Friday, March 14, 2008

'Unashamedly Black'

I wish this whole Dumocratic Presidential race would hurry up and come to an end.

I am so sick of Hill-Billy and her people, I don't know what to do.

They begin this whole mess by race baiting Big O in SC.

Then came all the negative ads, followed by the talk about Big O's experience, as if years of being a First Lady actually qualifies as "experience".

Her supporters started saying and doing the things that would give her Plausible Deniability.

They did all the "wet work". She just sat back and played innocent. It is just like a crime boss ordering a hit to be carried out the same day he will be out of town.

They have put Big O on the defensive and it might have cost him the job he is fighting to get.

They are now attacking Big O's minister for telling Black People to stand up and be accountable for their actions. They are attacking his Pastor for telling Black People to stop being victim's and to start being victors. They are attacking his Pastor for telling the truth about America's shameful past (and present).

His Pastor is a hate monger now.

His Pastor is a racist.

They had that Ferror woman get quoted in all the right papers saying that the only reason Obama is where he is in this race is because of his skin color. Then they switched the whole scenario around to make it seem like Hillary was the victim.

Once again they have reminded AmerriKKKa that Obama is a black man trying to get the keys to their beloved mansion. That was the purpose of that 3 am ad. And once again she has fixed it where she is "out of town" when the proverbial trigger is pulled. This time she was sitting in front of a bunch of Black people apologizing to any Black Folk that were offended by the shit that she ordered her people to do.

All the while the media are acting the part of her goons. They have been pulling drive-by's on Big O for the past 3 days.

So what will Obama do? Will he continue to play defense or will he hit back?

He already has thrown his "racist" Pastor under the bus. He loudly denounced anything his Pastor might have said to offend the precious majority in this country.

What is racist about telling people in your community to stand up and become accountable for your actions?

What is racist about telling the people in your community the truth about how things are here in the land of the free?

What is racist about teaching the people in your community to be self sufficient, and responsible?

Is this anything different than what Jerry Fallwell, or any other of those old mega church (white) kooks have been doing for years?

If I were one of Big O's advisers, I would tell Big O to tell the media to lay off my Pastor. I would tell them that people are not voting for my church, they are voting for ME. I would tell them that this is the land of free speech and everybody has a right to say exactly what the hell they want to say.

I would remind the media about Hill-Billy's illegal activities, -White- Water-, when she was "helping" to run the state of Arkansas. (That is part of the 35 years of experience that she throws up to anyone that will listen).

I would ask the media how can anyone be ready to run this country on "day 1", when she could not successfully run her own marriage?

Remember the blue dress?

I would remind the media about the disastrous program called NAFTA. The same program she supported when Sweet Dick sweet talked congress into passing .

I would remind the media about how she voted for the war, before she voted against it.

I would remind the media how one day she is so proud to be running with me, and the next day she is yelling about how shameful I have run my campaign.

Doesn't that sound Bi-Polar?

I would remind the media about all the losses she has suffered against someone with no experience. But I am experienced enough to be her replacement if she wins and gets killed on the job. (Which means she thinks that I do have experience).

I would remind them that she never once thanked the voters that did support her in all those States she lost, But I would also remind the media that I gracefully accepted defeat and thanked the people for all the support that I received in the few states that I did lose.

So in other words I would fight back.

I would come out of my corner with both guns blazing.

Take no prisoners.

But I would continue to talk about my platform. I would not deviate from the issues.

If Big O is going to win this thing he has to turn all the negative attention onto Hill-Billy.

If Big O really wants to win that is.


ZACK said...

Tell it like it T-I-Is, Dirty Red!

Obama and Clinton have BOTH disappointed me this week with their scarecrow style of politics.

I might be voting for McCain unless one of them mans (womans) up.

David Sullivan said...

Wright is a whack job and racist and will tarnish "O" just as much if not more than Rescoe.

Religion has no place in politics, but Barack needs to distance himself as much as possible from his "Pastor" who is not telling it like it is. He is "race baiting" and not talking about inclusion, but segregation.

White folk should be weary and down right scared of a man who spews such hate, I know I am.

phx said...

