Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's Just-Us

The man pictured above is the first Black District Attorney in Texas history, District Attorney Craig Watkins. During the course of his first term as Dallas County DA, he has gotten pardons for 16 men who were wrongly convicted by the American Just-Us system. The latest man that has been granted his freedom was convicted in 1981 of a rape he did not commit. He has spent the last 27 years as an innocent man lost in the system, put there by a racist jury and an even more racist judge.

As you might have guessed, most of the men who were found innocent DECADES after having their life taken from them, are Black. No one listened to them when they proclaimed their innocence.

No one listened.

Now people are being forced to listen. America is being forced to see that it's so called "freedom for all" is a bunch of Bullshit.

Thousands of Black men are convicted each year behind lying witnesses, biased juries, and racists judges.

To me it is not hard to see the reason that so many Black Men kill other Black Men. In the American Just-Us System a Black Life has no value. How else can you explain why so many Black Men lose the most productive parts of their lives by being locked up for crimes they did not commit? How else can you explain how our "law enforcement" officers can shoot at an unarmed man 50 times, kill him, and walk out of the courtroom to applause?

What would happen if the guy that was shot at 50 times were White, Blond haired with Blue eyes? Things that make you go Hmmmm.

I am not saying that all the Black Men that are in prison are Innocent. The majority of those Negros need to be right where they are at. I know a few that need to be locked up that are still walking around breathing free air.


The majority of wrongly convicted men in prisons are Black. Does that mean Black Men commit more crimes?

Of course not.

What it means is that we are labeled. We are judged before we are even born.

Black men are told from birth that we are more prone to die from a violent act than any other race. We are told that the chances that we will end up in prison are 4 out of 10. We are told that our lives do not mean anything by the music we listen to, by the movies we watch and by the news that is broadcast 24 hours a day.

So it is no shock to me that another Black man was exonerated after being wrongfully convicted.

Sometimes it seems to me that the only people that actually see how this country is are born Black.

Sometimes I think that the majority of White People in this country walk around with computer enhanced blinders on.

Through these blinders (that must be issued at every White Birth),they see a fair and balanced America. They see an America where any person can become successful through hard work. They see an America where the American Dream is actually attainable.

I however was born with eyes that see the truth.
There is no "American Dream".
There is no American "JUSTICE" system. At least not for me or men that look like me.
I see that I have to WORK 5 times harder than my white counterpart just to get what is GIVEN to them by their being born white in America.
I see that if I am pulled over by our "law enforcement" officers, I damn near have to strip down butt booty blessed naked to avoid being shot at 50 times because they fear I have a weapon on me.

Now granted, this does not apply to all White Americans. There are a few that are struggling to survive just like me.

But that does not make it easier for me to swallow this bitter juice that is being forced down my throat by my country.

Innocent before proven Guilty?

You are if you were born with White Skin or a silver spoon in your mouth.

Monday, April 28, 2008

You Big Dummy!!!

Josh Howard, a member of the Dallas Mavericks, did an interview on Michael Irving's radio show this past Friday.

Before I get started on this, let me be clear in saying that I am no fan of the Mavericks. I think they are weak, and they don't have the balls or the mental strengh to win when it comes down to the big game. There are a few exceptions on this squad, Jerry Stackhouse,Jason Kidd and Brandon Bass are a few names that come to mind.

As a whole they rely too much on Dirk Nowitzki, who has proven time and time again that he does not have the balls to lead a team. The Dallas Mavericks will never win a championship with the team they have now.

Saying that, let me say this....

Josh Howard is a pretty good baller. If he were on another team he probably would be an All star.


During the above mentioned interview with Michael Irving, he proved that money cannot buy intelligence.

During this interview Josh Howard admitted that he smoked weed during the off season.

One more time....

During this interview Josh Howard admitted that he smoked weed during the off season.

Does anyone reading this see the stupidity in that?

Smoking weed will get this boy fined, he will lose all his endorsements and the NBA might suspend him.

