Monday, February 11, 2008

Is Obama the Black Candidate or is he the Candidate that just happens to be Black?

On my 40 minute commute through Dallas traffic every afternoon, I tune my radio to the Michael Baisden show. Today he had CNN personality Roland Martin calling in to talk about the "O" man's beatdown of Hill-Billy this weekend. Mr. Martin gave his opinion of this weekend's political games, and how he felt about Hill-Billy downplaying Big O's victories. Basically she was quoted as saying that the states that he won, (4 of them, plus the U.S. Virgin Islands) didn't really mean anything because of the small amount of delegates that each state has. In other words, the people of those states and U.S. Territoties don't mean anything to her. If your state does not have 100 plus delegates for her to claim, she will not pay you or your home state any attention, which I think is very f--ked up. She is supposed to be campaining to become President of the United States, not President of the Big States. And some Black Folk wonder why I do not like Hill-Billy.

But that is just my opinion.

Anyway Mr. Martin was also asked how he felt about Tavis Smiley calling out Big O for not getting back with him on whether or not he would attend his State of the Black Union summit.

First let me say that I have the up most respect for Tavis Smiley and everything he does to put the spotlight on the problems that Black America faces.


I think he is dead wrong about this.

First.... What exactly does Tavis think Big O can do for the state of Black America? Obama is a politician. He is a smooth talking politican, but a politician none the less. Obama, in my opinion, is a breath of fresh air compared to his opponent, but he will only be able to do what Congress allows him to do when and if he is elected President of these here United States.

I think this is the biggest problem with Black America. History has shown us that we as a people cannot depend on a politician to fix the problems in our communities Politicians are often the cause of the problems in our communities, especially greedy, power hungry, BLACK politicians. That burden lies on us, Black America. Or to make things perfectly clear, BLACK MEN.

That is the main reason I do not like Democrats. They expect the government to fix all of our problems, and give us hand-outs instead of buckling down and working hard to correct our problems on our own.

We all need help from time to time, but damn, if you continue to give a mouse a piece of cheese, he will come back for crackers and wine.

Second.... Big O is running for President of the United States, not President of the Black States. It is not fair to Obama for Tavis to expect him to put his historic campaign on hold to come listen to a bunch of Loud Talking Do Nothing Black "leaders" complain about problems that are within our grasp to correct.

How do you think Hill-Billy would spin Big O speaking at the State of the Black Union summit, but ignoring some white summit? (I think Hill-Billy accepted Tavis's invitation. But she is only trying to get back in Black Folk's good graces.)

It would be political suicide.

Part of his historic run to the Big White House on Pennsyvania Ave, is the fact that he is appealing to all Americans. I mean he won Maine for crying out loud! How many brothers do you think are in Maine? On top of that he won a heavy Black voting State like South Carolina!

What more does Tavis want?

Tavis is trying to turn Big O into another Sharpton or Jackson. A person will never get elected to President of these here United States by concentrating on one specific ethnic group.

So I am praying that Obama tells Tavis that he cannot make it, but a lot of misinformed Black Folk would take that as a diss.

So I think the "O" man is damned if he does and damned if he don't.

That is the State of the Black Union.

A bunch of loud, Black "leaders" and a few fading hip hop stars who only want to stay in the lime-light, sitting around a stage complaining about the white man, and what "the man" is doing to keep us down as a people, when in reality the only "man" keeping us down is the man in the mirror. The problems in our community are our problems, and the only way to fix our problems is to stand up, take responsibility for our problems, and stop blaming everyone around us for our problems.

Obama is not the Black Messiah. He is a politician from Chi-Town.

If you were an advisor to Big O, what would you tell him to do?


jjbrock said...

Hello! great article. I would tell Obama to stay the "HELL" away. Ms. Clintion has already accepted the invite. Tavis is just mad because Obama didn't announced his run for the presidential race at the summit last year. Tavis and the Clinton's are tight. I like Tavis but he need to leave it along.

Writeonbro said...

Man, If Amy Winehouse can win 5 Grammy's without stepping a foot on American soil, Big O can play his Techie-card, and send an interactive multi-media presentation,a DVD,CD or something. Lest he forget, he just happens to needs all the Black votes he can get.

brran1 said...

I think Obama should attend. I'm tired of hearing people blame the white man for our (black people's) problems. You can't blame everything on slavery or on "the white man" keeping you back. You have to do for yourself. If your running track and you see a hurdle, what do you do? Run into it and then blame the white man for it being there? NO! You jump over that ish and keep running...smh

Dark & Stormy said...

If Clinton weren't running for President, she would never have been invited to the summit. Do you think Obama's campaign would have the same success had he announced his intentions to run from the summit last year?

He has gotten this far by portraying himself as the candidate that happens to have an African daddy. The moment he starts trying to make a special appeal to Black folk, he loses.

I am a Black woman and the reality is it would be stupid to focus on 12% of the population. Of that 12%, how many are registered voters and how many are Obama supporters? That's not how you win states like Iowa & Maine.

Truth said...

Great post,
You're absolutely correct in your analysis, we cannot expect Obama or any politician to fix the problems in the black community. Only we can fix these issues and it starts by owning up to one's own faults. Insanity is defined by a person doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We cannot continue the insane idea of blaming white folks for all our problems and expecting our lives to change.