"Is this anything different than what Jerry Fallwell, or any other of those old mega church (white) kooks have been doing for years?"

Maybe that's the problem.

jjbrock said...

Dirty Red great article. I will not call pastor Wright a racist unless I call every Traditional Black Church Pastors one. That same style and message is preach in most of all our Traditional Black Churches.

It sound harsh to people that never had to deal with racist America. This man came from a time when it was hell living in these America if you were a black man. He preaches from experience. He has been preaching this message for over 30 years to his pew sitters they didn't have a problem with it.

White America is the one that has the problem with it because they can't handle the truth. Thats why them and their money needs to stay out of our churches. We will not allow them to control our pulpits like they have theirs with that no fruit producing sermons.

How white America going to tell our Pastors what to preach when they them selves have stood up in their own pulpit and chose not to say racism is a sin? No, how I know that they don't preach against it? Look at good old America. It is too much hate in the world for love to be taught so they need to clean up their own house. GO Pastor Wright!

Dirty Red said...

Thank's Zack,
As you probably noticed I have deleted my previous post that "pissed you off". I reread it and I felt that it was not very appropiate. I was just in one of my funky moods when wrote that one. Anyway, I fell down, but I got up.

Why does Brother Wright scare you?
I am not real familiar with his sermons, but I don't think he has said anything about segregation. He is basically telling Black People to stand up and be counted. He is telling his congregation to stop the ignorance and celebrate who and what we are. I don't see anything racist in that. But of course I am looking through Black eyes. I am looking through eyes that have seen confederate flags flying on houses and on the back's of cars, I am looking through eyes that have seen bumper stickers that say "the south will rise again", I am looking through eyes that have seen cops pull me over for just being black in a nice car in a white neighborhood. I am looking through eyes that have seen white boys roll through my neighborhood, hang out of their windows, and yell "NIGGA GO BACK TO AFRICA", as they cowardly sped away. I am looking through eyes that have seen friends and relatives get sentenced to half a century in prison for having 2.5 pounds of Crack Cocaine, while white drug dealers have gotten 5 or 10 years for having the same amount of powdered cocaine. So nmaybe I am being a little bias when it comes to Brother Wright. I don't know. But I guess the old saying is true, If you are not willing to walk a mile in a man's shoes then don't pretend that you know that man.
But Sully, You are one of the realest bloggers out there and I really dig your site and your comments. And 99% of the time I am feeling your comments. But I think I have to respectfully disagree wth you on this one.


You might be right. That is probably the problem. But we all know, that if it is white it is alright.

David Sullivan said...

Check out his sermons on You Tube and I think that if you are a moderate person you would be disturbed by this guy. I live in New England , so I've never had to deal with confederate flags or hypocritical white preachers in my back yard. I have no problem with people empowering themselves, hell, in the spirit of Saint Patricks Day tomorrow, the Irish who came here under the harshest of oppression by the British needed to band together to fight the prejudice inflicted upon them by everyone who was living here before them. They formed there own churches, communities, social groups and schools. Now you can't throw a rock at any form of government wothout hitting a person with Irish heritage. Empowering yourself is the first step to inculsion.

That Said.

Before any of you make this a racial issue, go to You Tube or Google Video and put in Wright's name and watch his hate filled sermons. Some of them are made under the guise of empowerment, but there is always an undercurrent of hate, distrust and bigotry. From this Northern, moderate, trustful and philosophically humanistic person this man is a divider in the same vein as Bush, Falwell, Sharpton, etc...

Unfortunately this man puts this image in a moderate(most people think I'm leftist)white peoples mind:


Oh yeah, DR, I'm glad we disagree on something...sometimes its like we are the only two members of the Mutual Admration Society.


jjbrock said...

@David Sullivan I don't have to check clips to know that Pastor Jeremiah Wright is not preaching hate. You will find this same type of preaching in Traditional Black Churches.

Its only seems like hate to people on the outside. It might be consider anger but not hate. And for outsiders to tell our community what is acceptable
and what's not. Love is what love does and he love his community because his work show it. People on the outside can call it what they like we in the community no the truth.le

David Sullivan said...

jjb: Hitler didn't think he was doing things out of hate, but for the betterment of his people and his race.

