Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just a little chat between friends

I had a very interesting convo with my man Daddio911 last night.

He is a die hard Republican.

You cannot tell him anything bad about his side of the political spectrum. (Which is why our conversations are always entertaining.)

Anyway, we were talking about current politics and of course Big O came up. He cannot understand why anyone can get behind the "O" man. He thinks that Obama, if elected, will raise taxes, withdraw our troops from the quagmire that is Iraq, and renege on his health care plans. He believes strongly in his side of the fence, even after our current figure head has fucked our country up so bad, it will take the next 3 Presidents to straighten it all out.

He has a problem with Gay Marriage, abortion and big Government.
Well, I could care less if two Gay people want to get married and I think abortion is a woman's choice. The only thing we agree on politically is, I totally agree with him on big Government and how our troops should be withdrawn from Iraq.

I would like to see our troops home from Iraq, but the situation is too complicated to just pull them out. As long as this country is dependent on that black gold that runs beneath all that sand, our troops will be dying over there.That war was never about any weapons of mass destruction, or liberating the people of Iraq. It was and is about MONEY. I believe Hill-Billy, and Big O know this. But I also believe that they are playing with America's heart. They know that the majority of Americans want our troops home. That is why they are basing their campaigns on bringing our troops home.

Our troops will not be home anytime soon. It is going to be next to impossible to get out of Iraq. Which is why our two leading candidates have voted time and time again to keep funding the war. They know that America cannot get out of Jr.'s war anytime soon. But as long as America wants her troops home, politicians will keep telling America want she wants to hear.

I also agree with Daddio911 about taxes. Taxes are way too high as it is. Raising them should not be on any ones agenda.


We are at war. Taxes are what pays for war. I am not saying that our taxes should be raised, but they should not be cut either. If rich people keep getting tax breaks, then people like me and the majority of the readers of my lil ole blog will keep getting hit in the head.

If rich people keep getting tax breaks, that means my day to day expenses will be raised to compensate for the reduction of their taxes. It also means that our troops will not get the equipment they need to keep fighting.

Which makes no sense to me.

This is the first time in America's short history that during a time of war, the sitting President cut taxes. Why would any sane "leader" cut back on the main source of revenue that keeps his security force fed, clothed, equipped and happy?

This is the first time in America's short history that war did not turn our economy around. War is big business. The sole purpose of any business is too make money. This "business" that we have been in since 2003 has done the total opposite. We have lost almost a trillion dollars behind this war. A TRILLION fucking dollars!!!

The Great Depression ENDED when America joined WW11.

Why do you think that is?

It is because war generates jobs.

This is the first time in history that a country is facing a recession while it is fighting a major offensive.

All this is due to the piss poor planning and management of Daddio911's political family.

I am not a Democrat.

I consider myself an Independent.

In other words, I cannot allow myself to blindly follow behind any one idea or any one person.

I like to have options.

I do not believe any politician has my best interests at heart. This includes the "O" man.

However, I do believe he is a little better than Hill-Billy and of course he is better than that 200 year old man that is trying to become the oldest human ever elected to anything that doesn't involve bingo.

That is why I exercised my option to vote for Big O during the early voting here in Dallas.

Besides, my forefathers did not die for me to say ,"nothing will ever change" and "my vote does not count".

I cast my vote for all the black people that died trying to make sure that I could vote.

I did not vote for any "one" politician. I will never vote for any "one" politician. I vote because it is my right, and also I feel the need to pay back my forefathers what little I can afford to pay back.

So Daddio911, that is how I can feel good about backing Big O.


Los Angelista said...

I do not think we'll be getting out any time soon, unfortunately.

A whole lot of money has been made for individuals, but not for the country as a whole. It reminds me of how European countries eventually bankrupted themselves with their endless wars. Anybody can read about the roots of the French Revolution and see that a lot of France's issues were started by the country being broke because of endless wars and then the financial system was antiquated and couldn't handle the national debt. Oh and they had a ridiculous taxation system (like ours)... yeah, we're destroying ourselves with this war.

jjbrock said...

Great article I think jobs have been generated but shipped out of the country. Out sourcing has hurt the job market. Some of the same things are needed today that were needed during other wars. They are just not being made in America. So the big money is still in wars we just don't get to partake in it. We can thank NAFT for that.

David Sullivan said...

Its not jobs that we need, there are plenty of low paying jobs so keeping the war machine going won't help the economy.

Why are there so many low paying jobs? Because companys are going overseas with jobs that used to pay a decent wage and the only jobs left in this country are low end service jobs that maintain our spend at all costs and every turn economy. Spending doesn't equal fiscal health, so this Tax Cut many of us will be getting is adding to the deficit and our weakening dollar. The only way to turn this economy around is to stregnthen our economic base by providing the middle class with he means to lessen their credit to debt ratio by forcing these credit card companies and banks into tightening their criteria for credit, so people will stop accumulating debt they can't handle thus forcing them to manage their credit to debt ratio. Then the folks who are currnetly running their credit into the ground will have manageable credit, get better interest rates thus able to buy more houses which will stimulate bulding, etc...

