Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's a man's world

James Brown could not have said it better.

But I have to ask....

Is this really a man's world?

I mean think about it. Everything that a man does he does for a woman, unless of course that man is Gay... and that is a topic I ain't gonna touch.

Look at the cars that men buy. If women did not like a man with a nice, "cool" car, you would see more men driving 1976 Pintos. A Pinto would not get the attention from the ladies that a 2008 Lexus coup would get, would it?

Look at the clothes men buy. If women did not like a "well dressed" man, you would see more men walking around in hand-me-downs from 20 years ago. A man wearing a tight, pink, plaid polyester lesiure suit would not get the attention that a man wearing a $3000 dollar Brooks Brother suit, would he?

Look at the homes and apartments that men buy. If women did not like men with nice homes, you would see more men living in their grandparents basement, with a pullout couch bed and a 62 inch TV as the only furniture.

Why do you think Men pay sky high membership fees to big name gyms and work their bodies to exhaustion? If women did not like "well built" men, you would see more beer guts, and slouching posture.

Everything that a man does, he does to get the attention of a woman. From the way we talk, to the way we walk, to the way we act.

I think women know this.

I think that this behavior starts from infancy. How many times has a famous man been qouted as saying "I love you mom", when a camera is on them?

What about Dad?

So is this truly a man's world?

The best qoute I can think of to describe the Female's importance in this country, came from the 1983 movie, DC Cab.

The quote goes something like this....

"Why are women so uptight? They've got half the money and all the pussy".

Can anything be more true?


chocolate_matters said...

Hello, just on a blog stroll and came upon your site. Very enlightening stuff on here.
As you stated maybe this is not so much a man's world. As JB's sings(God rest his soul,."It's man's world, It's man's world, but it wouldn't be nothing, NOTHING, without a woman!" I'll admit I have been guilty of doing some stuff just to attract the opposite sex, some stuff I am not to crazy about, but ah well...women they are the cause for many a man to lose his mind. Good post.

Hope you don't mind I copied that image of the church, that was just too funny. The ignorance quotes are jaw dropping but hey, it is what it is.


ZACK said...

I wrote about this on my January 19 post. So true!

But I like the quote at the end.

Dirty Red said...

Thank's for stopping by.
That'll be $50 dollars for the picture of the church. I got bills.
Just kidding. I lifted it from some site myself. It wasn't trademarked, and all is fair, right?
Please stop by again. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

I swear that I did not bite off your post man.

My quote is true though.

ZACK said...

Fool, I know you didn't bite off my post! I was just noticing that GREAT MINDS think alike. :)

Plus, JJBROCK (Old Black Church) and I tend to write about the same topics as well. So, it's all love B!

But you did kinda repeat some of the stuff I wrote. *flinches* I'm jus' sayin' dude......


David Sullivan said...

Amen Brother Red!!!

DC Cab? Talk about a blast from the past!!!

Dark & Stormy said...

Yes sir, it is truly a man's world. When I earn $1 for every $1 earned by a man (instead of the $0.75); when just as many women are in congress, the white house, and boardrooms; when I see just as many music videos with men in chillin in their underwear played on MTV or VH1... I could go on and on and on...

They say "I love you mom"
cause dad ain't never had to push a melon through his keyhole, if you catch my drift... LOL.

Brother Red, I do agree that [we] women are aware of the behavior men exert to attract our attention. Getting a man's attention is easy. Keeping it is the age old mystery ;)

chocolate_matters said...

Thanks for the hospitality. I will definitely be a frequent visitor since I added a link to my live spaces site.
See ya around.

Jazzylady said...

So, if we gave you the milk for free would you buy the cow? It's called peacocking, lol. A brother is supposed to get out there a show a lady peacock he got it going on!!! He fluffs out his tail feathers(wallet) struts his stuff(car) and shows off his nest(house). If his stuff is tight, and he comes correct, then he gets the lady peacock. If his sheet is raggedy and nappy, ah well. Besides, you brothers know you like that cock of the walk stuff. Hey, dirty, did you start tightening up that six pac?