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to define a groups actions, because the people in the group all think that what they are doing is acceptable, because they aren't getting anything but affirmations from each other.

If saying that the people who died in the 9/11 attacks deserved it isn't hate then, the Holocaust wasn't done out of hate nor was snatching up and enslaving men from West Africa.

I am not condemming black preachers or black church goers. I am not naive enough to think that black people have a shitload of animosity toward anyone who isn't one of their own. Many men from the Pope to Henry the Eigth to the Crusaders have all committed atrocities in the name of Christ and Christianity.

Tolerance goes both ways and whether it be MLK, Bobby Sands or Ghandi, non-violent protest is the only non-hypocritical form of change.

You do need to check out the videos to see that I am not just talking about someone demonizing whitey or instilling black pride. I am talking about run of the mill H A T E , so you do need to view the videos before making ant comment.

David Sullivan said...

BTW:DR my brother is doing two years in NC for having residue in a crack pipe aftyer a traffic stop outside of an Ashville project so I feel you on that one.

David Sullivan said...

jjb: I don't, in any way, think that this is man is just about anger. There is nothing wrong with anger as long as it does not directly infringe on the rights of another. Anger is a great motivator, hate is a great destroyer.

Truth said...

David Sullivan,
In the case of Pastor Wright, this is a good example of watching the same game, but rooting for different teams. When you see a foul, I see fair play, because I want my team to win. The perspective in which we see things when it comes to race, for the most part, will be different then yours. Like Dirty Red stated, culturally we have experienced different treatment in this country. You were perceptive enough to realize that being where you are from, you have no experience with direct racism.

I will not pretend to know how you felt about Pastor Wrights Theory of drugs being brought into the Black community via the government. What I will say, is many Africans Americans do not doubt something like that could have occurred. Why? Historically, the government has not always had our best interest. You can google the Tuskegee experiment, to get proof of what I'm stating.

Those types experiences form our distrust. We have come to expect unfair treatment in this country and when someone speaks to that anger, it is hard to disagree with that individual.

I blogged about intent vs impact last month. If someone hit you in the head for no reason, and then said sorry,you would probably forgive them the first time. But, if they do it again and again, saying sorry each time or not saying anything at all, how long before you would resent that person? No matter if they apologized to you right away, the impact of being hit for no reason would probably not put you in a real forgiving mood. It may be awhile before you forgive at all. The impact of direct and indirect discrimination puts many African Americans in a non forgiving/distrustful mood. That's why most of us, didn't see too much wrong with what Pastor Wright said.

Dirty Red said...

Damn Truth,
That is why I like you brother. you have a way with words my man. I could not have said this better.

David Sullivan said...

Truth, you are right on! (and I'm not saying right on in a 70's style white guy trying to be like a black guy kind of way).

I have to agree to disagree with you about pastor Wright, not because of what he said, but that crap about rooting for "our" team. My team is your team as a human being and any atrocities whether they be Hitleresque or spewing hate are against my team. I get your point though and even though I am not an ardent conspiracy theorist (a little bit) I can't say that the government hasn't done some underhanded shit, like target black neighborhoods to distribute drugs, (hell in the "Godfather" they talk about only selling heroin to the darkies because "they have no souls".

My point is as long as we allow extremists to represent our interest than things will contin ue to be extreme. Fight the good fight, but don't fuck yourself in the process.

jjbrock said...

@David Sullivan in your eyes you honestly see hate but honestly I don't. It's sad that America wants to make Jeremiah Wright words be who Obama is.

That is why The Black Church speak with such strong words. The church and it's people have been through some stuff. The Church is the one place left were we as a people have in common on Sunday morning.

I believe Jeremiah Wright speaks from an experience too that you nor I might know about.

In a Traditional Black Church on Sunday morning you will not here the same thing as you would in a White Church. Our agenda is different I don't know who set it but I do know that it's different. The reason I will not listen to a clip is that it's taken out of content.