Unlike Daddio I believe government should be there for people who need it. I have no problem paying taxes for education, infrastructure, policing, including homeland security. I do have a problem paying taxes for a WAR that has cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives for no gain. What the fuck have we gained in Iraq...NOTHING. We haven't even gotten any oil out of the deal. If you told me twenty years ago we would have taken over Iraq I would have said' That is fucking great, now we've got a shitload of oil". Bush and Cheney are so fucked up that we have fought a war for nothing...not even oil. With the money we've spent on this war we could've built 1000's of schools, fixed Social Security or paid for millions of poor people to get health care. Taxes..why are taxes such a bad thing? They arer only a bad thing when the republicans are spending because unlike the democrats who spend money on rebuilding the inner city, schools, feeding the poor and health care, republicans spend money on war and ...well...what else have they spent money on the past 7 years?

Dirty Red said...

Los Angelista, I agree with you. Only a few people have gained anything from this war... Namely Jr. and his BFF Cheney.

JJBrock I think you and Sully are right on the mark. I think it is stupid to cut taxes for the rich and leave everyone else with their asses hanging out. Especially during war time.

Sully I can't wait to read Daddio911's response to your comment. I think you are spot on, but like I said he is blinded by the Rethugs.

truth said...

Good post,
My main concern with Obama is his instance in talking directly to the enemies of the United States. I hope he has a good understanding of human nature. Psychopaths will not change just because you speak nicely to them. Most of them are sizing individuals up to see if there is any weakness in their character. I believe individuals like Putin or lil Kim will take Obama's kindness for weakness. This could lead to embarrassing situation for the United States internationally.

I'm still going to vote for the O man, but I do have my concerns about him.

David Sullivan said...

Are these people really psychopaths or has the adminisration deamonized them to put forth our own agenda's?

David Sullivan said...

Our opinion is not the only one that counts in this world.

daddio911 said...

You have got to be kiddin me Red. Do I really have to keep reminding you why we are in our current international situation. My republican friends have spent the last 7 yrs trying to repair the ills associated with the prior 8 yrs of the Clinton regime. I've harped to you & everyone who'll listen about how GB wanted nothing to do with international policy prior to 9/11. As a matter of fact, the demopress led by Gore tried there damndest to crucify him because they thought it to be a true mistake to not stick our noses into the international pool that Clinton had pissed in so much in prior yrs. If not for the errors made by Clinton, we wouldn't be in Iraq, Afghanastan and we'd have 2 really tall building in New York rt now. Talking directly to people who mean our defeat is an error that if given the ability, Obama will make. I guess in this he is like Clinton. When we look weak....we get smacked. Shall I once again remind you guys of The USS Cole, our two embassy's, the 1st attack on the towers!!! Do I think this war has been conducted perfectly ...... uhh no, I'm not that in love with President Bush. I do know that if some other tree hugging Gore.... had won, we'd probably have a permanent mark on our forearms and have a gps marker stuck up our asses serving as our electronic leash. I also know I wouldn't have the position that I now hold and live in the home I now live in. Under Clinton, my check didn't allow for such pleasures and under Bush it does. Those tax cuts helped and continue to help and I look forward to the next republican backed tax cut because lord knows I'll never get one if a demotit is in office. Answer me this, how many of you own a hm now that 10 yrs ago you only could drove by?

JJBrock & Sully, I know we have low paying jobs out there that a lot of people feel they are forced to apply for, but there are also a lot of high paying nursing, high paying engineering and high paying technical support jobs out there too that to the educated person is the path to easy street. We allow jobs to stay overseas because non of us support MADE IN AMERICA. When was the last time you actually looked for a hm based company and bought their products instead of buying the chinese or Taiwanese crap? When was the last time you saw that a product was made overseas and you put the product back on the shelf BECAUSE it was made overseas and not because it cost too much or didn't fit? When a company sends a job overseas, we do nothing and still buy the products of that company. If you don't support what you believe is negative behavior ....... there won't be any negative behavior. If you stop buying foreign toys, cars, jeans, etc then the companies that produce them will all be based in the states because they do like money. This is how we strengthen our base and bring our dollar out of the basement.

I agree with you Sully about our govt being for the people, but we have gotten something out of it for the masses of our nation. The fact we have not been attacked since 9/11 is no mistake or accident. The people that would hurt us still know where we live, they just have a better target that is much closer to where they live and are supported. I hate to say that our troops abroad are a carrot dangled in front of the mule, but that is exactly what they are and I believe they know what's being asked of them. Like all good servicemen who serve this country with distinction ....... they know what they have to do.

Now for all you people who are talking about where's the war money.....where's the war gain... I just have one question for you. What would you have said if we did begin to get money out of this war? Every single one of you would continue to talk about how we are only doing all of this for the oil and the money associated with the oil. You'd then have proof to back your claims. As you can see we are now paying over $3 a gallon for gasoline, so obviously you know the war wasn't started for the oil. I know it must kill all of you to have to face the possibility that just maybe this war may has been started to actually try to better things just as the President said. War profiteering has never been our motive for going to war. We do what has to be done because, as has been demonstrated by every world war, we are the only ones who can take care of business.

