Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Just and Noble Cause

Your President of these here Divided States of AmeriKKKa said some shit today that really pissed me off.

As you may well know today is the 5th or 6th year of his invasion of Iraq. I say 5th or 6th because it may as well be 25 0r 30 because that is how long I believe that the country I served for 10 years will be stuck in that quagmire. Anyway he said that "we" are winning over there and that the sacrifices that "our" men and brave women have had to deal with were 'just and noble'.

'Just and Noble' huh?

Well let's define "just" and "noble" and see what we come up with.

1. JUST- acting or being in conformity with what is morally upright or good : righteous (2): being what is merited : deserved b: legally correct

2.NOBLE- a. Having or showing qualities of high moral character, such as courage, generosity, or honor

Now let me break this down.

According to the above definition that I jacked from Webster, is Jr.'s war "Just"?

What was morally right about invading a sovereign land and overthrowing it's government?

What is righteous about trying to force our way of life on a country that can never understand our way of life?

3,992 deaths and 26000 injured US Hero's is merited and deserved?

Was anything legally correct about Abu Grave? Or the secret interrogation camps strung around the globe?

Now the definition of Noble does apply to an extent to Jr.'s war.

Noble describes every one of my Brothers (and Sister's) in Arms that are over there and that are going to Jr.'s little tea party.

Noble describes the families of everyone of my Brother's (and Sisters) in Arms that are separated from their loved ones because of Jr.'s little tea party.

But does Noble describe our "Decider in Chief"?

Hell to the Naw!!

What is noble about imposing your will on people that could care less about your will?

What is Noble about telling the Iraqi people that they have to step up and fix the mess that you started?

What is Noble about getting your own Kids and relatives exempt from serving in the fiasco that you dreamed up, while you are constantly showing my kids and relatives commercials about how good it is too serve?

What is Noble about spending $8,000,000,000 (that is billion with a B) month of MY tax money to fund your little excursion, while I have to struggle to come up with $85 every 3 days for the gas that I need to make it to work, so I can give you more of my money to fund your bullshit?

Am I working for you or my family?

What is Noble about your boy's "ex" company (Haliburton), that you so conveniently gave no bid contracts to, getting caught creating dummy corporations to keep from paying their share of taxes that would help fund your little tea party?

I hope that I am not the only one here that realizes that this is some major bullshit.

'Just and Noble'?

Motherfucker please.


Folk said...

I too heard this bull ish and was like oh no he didn't. I agree with u fully and only see this war as means for him and his friends to make more money at the expense of our soldiers, tax layers money, and dignity of our country.

ZACK said...

Let me give you an internet handshake-hug. You know how us men do it. We never do the full hug, but a handshake mixed with a shoulder bump.

But as for Bush, I feel that the situation is in the eye of the beholder. What one man feels is just, another feels is unjust. It's just how life is.

I feel bad that our nation has become so divided over this. But what can we do? Our freedom of speech has created a permanent sense of division. If people can feel differently, they will.

But the handshake-hug comes from your last statement: "MF please". I'm like, "Calm down, Dirty Red. It's gon be alright, bruh". LOL!

But I feel your pain

Amaretto said...

I guess Junior thinks it's not a lie if he believes it!

But like Zack was saying...everything is relative.

Maybe Sweden will bomb and invade us to give us better lives!

Jazzylady said...

"I must say, I'm a little envious," Bush said. "If I were slightly younger and not employed here, I think it would be a fantastic experience to be on the front lines of helping this young democracy succeed."

"It must be exciting for you ... in some ways romantic, in some ways, you know, confronting danger. You're really making history, and thanks," Bush said.

is that funny or what?

David Sullivan said...

Bush has been all about "bait and switch" since day one.

Diversionary tactics are the hallmark of this administration along with fearmongering.

The latest diversion. Race. The one thing that could completely divide the Dems and give the Repubs a chance at keeping the White House. When Cheney said "so" testerday when told that 2/3 of America thinks that the war has been a failure. "So" about sums up Bush's feelings about you and me.

jjbrock said...

@David Sullivan you are so right. When Cheney gave that stupid response to that question I was like I know he didn't say "SO". He is a heartless man.

I feel for my country with these 2 men in the oval office. Then you got McCain saying stupid stuff on purpose.I believe maybe once but twice I don't know about that.

Dark & Stormy said...

Brother Red, these are scary times indeed. I wholeheartedly feel you on the stretching my dollars-to make ends meet-while funding your crusade tip! Wonderful post.

chocolate_matters said...

Although you said it more color language than I would have used, I agree with you. This president knows nothing about what is just and noble. He and his cronies are so far removed from being "just and noble" it is almost laughable. Although I am against this war, I have much respect for the men and women who are sacrficing their life and limb to make this world a better place even if they are doing it under false pretences.

daddio911 said...