I have listen to Jeremiah Wright for years. That is why I know that the media is doing a lynch job on his church and it's wrong.

ZACK said...

I'm enjoying the 3 way dialogue between truth, Ms. Brock, and Mr. Sullivan! This is GREAT! I wish people would comment on my blog. It's like when I write good stuff, there are NO comments, but when I write dumb stuff, people really get into my blog!

And as for the post you deleted, I didn't mean to reprimand you. I just wanted you to avoid the same mistake that got me kicked off Disrespecting women is NEVER right. I learned that the hard way.

David Sullivan said...

jjb: I would never tell someone how to worship.

I don't even think that Wright influences Obama in any way and if he did, so what. If my priest was found to be a pedophile I wouldn't want the world thinking I like little boys. I also think that if people want to worship with Wright and go there each Sunday they can with no impunity. I do think that any message that is desigened to infuriate as opposed to educate should be ignored and dismissed and is not in line with the true teachings of Christ, not the pick and choose tactics invoked by most preachers, priests and pastors.

You can choose to listen to him it as it is my right to listen to whomever I choose. I hear his message as devisive. I see those who listen to his message as devisive just as I would those who follow the Arian nation in the name of Christ. I personally think that Christ would be appaulled at all of those who have said anything about another that wasn't in kind, humanistic terms.

David Sullivan said...

Don't be sad Zack, every dog has his day! lol ! I'll go check you out right now. I've got a great St. Patrick's Day piece you may find interesting.

truth said...

David Sullivan,
We will just have to disagree on Pastor Wright. You seem like a good man and I respect your ideals.

The one issue I have with you is the comparison of Pastor Wright to Hitler and The Aryan nation. Pastor Wright has been Preacher for quite awhile, yet no one from his church has ever been accused of killing someone for their religion or race. If they had, believe me that fake news would already have reported on it.

The Aryan nation preaches the killing of non whites, especially targeting Blacks. I did not hear Pastor Wright calling for the extermination of the White race or telling them to go back to Europe.

There is significant difference in the context in which we should assess Pastor Wright and Hitler. The fact you would compare those two as the same, proves my point when it comes to race, our experiences in life put us on "different teams."

Truth said...

I like your blog, I'll leave a comment sometime soon. Check my blog out when you get a chance, I'm on the Brother Dirty Red's Blog roll as, you guessed it, Truth.

David Sullivan said...

Truth: I am not comparing a few insensitive, hate-filled comments to the horror of the Third Reich. However, hate is hate, whether it be burning up thousands of Jews for fun or flipping off someone in traffic because they cut you off.

Christ would be embarrassed by Pastor Wright's rehtoric in his name. Its funny how White, Black, whatever your color is people have bastardized Christ's message to fit their agenda.

Love your neighbor as you would love yourself. Do unto others as you would have done to you.

I know that the white slaveowners who went to church every Sunday aftyer beating their slaves into submission all week long were hypocrites. Lets not excuse this man to even the score.

daddio911 said...

Damn....can't we all just get along!!!! The pastor can say all he wants to say just as Jerry Fallwell, David Duke and yes....Hitler did. This being said, all it has done is cloud inadequacies and take us away from the issues. This in my repub mine did nothing to help my party as it gave Obama an ability to come off in the press conference (03/18 am)looking more presidential and healing than HillBilly ever could. This, once again, gave him a venue to get on the world stage and show peeps who he is. Damn I hope HillBilly wins the demotit party nomination, cause this cat is goin to be impossible for McCain to beat.

Kieya said...

Obama lost major points for turning on his pastor like that....Hilary's always been on my shit list [along with Al Sharpton] It really is the truth. I don't understand how he was spewing hate, he was telling it like it is! Why do people assume that before this Black folks were having a dandyeffin time in this country?

I went to youtube & watched some videos & what I say was a sentence or two taken from what was probably an hour long sermon.

David Sullivan said...

Kieya: Are you telling me the US invented AIDS to kills inner city blacks? Hell all this time I thought they invented it to kill those pesky gays. LOL

Oh yeah, those people killed in 911 asked for it...pleeeeese!