Drugs of any kind is a big no-no in all professional sports. Does Barry Bonds ring any bells with anyone?

WTF was this boy thinking?

Up until now he has not given his employers (The NBA and the Dallas Mavericks)any reason to suspect that he was doing anything illegal.

News flash Mr. Howard.....

Smoking weed is ILLEGAL!!!!

Why do young Black Multimillionaires do stupid shit to draw attention tho themselves?

Is the pressure of getting paid more money than the average American will see in 4 lifetimes that damn stressful?

What is so bad about getting paid millions of dollars to pay a CHILD'S game?

People I know smoke weed to calm their nerves after a stressful day. The people I know smoke blunts to relax.

Is playing a GAME that bad on the nerves?

If my company did not make me pee in a cup at random, I would definitely be one of the millions that get lifted. In my younger days I would light up a Philly quick. But now I am like the average American. I have a family to support and I needs my paper, I don't need to give Mr. Charlie any reasons to not pay me or to replace my Black ass with a Mexican. (No offense to my Hispanic brothers and sisters, but you know what's up).

For the life of me I don't understand some young Black Men. I wonder if they stop to think about the millions of kids that look up to them and want to emulate them.

Well, all I can say is we need less Baby Mama's and Baby Daddies, and more Wife's and Husbands. Maybe then, our young boy's (and girls) will grow up to be men (and women)and leave the little boy's (and girls)in the pictures above their parents fireplaces.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just when you thought he could go no lower.....

Before I get started with this early Sunday morning rant(I need to hurry this post up.. Rev Jeremiah Wright is going to be speaking at the church I attend (occasionally) this morning, Friendship West Baptist)I need to send a shout to my man Folk over at Black Folks Don't Swim.blogspot.com He has tagged me to participate in a little "get to know your fellow blogger" deal. I have to tell the world 6 things that most people would never guess about me. I also have to tag 6 other bloggers and link them in a post. Well I had my 6 things all ready to go, but for some reason Blogspot will not let me link anything. And since I am not the one to do anything half-ass, I have to get this straightened out before I hang my dirty drawers on the fence. So Folk I am not ignoring you, I just need to get my shyte straight first.

That being said, back to my rant.

I was over at DJ Black Adams site last night and I read a post that deeply disturbed me. It seems that Damon Wayans is up to his bullshit again. He has a skit on Way-out TV that is very, for lack of a better term, Fucked up. This skit is called "Abortion Man".

The skit starts off with a young Black man spending his time doing (what else) playing Video Games. He receives a call from his girlfriend that he reluctantly accepts since the game he is playing is more important than she is. She tells him that she is pregnant with his child. He asks the Chris Rock line "so what you gonna do?" He then proceeds to fake that he is happy, and of course she believes her "man". After the call ends, this boy sticks his head out of his apartment window and yells for help. Abortion Man shows up and tells this boy not to worry. Abortion Man then hunts down this boys Babies Mama, accosts her, punches her in the stomach, pushes her down and stomps her until a bloody fetus pops out of her body. Abortion man then flies back to the boys apartment,daps it up with the boy and the skit ends.

Now I have to ask, what the fuck is wrong with that fake-ass black man Damon Wayans?
First, he tried to get a patent for the word NIGGER to use for a clothing line, then he goes on The View and defends Imus for degrading Black women and now he is beating up pregnant young Black Women?

And this shit is supposed to be funny?

I swear before God I will never support anything (or his family for that matter, he had to learn this ignorant-ass behavior from someone) that this NIGGER does ever again.

He is a the true definition of a NIGGER.

His type of Black "men" is why real men like myself are always judged by other races before they meet me.

His type of Black "men" make me sick to my stomach.

The power of the dollar.

Fucking Sell-out ass motherfucker.

I wonder how this NIGGER would feel if "Abortion Man" paid a visit to his 2 daughters?

I apologize for the vulgar content of this post, but I cannot stand for bullshit of this magnitude.

