Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Damn you look good! Your Hired!!


If you were an HR director, and you were conducting interviews for an open position within your organazation, would you consider an average looking person as a potential employee, or would you hire a person that is drop dead gourgeous?

Who would you offer the position too? The balding, overweight guy with the Masters' degree and 10 years experiance, or the Swimsuit model that only has a few college courses and no experiance?

This question sounds like a no brainer. If this were a perfect world, the Fat Guy would have the job hand's down. But we all know that this is far from a perfect world.

A study was conducted here in America (and I am asuming that this applies to every "modern" country)that the better a person looks, the more likely that person will get promotions, raises and overall better treatment by employees, bosses and average everyday people.

So does that make Americans vain? Does that do away with the saying that Looks don't matter? What about the saying "Beauty is only skin deep?"

I have been guilty of judging people based on looks myself. I see all types of people everyday. Fine people, ugly people, average people and just plain people people. I know (and I am ashamed to say this) I have bumped pretty women to the head of the waiting list to be seen in my office, I have even handed out "hook-ups" to pretty women that did not have all their paperwork in order. I have pretty much given all the guys that cross my desk the same treatment no matter what they looked like. I guess that is just a guy thing, but a fine woman.... Well, I am a normal man after all.


What does that say about me?

What does that say about our society?

I have known several women over my short time on this Earth that were so fine that you forget who you are everytime you see them. But they were the "ugliest" people I have ever met. I have known several women that are so ugly that everytime you see them, you have to get a mirror and look at yourself to make sure you ain't that messed up. But they were some of the beautifullest women you could ever meet.

So who would I hire?

The amnesia woman?

Or the jump back and check myself woman?

Who would you hire?

I cannot answer my own question, because I honestly don't know.

And that is a damn shame.


Kieya said...

I don't think I could answer that either....but I feel like my conscience would kick in & I'd feel like crap...

David Sullivan said...

As a person who has hired many an employee your bad employees come back to bite you in the ass, so I don't base my hiring decisions on anything but compatibility and my gut feeling on how the would perform. If they are smoking HOT then that's just icing on the cake...high five!

Invisible Woman said...

I agree with David.

ZACK said...

yeah, i co-sign on what David said as well.

AQUILOGY said...

Honestly, I would hire hot women and ugly guys. by doing that i make sure I'm the only decent looking guy in the company with hot female employees!!!

truth said...

Good post,
For men, it also helps if your 6'2 or above, they get paid more as well. It just might be an evolutionary instinct thing, the more beautiful women you have around you to choose from, the more you'll want to procreate with them. Even though you really cannot do that! This is just who we are, I guess.

chocolate_matters said...

@ Truth comment: it also helps if your 6'2 or above, they get paid more as well
Please tell me you are kidding right? It is bad enough short brothers face discrimination by women now you tell me I face discrimination in my employment prospects because of my stature?

As for the current topic at hand, there is more to a woman than a big booty and a smile. As you stated in your post some of the most beautiful people can be the most ugliest inside. It is that rare occasion however where beauty meets brains.

Vee said...

Here's an answer.

If that balding Fat Guy with experience and the Masters' degree is not personable he may be overlooked. If hired, I doubt he will be quickly promoted over the years.

Beauty is often associated with success. Darwins famous theory discusses this. If you have those attractive traits, your chance of survival and success increases. Height, stature, beauty, intelligence all matters. How you present yourself is everything. How much success you project is a huge factor. I hear that some politicians are getting botox to appear younger and more attractive.

You're human, it is understandable. Is it fair? No, but that's the way the world works.

Here's a sad but honest truth. A largely successful guy in his late-30s, early 40s would choose:
A. A young not-so-success beautiful waitress (or media socialite,) with some money.
B. A very successful business-women in her mid-30s, late 40s.

If I owned a bar, who would I hire?
A. A young hot girl, who's not really experienced.
B. Or an experienced bartender who does'nt have the looks.
Answer: (A) all day, and twice on Fridays!

To wit, at the age of 60 Paul McCartney married a former model in Heather Mills who was nearly half his age. His previous wife, Linda McCartney was only 1 year younger than him.