Now for my soapbox rant.....I know the republican party isn't perfect, but when it's at its worst, it often beats the democratic party. Red talked about how I don't like gay marriage. That's not entirely true. Some of my best friends are gay. I personally think it's a sin before God and if they are given the same rights as my wife and I, it does two very negative things. slaps God in the face and screws up our taxes as now they are not 2 single taxpayers, but 1 combined taxpayer group that is granted all the tax exemptions that I am. That on a grand scale will drop the amount of collectable tax. As for the whole thing about abortion being "a woman's choice" .... BULLSHIT!!! That child deserves to live and would if not for the selfishness of many. He/She did nothing to deserve death. Every single one of you should grieve at the lose of such innocence. That grief, if nothing else, should make all of you want to see a change. Vote Republican!!!!

David Sullivan said...

Yeah, but we weren't attacked on American soil before 9/11 except for the first WTC bombing. Dealing with terrorists is just par for the course in a free society and I don't need the government scarring me every day over something that is likely to happen, but once in a generation.

We need to get our asses out of everyone elses business and focus on our crumbling infrastructure. We need to always keep an eye overseas, but only act when it is crucial to our stutus in the world. Iraq was not one of those cases and to be honest we should stay out of Middle Eastern affairs and let them all kill each other in their own tribal squabbling.

Daddio, you seem like a nice enogh guy, but you appear to be braiwashed by the Republican propoganda. There are threats out there, but most of what is truly threatening is being hidden from us. We only hear what the powers to be Dem or Rep want us to know, so they can spin their agenda. I am independant, but lean Dem because I can't stand the closed mindedness of most Repubs. The onl;y true republicans are Libertarians and we all saw how Ron Paul was viewed...kooky.

David Sullivan said...

I wrotye that quickly so ingnore the 50 or so spelling errors.

David Sullivan said...

Look what happened with a republican President combined with a republican congress, war, debt, terrorist attacks, the US losing all the world's respect, failing US I need to say more...don't vote Dem or Rep, vote common sense...and Daddio who is going to pay for those thousands of babies aborted each year? Are you and your republican breatheren going to raise taxes to pay for the care of those unwanted children or are you going to force women to have babies they don't want fostering resentment for those unwanted children causing them to be victims of abuse and keeping the cycle of violence allive and well?

Are you going to cut funding for single moms, cut more taxes so there is no way people can raise these babies and cut health care so the crack babies can't get the care they need from crack head moms who won't be able to raise that kid anyway?

truth said...

David Sullivan,
Your right on the word I used. Psychopath might have been too harsh to say. I should have said dictators instead.

In 2003, Putin closed the only country wide TV station not controlled by the state. Thus he had control of what people saw and heard. He also consolidated power into the executive branch. He decides who the governors of regions or states will be, he got rid of the elections that let the people decide who they wanted. This does not make him psychopath, but I believe the Russian people lost options in their choice of who they want to lead. They also lost a certain amount of freedom.

The Human rights abuses of Mr. Kim Jong il is too long to list.

My point was I hope Obama is savvy enough not to get humiliated by these Dictators. That's if he wins.

daddio911 said...

Sully, you are right about there being a lot to do to mend the rip that has ocurred in our society as a whole. I do agree that my views hold a serious repub spin, but that's only because I truly believe that we can, most if the time, do it "alone" in this world, walking with a big ass stick daring people to step accross the line. I believe that we have the resources and ideas to bring this country back from the mistakes that have been made in the last 20 yrs and build on the accomplishments of the last 12. I think we start by listening to all the voices in the political choir that have screamed over the years for change. I think we use Gov. Huckaby's tax renewal system. I think we use Mayor Bloomberg's Parent Re-education Initiative. I think we should even go back and take a look at Ross Perot's Government Accountability Plan (See I listen to democrats too). We should be a self-sufficient, domestically secure, military powerhouse that rivals anything China or Russia can throw at us. Our borders should be fortified not because we want to be stingy, but because we want to be safe. If we give aid........and I believe we should be on our own streets and the surrounding countries that honestly continue to drag us down and that aid needs to have a completion and pay us as tax payers a return on our investment. We bring our money back home and strenthen our own lives and allow those babies that are so easily discarded to grow up in families that right now go to other countries to adopt. As my main man red and I have spoken, it is embarrassing that we have one child that goes to bed hungry. It is embarrassing that we see abuse and do nothing, our teachers too focused on standardized test to notice the pain and angst in the eyes of their students. We are great, but we could be greater and honestly giving the probs to the politicians, repubs and demos alike, aren't gonnna to solve the problems. We, you & I, need to take a side and get involved. I don't care who you are as long as making this country solvent is your goal. Throw out party affiliation.......let's go kick some ass when we need to and when it's not necessary, lets build some bridges.

Ohh....Truth. We don't ignore the insolate child, but we don't go buy them ice cream either. Our border are too thin to completely walk away rom the world's ills. Talking to terrorists and dictators w/out seeing a coming change is asking for trouble. Remember they don't see things the way we do.