently, but I don't think so. Not only that, I don't think the man has vetted himself and there is much in his background to be used against him, not to mention the fact that his a Halfrican. Yes, some bimbo said that.

rikyrah said...

I read blog entries like this, and I tell you, I just don't understand. I think I stopped understanding when he began to win places where the only time they see a Black person is on tv or in a movie theater.

How the hell did he win IDAHO? UTAH? NEBRASKA? MAINE?

See, these things, I don't understand, and I don't think we're supposed to understand this.

When he seriously began to win White men, it just stunned me.

So, I just observe and volunteer.

Jay Midnyte said...

"And when the next president is elected, and the economy begins to rise once again, it will have nothing to do with that president. It will have everything to do with how Bush left the country at the end of his term."

I believe the president that has to clean up Bush's mess, will actually become the scapegoat for the problems BUSH caused.

Bush, for the first time in American history, CUT taxes in a time of war. Retarded. Then people wonder why we are entering "The Greater Depression." So don't get mad when whoever becomes president RAISES taxes. You can't have War and low taxes.

And please don't fall for the global warming hoax, that is just a way to impose yet another tax on us. The Carbon tax. The Sun is actually heating up right now, and every other planet in our solar system is warming. Don't let them play on your ignorance to make you do what they want.

Obama also claims to be against the war. But he didn't show up to vote against the war when congress was voting. Ron Paul is the only congressman that voted NO. Obama waited until after the war to claim he was opposed to it. Obama On The War

So make sure you check everything politicians say.

Jay Midnyte said...

And don't follow this Democrat Republican bullshit. They all have the same goals with the only differences in minor issues.

They ALL want One World Government. (NORTHCOM, United Nations, NAFTA, NAU, NATO)

Why do you think this country is outsourcing it's manufacturing? To open up the doors for "slaves" to compete with American workers, to bring down wages and salaries. Why do you think "Homeland Security" doesn't care about Illegal Immigration? Because cheap labor will push Americans out of their jobs, unless they are willing to accept less and less money.

Why do you think Halliburton was awarded a $385 million contract for detention camps in the US! Because soon Americans will protest the slow but steady destruction of their dollar, oil prices which will very likely hit $4 before summer, among other shit going on.

Did you know the money we have spent on the war could send EVERY student in the US to ANY university for 4 years, for free?

Did you know Bush is preparing to become a dictator? He is probably going to postpone elections if he uses his new arsenal of unconstitutional powers.

We got alotta shit we have to worry about in America yall.

Jay Midnyte said...

my bad for going off topic