As far as going to the summit, I think the O man should attend. He should give the same straight up answers their like he did in Los Angeles. Like when he was questioned about immigration and its negative effect on Black unemployment. He needs to drive home the point of no more Scapegoating other people for our problems, its time to man up and face them head on.

ZACK said...


You have put together the best argument as to why Obama doesn't need to just look out for Blacks. I feel guilty about my previous blog posts slamming him. However, I don't retract any of my past or present opinions of him.

I would tell Mr. Obama to stop taking contributions from Hollywood people. They influence too much of what we do already.

Plus, I would tell him to come to the ghetto areas of major cities, such as Chicago, to guide his platform better. Right now it is too vague. He'd really capture the black vote if he came to where the non-educated blacks were. But he can't because poor blacks don't count in the nation.

Our votes will be used as ticker tape for Obama's inaugural parade next January.

sassygyrl said...

This is a subject that has had me in an uproar for the past few days. I can not for the life of me understand Tavis' reaction to Obama's denial of his invitation. Oh, I take that's that same mentality that has seemingly plaguged our community for years. It's not enough that Obama is running a damn good race to become President of these here United States of America and not just the "Black State." Obama can't spend his time jawjacking about issues that everyone on the panel sees as issues but does nothing to change. He has to campaign heavily in Texas (my home state) and Ohio to ensure Hill Billy does not have a chance to win this thing. If it was so important to Tavis that Obama be there, he should have tried to work with his prior obligations and schedule his "summit" at a time when Obama was either (1) campaigning in LA or (2) move the location to either TX or OH so that it would be beneficial for Obama to attend. Just my thoughts...

daddio911 said...

Tavis needs the first black candidate to truly have a shot at the whitehouse to be on his show. This gives him a big boost of legitimacy and allows him to know that he has arrived at the big game. He right now floats between obscurity and a nuisance and if Obama comes on his show, he can laud this to the other shows as proof of his own importance. In this situation, he was right to decline the visit to Tavis' show as he should Jackson's, Sharpton's and any other hack so-called black fighter for the rights of the people. Go ahead "O" keep it with the real reporters.

Los Angelista said...

Knowing that Hillary Clinton is attending makes me not want to watch it at all. Total political game playing. I wonder if she'll bust out her soul food "black" voice that she reserves for those special occasions when she's actually around black people.

I hope Obama doesn't attend. Like Writeonbro said, maybe send a video message, but I would stay in the states where there are elections coming up. Obama can find out a whole lot about the State of the Black Union by talking to real folks in Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania, not just those trying to make cool soundbites.

Or heck, he could just go look in the mirror and talk to himself. Or maybe go talk to his wife. I'm sure a conversation with her can tell him a whole lot about the state of black America.

Jazzylady said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, it seems to me that the big O seemingly can't show up to too many things black dirty red. He didn't show up for Jena and few other important things. People have been quick to crown him King(as in Dr.), and there he is using the speeches and words of Dr. King. Did you know that this man was not even in this country during the civil rights movement? Yes, I know, that doesn't mean he can't use King's words, but he could at least get some street creds before he does. I just ain't feelin' him.

Shazza Nakim said...

I think you are so WRONG about Tavis Smiley's Invitation. Tavis Smiley extends the invitation to all Black Americans with political, social, entertainment, financial and religious influence. He does this as part of an annual report of the STATE OF BLACKS IN AMERICA. These type of annual forums have been going on for over 100 years. Part of the origin of the NAACP began with forums such as this.

On the political , Tavis invites Black politicians that represent Independents, Republicans and Democrats and like all invitations, they are sent with a statement to RSVP and a confirmation of topics to talk about. Barak Obama has been sent invitations in the past which he "could not" make it and like the past several times, again this year. The only difference is that this year he is actively running for the Presidential Nomination and its a tight race (even with the 80% Black votes he has thus far).

As a person who has attended the Unions in the past, I know that even if Obama can't make it, he can send a representative like his wife MICHELLE OBAMA. Hillary Clinton is sending a representative out of respect and in honor of her invitation so WHAT'S UP? Is she pandering or is she being SMART with getting HER message across to an ethnic group that wants hear and or listen to issues that concern Blacks? Part of this year's Union will address the Convenant which Black leaders took a pledge upon two years ago. A pledge that Obama is riding HIGH off of.

I can't have an official issue with Obama's denial of HIS invitation but I would have a personal problem since there are still questions I have about his Presidential goals. Even those people who have voted for Obama may still have more "detailed" concerns. The Union is a national stage to ask, hear and solidify those concerns BEYOND the primaries. REMEMBER, Obama isn't President yet.

I agree with WRITEONBRO, Brran1 and jazzylady1 there is no reason why Obama can not make the effort. Even Farrakhan, fresh out of the hospital and pressed to be on a plan for his annual commitment to Saviors Day had the energy to sit, speak and be out within an hour for BLACK PEOPLE. Al Sharpton made a break in his campaign to make a brief stop to speak. What's Obama's problem?

rikyrah said...

I don't know how I found your blog, but through clicking various links here I am. Good blog.

Obama is the Candidate for President that happens to be Black - 85% of the time. The other 15% he's the Black candidate, and we, as a community, are going to have to accept that.

And, a huge HELL NO to him going to Tavis' Event. When Tavis began whining to CNN, AFTER Black America had already told him to sit down and shut up, he became SUSPECT to me.

His first lying about the Michelle offer, and then turning down Michelle bothers me a great deal. Do you REALLY think he would have turned down BILL if he had been offered? Somehow, I doubt it.