As my man the Field would say, this is real House Negro Behavior.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dreams vs.Hill-Billy

I had a rather pleasant dream last night, and then I woke up this morning.

In my dream Barack Obama crushed Hill-Billy in PA. He not only won in Philly, but out in the sticks as well.

In my dream Hill-Billy conceded and told America that she is truly grateful for the support that she really did not deserve. She thanked all the people in the "little" states and she added how much she really appreciated the low turnout for her during all those earlier caucuses. She apologized to all the Black Americans that she and her husband offended during the course of this little title fight. She pledged that she would keep trying to unite these divided states and that she would continue to fight for the will of the people, not the will of the Clinton's.

In my dream she apologized to the American Public about all the negativity that she has shown her opponent and all the lies about her experience of "running" the country while serving as first lady. She apologized to all the young women in the country that admired her "strength" amid all the adversity she has faced in her "tortured" life as a pampered rich girl growing up in the lily white suburbs of Chicago. She also pointed out the fact that a woman cannot talk about how strong she is and how much of a fighter she is one minute and then turn around and start complaining about how hard it is to be a woman in America the next. She reminded all the young people aspiring to be politicians that negative campaigning is not always a good thing. She told all the youngsters that the truth is always the best campaign strategy, and that the truth will always win over lies.

In the end of my dream she told the American public that although she still thinks that she would make a better President than Obama, she feels that she must step aside for the benefit of the American public and also for the benefit of the Dum-o-cratic party.

Yes dear readers...

I had a pleasant dream last night... And then I woke up this morning.

Monday, April 21, 2008

I can take a bite of your candy.... But if you take a bite of mine, I have to throw it away

On my 40 minute commute home from work every afternoon, I listen to the Michael Baisden show. Today's topic was why do people cheat on their significant others.

Well I have an opinion on why men cheat. This is only my opinion, so to all the ladies that read my blog, please keep your comments clean. LOL.

Anyway, here is my two cents.

I think that men cheat on their wife's, fiance's and girlfriends (does a girlfriend that you have not really made a commitment to count?) because they are not happy at home. I believe that if a man is truly satisfied at home he will not go outside his home. The old saying that a man will be a man is bullshit. If a man loves his family,his wife,babies mama or whatever, and she is doing everything that she was doing in the very beginning of the relationship, then her man will not cheat.
He might be tempted, believe me, we do get tempted, but when it comes time to do the do, a picture of his family will pop up in his mind and he will not do it.

Believe me,I have been there and done that.

But the key is that the man has to be SATISFIED.

In all counts.

That means mentally, physically, sexually and all the other "ly's" that constitute a healthy relationship.

If one of the above mentioned "ly's" are missing, then, Houston we have a problem.

No pun intended here, but men ARE just like Dogs.

If you feed and water a dog everyday, that dog will be at your beck and call.
But if you stop watering your dog, then your dog will go next door and quench his thirst. He might come back after drinking his fill to get his kibbles and bits from you, but you best believe that he is getting his water elsewhere.

In order to keep a man, a woman has to do the same things she did to get her man. And vice verse of course.

As to why a woman cheats, I believe that women cheat for pretty much the same reasons. They are not satisfied. But women tend to stick with their main dish for a little longer than we do. A woman will drop hints, and sometimes a woman will be straight up about what she needs her man to do. And if her hints are ignored, then again... Houston we have a problem.

When a woman cheats it is always a last resort. She is fed up, so she does not think about the consequences. She just goes out and does it. But she already knows who she is going to cheat with, all it takes for a man is a warm body and a heartbeat. A woman plans her affairs, a man takes whomever he can get first.

So what does it take to keep our marriages in grade A condition?

Communication,Paying attention to one another, and doing and saying the things you said and done while you were dating.

So there you have it.

Relationship 101 by your man Dirty Red.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's time to sh-t or get off the pot

I watched some of the Democratic Debates last night, and I did not come away with a good feeling. I have posted about this before, but how many times can these two candidates debate about the same shit? If a person does not know by now who their candidate is, they are either slow, or they don't plan on voting. So what is the point of all these damn debates?

