Saturday, March 29, 2008

What did my Forefathers die for?

This has been a rough couple days for me. As you can tell in my last post someone very dear to me passed on. He is in a better place now so I guess I have to keep moving forward.

So here I go....

The other day a lot of Hill-Billy's billionaire friends wrote a letter to Nancy Pelosi telling her to reword what she said about the superdelegates voting with the will of the people. They told her that they would take their billions elsewhere if she did not do what they think she should do, which is back Hill-Billy.

Now ain't that about nothing?

If this is not enoungh of a reason for Black American's (no, All Americans)to say fuck the Dumb-o-crats I cannot think of a better one. My man the Field negro wrote a post about the O man starting a third-party, and I think that is a good idea.

Who the hell do these billionaires think they are?

What happened to one man (woman) one vote?

This whole race has started to turn me against politics. Hill-Billy thought she would just march right into the white house. She had plans to put back all the shit they took when they looted the place back in 2001. She just knew that the American people would still be blinded by her Husbands bullshit and that she would win the election in a first round knockout.

And here comes the big black buck (insert the "O" man here).He ruined it for everybody. He threw a monkey wrench into her perfect plans. He started raising more money than her, he kicked her fat ass in all the states she was supposed to win, he made her look crazy and pyscotic in all those debates and he started stealing her support in the black comunity, (first black president my black ass). He made her lose her damn mind.

So now that she has no chance in hell of winning, she is telling Nancy Pelosi that the will of the American People does not matter to her. The same way the smaller states that she lost to the "O" man did not matter to her. This crazy $#%^#* will do anything she has to do, to do what she thinks she has to do. Consequences be damned.

So I am saying this, if she happens to get the nomination...

I think that we should write in the Field Negro on every ballot.

Fuck the Dumb-o-Crats.

Fuck the Rethuglicans.

If Obama can garner so much support in this country, what do you think a real Field Negro will do?

Anyway that is my rant.

I'm out.


jjbrock said...

Dirty Red I agree with your article. This is not business as usual this is a new day. Obams has done something that the other candidates have not, he has raising far more money on line than either one.

So if he is doing with out the support of the big money who needs them. The people or giving what little money they can and it's doing alot. check out this article.

ZACK said...

Maya Angelou stopped dealing with the Clintons after the Lewinsky scandal.
She went from being Bubba's special guest at the 93 inauguration to being one of his biggest critics.

I feel for Rev. though. I think the media blew this way out of proportion. I haven't watched Fox News since and want to cancel it from my subscription.

chocolate_matters said...

You made a good point. The thing with Hillary or "Billary" is the thing of entitlement. It has been said over and over and it so true just by judging their actions.
This is why I am an independent. If Obama becomes an independent that may be the only way he gets the nomination because I see some very, dirty tricks ahead. I think the Clintons would sabotage the election if they don't win the nomination.

David Sullivan said...

Democrats have always had the "wait your turn" approach to choosing their nominee, so they aren't doing anything new just because the "O" man is a "big black buck" (LOL @ BBB).

This just goes to show that things in this country are changing and if they aren't actually changing, then it shows that people want change and not buisness as usual.

daddio911 said...

Hmmmmm...... you guys sound unhappy with your current choices. On behalf of the Republican party, I wish to invite you to vote for the real candidate and the party of the people. We welcome all of you to the rational thinking side of the fence. Trust us. You won't regret it. McCain/Huckaby the ticket of the future.

David Sullivan said...

Lets not even start on the faults of the specific parties cause the Republicans are the biggest hypocrites of all time!

Pro life, but have the death penalty...please!

chocolate_matters said...

You gots to be kidding right?
thanks but no thanks...I move to another country before I give my support to someone who finds Bush's policies alright to continue them in his term if he is elected.

daddio911 said... mean when he's elected. All thanks to the democratic party if nothing else.