Thursday, February 7, 2008

The way things were...

I have asked some members of my family why they are supporting Hill-Billy over the "O" man.
I get the same answer from all of them.
By them, I mean my older Uncles, my Grandmother, and some of my older Aunties.
The answer I get is, 'Well baby. Let me tell you. When Bill was up in the White House he did a lot of things for us black folk.'
I am so sick of hearing this bullshit, I don't know what to do.
My people act like Hillary was sitting on Bills lap in the the big seat, in the big office, in the big white house. (We all know that is not the case, or Monica would not have been an issue. Wasn't she (Monica)hiding under the big desk, in the big office, in the big white house?)
My people act like Hillary's hand was over Bill's whenever he signed a piece of legislation into law.
My people give Hillary more credit than she deserves.
Hillary was nothing more than a FIRST LADY.
That is all.
If she had power to change anything, it was what color drapes she wanted up in the private residence of the White House.
Hillary got her power from being in the Senate,which she won because she was a popular FIRST LADY. Why else would the people of New York elect a person to represent New York, who had never lived in New York?
Things that make you go Hmmm.
Anyway, what did Sweet Dick actually do for us 'black folk' while he was the "First Black President" of these here United States?
Well let me see....
1. He signed NAFTA into law which sent jobs that Blacks (and Whites) were doing over seas to cheap foreign markets.
2.He refused to help the innocent (black)people of Rwanda when thousands of men, women and children were being slaughted every day during their brief spat with genocide.
But he did send troops to Bosnia to help out those (white) people during their brief spat with genocide.
I should know. I was one of those troops.
3.He refused to change laws that would make powder cocaine and rock cocaine drug sentences the same. Which was a key factor that sent thousands of black men to prison longer than their white counterparts for dealing the same drug.We know rock cocaine is a "black" drug, and powder cocaine is a "recreational" drug. Whatever the hell that means. In my eyes cocaine is cocaine, whether it is being cooked with a little bit of baking soda or being snorted, but that is just me.
4.He did move his headquaters to Harlem after he left DC, but it was his 2nd choice. Real estate was too high in Mid Town Manhatten. So he moved uptown to the "hood" where he could get what he wanted cheaper.
So why do some blacks feel inclined to vote for Hillary?
Is it because of what her husband "did"?
I am inclined to say yes.
I believe that most older black folk want things the way they were yesterday, instead of wanting something different for today.
I was not going to vote for Obama, I was throwing my vote behind Edwards. But since Edwards is no longer an option for me, I have to throw my vote to the "O" man.
I have never liked Bill or Hillary Clinton, and my feelings have not changed.
I could care less about how things used to be.I cannot make decisions that will effect my life based on how things used to be.
I want something different.
To me it is almost like eating bologna everyday because that is what you are used to eating.
Me personally, I like to change up every now and then. So I am putting the Bologna back in the refrigerator, and I think I will thaw out a big juicy steak.


Writeonbro said...

You have to remember voting is both an emotional and physical act.
The emotional voters will choose a his and her presidency.
The physical voters clearly will vote their gender or race.

Now that's to much for some people to digest in one election so they make a no brainer move and vote for a name they recognize.
It's not surprising the canidate choices have fragmented the Black voters. Can you imagine what some people would do if Ted Kennedy was running too.

hawa said...

Ah, yes WriteOnBro. The emotional act of voting.

I saw a report on why "retro" clothing, TV shows, and even music is so hot right now. People who see the negative changes in our country want the "good old days" back.

I agree that electing an ex-First Lady who picked White House drapes during her husband's administration in the "good old days" is not an acceptable option for me.

People give Bill too much credit and then make the mistake of extending that bogus credit to his wife.

Sorry. You can't resurrect the "First Black President" (pssht..joke) by electing his wife and you can't get the good old days by putting an old president's family back in the White House.

Truth said...

Good post,
I think why some of our older folks hold on to the Clinton's is comfort. They know what to expect from Bill (no pun intended) and Hillary if they return to the White House. While with Obama, you'd have to take a chance and not be fearful of change. Many people are afraid of change.

When I talk to folks about Bill's presidency, they usually bring up how well the economy performed in his time an office. There's really no arguing that point, but other than that, the Clinton's help to the Black folks was mostly symbolic. Bill would go to NAACP and Urban League conferences to show support, that is usually all they got, support. He probably lined up a few preachers pockets with cash, but that should not be enough for us this time around. At least I hope not.