Has any of the issues that are affecting the average American changed?

Uhhh.. Let me see....

Gas Prices... Still threw the roof.... And Rising to the Moon.

Soldiers are still dying in Iraq.

People are still faced with the choice of getting their medications or food.

People are still getting kicked out of their homes.

Young Black men are still killing young Black men.

CEO'S of major corporations are still getting 7 and 8 figure bonuses while their companies are sending jobs to India and China.

Teens in High School are still dropping out of school at an alarming rate. ( I saw on the local news last night that DISD, Dallas Independent School District, is MISSING $52,000,000 from it's annual budget. They are reporting that some teachers will not get paid. How the hell can $52,000,000 come up missing?)

Do I need to continue?

But instead of using the hour that was slotted for this bullshit-ass mud slinging contest to address the above mentioned problems, one of the two leading candidates (Hill-Billy) spent 45 minutes last night throwing dirt on her opponent. While the other candidate (Big O) spent 45 minutes trying to wipe the dirt out of his eyes, nose and mouth.

Nothing of any substance was talked about until the last 20 or 30 minutes of the damn debate.


Do you really care what Big O said about rural America?

What about.. Are you sick and tired of hearing about Reverend Wright?

What is more important to you... A candidate (Big O) telling the truth about how people are feeling in places where jobs have disappeared and the cost of living has risen, or a candidate lying about her experience? And then when said candidate (Hill-Billy) gets fronted about her lie, all she can say is "I MIS-SPOKE"? What the hell is "MIS-SPOKE"? Is that even a damn word?

Naaa Bitch, you LIED!! What else have you lied about,huh, Mrs. "I MIS-SPOKE"?

I understand that politics is not a game for the weak hearted, but damn, since when did it become fashionable to publicly tell a bold-faced lie, get caught and then say fuck-it, either you like me or you don't?

And there are people who still support this woman? This is definitely a thing that makes you go HMMMM.

So in my opinion, if a person has not made up their mind by now on which Presidential candidate to support....


Last night's "debate" (I use that word loosely) probably did not make them get off the fence they are straddling.

Hill-Billy.... A proven Liar and a Power Freak.

Or Big O.... A breath of fresh air.. (once you filter out all the smoke and mirrors.)

Who will you choose?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Texas Blues

I am having mixed feelings about living in Texas.

Granted Dallas is a pretty nice place to live, I really want to go back to the east side of our great country. I went back home this past weekend to visit relatives, and I did not want to come back to the Lone Star State. It was never my intention to be here this damn long, but wifey loves it here. She has told me that it has been her dream since child-hood to live in Dallas.

Why Dallas?

I have no clue.

But I never thought that I would make Texas my home.

Dallas is a cool place. There is always plenty to do here. There is a large African American community and crime is below average for a city this large. And this is a VERY large city. Houses are cheap, the schools (in the suberbs) are decent and the cost of living is dirt cheap. The price I paid for my 4 bedroom, two car garage, nice yard house would have probably gotten me a 1 bedroom condo in Maryland.


I miss the East.
I miss the hustle and bustle.
I miss the crab-cakes and fresh fish (I am alergic to seafood, but Benadril is my bestest friend, all they eat out here is catfish).
I miss the train. Gas out here is killing me. Public Transportation out here is PITIFUL.
I miss being able to drive 3 hours south and be at my Grandmother's front door, or drive 1.5 hours northwest and be in Philly, or 2.5 or 3 hours at the most and be in Brooklyn.
I miss the different music. There is no GO-GO, hardly any reggae. There is some nice jazz here, but the whole scene out here is totally different.

I just miss HOME.

Dallas is not my home.

This is just where I live.

Granted, this is where God placed me for the moment, I cannot see being here for decades.

The East is calling me.
My heart is on the East Coast of this great country of ours.

When the East is in the house, OH MY GOD!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I am a GROWN-ASS man!!