Okay I thought I’d let this one go, but I can’t just stand aside and see everything get lumped all together. Everyone seems to believe that all the world’s ills are to be placed on the back of Pres. Bush and his boys when that's just not the case. Have there been some errors in judgment .... HELL YES!! Is everything honkey dorey in our nation ...... HELL NO!! But, you can't link everything evil with this administration and demonize the man as being immoral and unjust. Cheney was and is a powerful man linked to one of the world's biggest companies and the only institution created to be a civilian company able to be a nation builder, which is exactly what Iraq needed. To vilify him for making a buck is synonymous with condemning everyone of us for speeding thru a school zone and getting away with it. Both are bad things that maybe should be curtailed, but they happen. The war in Iraq was SANCTIONED by everyone!!!! Congress knew what was there and what wasn't there and can't shrug their shoulders now and say “I don't know what happened.... I was fooled”. Hillbilly knew..... Old Man McCain knew..... Hell even Strom Thurman knew and I think he was dead at the time. All the powers on the Beltway knew what the hell was going on because they saw the same intel that made the President act. Now he may have been a little more motivated given his personality, but they (Congress & Senate) endorsed the war......They financed the war..... They politically profited off the war with earmarks and pork and campaign slogans and monetary donations and NOW a newly developed citizen love at their newly discovered disgust for all that is Bush and Iraq. I saw a president (Clinton) rape the military by not having the foresight to replace used and outdated munitions and invest in the military machine and all the masses did was smile. I saw a president (Clinton) commit us to a war that still today causes daily upheaval in Bosnia, but where is/was the animosity towards that? I saw a president (Clinton) watch CNN footage of an American serviceman stripped of his clothing, dragged thru the streets of Mogadishu, but where were the calls for a change in administration on that? I saw a president (Carter) allow American citizens to be held as prisoners while he barricaded himself in the Whitehouse waiting for a phone call from THEM so we could "Talk" out our problems…….sound familiar…… Where were the voices of dissent at that? I saw gas lines stretch for miles as the president (Carter) put this country into one of the worst economic states imaginable and no one bitchs, gripes, moans or remembers, but they love to throw up the fact he got a Nobel Peace Prize. I saw a little man (Gore) cry and moan, bitch and whine while bringing up court cases because some idiots couldn't figure out how to punch a little hole in a little card in order to have their vote count, summarily delaying the progression of the new administration long enough to maybe help the terrorists get a foothold on their ALREADY PLANNED ATTACKS. Thanks Clinton for that one. Where was the outcry and boycotts and speeches and blogs at that action? I guess they were all masked by the fact he too got a Nobel Peace Prize.

Has this administration “f’d” up? YES, but it's just one “f” up to try and cover the other “f” ups done by prior administrations. And yes the next administration will have to clean up the messes that are done today. The thing is we must choose wisely what “f” up we put in office this time. One that wants to kick ass and take no prisoners breaking a few eggs in the process or one that will make everyone happy, putting fuzzy dust up our rears while letting those that want to screw us in the front door.

Red.... We'll see what you think is Just and Noble then.

David Sullivan said...

Daddio: Let me see, you are equating Iraq with Bosnia and Somalia? Are you kidding.

This war was sanctioned because of false inteligence or as I see it out right lies that Saddam had WMD's.

Lastly, of course Cheney is to be villified. Why do you think he was ready to tear apart a nation? Because he knew he would be able to profit from the rebuilding. Profiteering at its finest.

You are the king of revisionist history, thus the perfect republican. Spin, spin, spin.

But I'm sure you're a good guy. I'm not hating on you, just your bewildering comments.

daddio911 said...

Thanks Sully, I really do try to be a good guy. I'm not trying to be too revisionist, but just bring to light or back to light the short comings of other presidents who didn't get as much flack as this president has even though their actions contributed to the problems we now have. You have to admit Somalia was a cluster.

You know, as I do, if the war was a sole project done by President Bush created by false or misleading intel, we'd be embroiled in investigation after investigation that would be led by special prosecutors ala Ken Starr. There haven't been any of those and that means we have the truth already, no one wants the truth out or the democrats haven't thought of it yet and not even I would deny the intelligence of the democrat machine. I don't think they'd let this one go...... EVER.

As for Cheney, he was going to prosper from this Vice-Presidency whether there was a war or not. Anyone who can shoot someone and have them apologize for getting shot has to have the ultimate clue on how to be and remain filthy rich.

I do admit though.....I spin with the best of them.

David Sullivan said...

Unlike others I am a fan of spin. But it bothers me that most Americans can't see through the spin and look at the real issues.

daddio911 said...

Amen Sully.....Amen