M.Kam said...

and despite all that "sweet dick" [lol] has done, ppl still want to acknowledge him as the first "black" president...and looping hilary into that as well. for shame.

David Sullivan said...

Ideologically and philisophically the difference between Barack and Hillary are so miniscule that the difference maker is: do you want politics as usual or take a chance that Barack will be his own man and not cow tow to the machine?

Don't be so harsh on Bill C.

If you are honest with yourself and take emotion out of the equation answer this question, did you have more hope for the future and feel more financially stable and feel that we were in a good position in the world's view from 1992-2000 or from 2000 till now? If it was when Bill was in office then give the man his due.

I am voting for Barack because Hillary is polarizing. That said if I could have Bill back in office I'd vote for him in a heartbeat.

ZACK said...

Well, my temporary support for Hillary has been based on HER track record. I am someone who votes based on the information at hand.

Blame the liberal media, I guess.

I see past Bill and look at Hillary's intelligence. Yes, she can be slick like her husband. But what politician isn't? That's why they call it politricks. I would advise that you motivate your family to become more involved in analyzing the elections. If not, that's their choice and it's fine by me.

Don't get discouraged or upset. Just do what you can to help others see things your way.

Renea said...

Obama has inspired me, not only to just say I support him, but to donate money for his campaign and to physically get involved in this amazing movement for change. Everyone knows change does not come easy, but those who are inspired by Barack Obama believe that they can make change happen by being involved in the process. Yes we can. Yes we can!

jjbrock said...

Great article, our people cannot conceive a real black man being president so it's hard for some to believe it.

Maybe he is that hope that this generation needs. Bill was a good president but, that don't translate into his wife.

Jazzylady said...

I wish I could feel what everyone else seems to feel for Obama but I can't. I feel nothing for this man who wasn't even in this country and way too young for the civil rights movement, and yet so many seem to have anointed him (Dr.)king. He speaks so much rhetoric and yet it hits my ear with an empty note. Why does he leave with the feeling that if he is elected it's just four more years of the same?

Dark & Stormy said...

Amen Brother Red. I'm sharpening my steak knife as I type!

sassygyrl said...

Excellent post! I recall listening to a morning radio show here in Dallas one morning and the topic was why people were supporting Hillary and Barack. It amazed and well as upset me that people were making a decision to vote for someone...a decision that will have ramifications on your life for the next four years or longer...based on someone's spouse getting up and playing the saxaphone because let's be honest, that's the ONLY reason Slick Willy is being called the "first Black President." News flash...if you vote for Hillary, you are voting for her, not for Bill. He has served his eight years and is not eligible to be President again. The only thing that sickenes me more is people talking voting for Hillary because she is a woman or Barack be cause he is Black. That's just ignorant on so many levels. We have to learn the facts and make our judgements based on those not superficial issues like gender or race.

sassygyrl said...

Oh...I forgot to mention the people that are not going to vote for Barack because they know that if he is elected that he will be assinated. Seriously...give me a break!

daddio911 said...

Mr. Sullivan, do you really believe we were better off in the Clinton years. Being a young 2nd Lt. in the Air Force, I saw what slick willy did as the commander and chief and I wouldn't want that for anything in the world. I remember talking to the old timer NCO's who reeled everytime a decision about the military's future was put into his hands. I remember how it felt to see our guys dragged through the streets of Mogudishu, their bodies stripped of clothing and honor. I remember seeing the pics of the USS Cole and wondering if some of my friends had been transferred to that ship. I remember the embassy bombings and wondering if my barracks was next. I remember talking to some buddies stationed at Barksdale AFB and listening to them complain about the fact half the armament they should have were out of current inventory because hummer boy didn't see a need to replenish following the engagement in Bosnia. I remember all the stories of base closings and detachment reallignments and got to see first hand what a reduction in force does to your career. Although, I know you have the images burned in your head as I do..........I remember seeing major New york carnage as Saudi terrorist hijacked planes and turned them into weapons. All you democrats blame Bush for this, but I'll bet my 1st born that the planning started for this while slick willy was getting his bone shined. Is it fair to link his actions to his wife should she get the nod.......probably not, but I remember and all of you should too. We have not been touched on our shores since 911 for a reason. Bring the HillBillys back and we'll all see what happens to this beautifuls land. We all have our preference. You know even I would probably pop a smile if Obama got the call, but my senses tell me someone like him and bill jr only will lead us to one more instance we wish we could forget. Before you vote folks.........please remember.