Lil Wayne has a song that is getting played to death on both of Dallas's Hip-Hop stations called "I'm Me". This is a tight song. Lil Wayne is a lyrical monster. I do not agree with all of the ways that he expresses his self in his music, but I always find myself listening when ever I hear a song that he is featured on.


I would never spend my money on buying any of his music. If I hear it on the radio that's different.I cannot see myself, a 36 year old, GROWN-ASS man going into a music store asking for a CD that was made by a little kid that was born after I graduated from high school, but that is just me and this is just my opinion.

That brings me to the topic of this expression of my "lyrical" skills.

When is a GROWN-ASS man too grown to do the things he used to do?

When do we GROWN-ASS men decide to pass the torch to our sons, nephews and cousins?

I ask this because I see plenty of GROWN-ASS men everyday. I see men my age that are dressed respectable, they are respectful towards women and their elders, and they are raising their kids to be respectful. I also see younger men doing all the above mentioned things.

But on the flip-side, I see GROWN-ASS men, (and let me clarify what I consider a GROWN-ASS man. A GROWN-ASS man is a man over the age of 21), that are still walking around in public with their pants down around their ankles, still wearing corn-rolls in their head, they are always loud and obnoxious in public, every woman they know is a bitch or a hoe, and they are constantly talking to their GROWN-ASS counterparts about how tight the latest Lil Wayne video is, or they are bragging about how good they are at Madden 08.

Now what is wrong with the picture I have just described?

I do not know if this is a cultural thing. I cannot say for a fact that White, Hispanic or Asian GROWN-ASS men do not behave the same way. I can only speak for what I see, and that is black GROWN-ASS men.

It is a damn shame there are some GROWN-ASS men that can name every new rap CD that is about to drop, but if you ask them who their Congress person is or who their senator is, they don't know.

It is a damn shame that there are some GROWN-ASS men that still do not have a checking account.

It is a damn shame that there are some GROWN-ASS men that still think it is cool to hang out in front of the local high school after the final bell rings for the day.

It is a damn shame that there are so many GROWN-ASS men that are still depending on a woman or their mother to provide them with the basic necessities of life.

So again the question, when is a GROWN-ASS man truly GROWN?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Damn you look good! Your Hired!!


If you were an HR director, and you were conducting interviews for an open position within your organazation, would you consider an average looking person as a potential employee, or would you hire a person that is drop dead gourgeous?

Who would you offer the position too? The balding, overweight guy with the Masters' degree and 10 years experiance, or the Swimsuit model that only has a few college courses and no experiance?

This question sounds like a no brainer. If this were a perfect world, the Fat Guy would have the job hand's down. But we all know that this is far from a perfect world.

A study was conducted here in America (and I am asuming that this applies to every "modern" country)that the better a person looks, the more likely that person will get promotions, raises and overall better treatment by employees, bosses and average everyday people.

So does that make Americans vain? Does that do away with the saying that Looks don't matter? What about the saying "Beauty is only skin deep?"

I have been guilty of judging people based on looks myself. I see all types of people everyday. Fine people, ugly people, average people and just plain people people. I know (and I am ashamed to say this) I have bumped pretty women to the head of the waiting list to be seen in my office, I have even handed out "hook-ups" to pretty women that did not have all their paperwork in order. I have pretty much given all the guys that cross my desk the same treatment no matter what they looked like. I guess that is just a guy thing, but a fine woman.... Well, I am a normal man after all.


What does that say about me?

What does that say about our society?

I have known several women over my short time on this Earth that were so fine that you forget who you are everytime you see them. But they were the "ugliest" people I have ever met. I have known several women that are so ugly that everytime you see them, you have to get a mirror and look at yourself to make sure you ain't that messed up. But they were some of the beautifullest women you could ever meet.

So who would I hire?

The amnesia woman?

Or the jump back and check myself woman?

Who would you hire?

I cannot answer my own question, because I honestly don't know.

And that is a damn shame.