Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dreams vs.Hill-Billy

I had a rather pleasant dream last night, and then I woke up this morning.

In my dream Barack Obama crushed Hill-Billy in PA. He not only won in Philly, but out in the sticks as well.

In my dream Hill-Billy conceded and told America that she is truly grateful for the support that she really did not deserve. She thanked all the people in the "little" states and she added how much she really appreciated the low turnout for her during all those earlier caucuses. She apologized to all the Black Americans that she and her husband offended during the course of this little title fight. She pledged that she would keep trying to unite these divided states and that she would continue to fight for the will of the people, not the will of the Clinton's.

In my dream she apologized to the American Public about all the negativity that she has shown her opponent and all the lies about her experience of "running" the country while serving as first lady. She apologized to all the young women in the country that admired her "strength" amid all the adversity she has faced in her "tortured" life as a pampered rich girl growing up in the lily white suburbs of Chicago. She also pointed out the fact that a woman cannot talk about how strong she is and how much of a fighter she is one minute and then turn around and start complaining about how hard it is to be a woman in America the next. She reminded all the young people aspiring to be politicians that negative campaigning is not always a good thing. She told all the youngsters that the truth is always the best campaign strategy, and that the truth will always win over lies.

In the end of my dream she told the American public that although she still thinks that she would make a better President than Obama, she feels that she must step aside for the benefit of the American public and also for the benefit of the Dum-o-cratic party.

Yes dear readers...

I had a pleasant dream last night... And then I woke up this morning.


ZACK said...

Well, go back to sleep because that's the only way we'll have a black President. (No offense, dude)

Obama didn't lose because he called them bitter. He lost because they feel bitter...about a black man telling them that he knows how they feel. It was a reversal of the fortunes. Whites are usually supposed to tell blacks that they empathize with our suffering, not vice versa.

He might lose another primary if he's not careful with his diction and/or verbiage.

Stay tuned. Hillary is not going to lose the nomination without a fight. But I could care less who wins because all 3 contenders are liars in my book.

chocolate_matters said...

you are a dreamer...

truth said...

Great post,
Hillary will never apologize for her behavior during this campaign. She is power hungry and will not give up until the very end.

Obama made the mistake of talking a little bit too much. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened in Pennsylvania, had he not made the "bitter" comment.

It's not that I think he was wrong, it was just not necessary to say.

Mad Hatter said...

The Dum-o-cratic party.

That's interesting.

chocolate_matters said...

Let me expand on my earlier comments. Yes you are a dreamer but then that is who Obama is speaking to. People who wish for and want change. Billary and McCain are for the old style of politics. This is where Billary's experience works against her. Yeah you have experience, experience in doing the wrong things over and over again. McCain wants the "stay the course" on Bush policies.
I don't know about how everyone else feels but I am getting this feeling in the pit of my stomach as I type this. This election process is making me uneasy. I have a sense that once again in 08 we will once again get bamboozled. So while you are dreaming I am having a nightmare.

Folk said...

As always great views.

BTW, I'm tagging you. check my blog for the details. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

good post...I wish your dream would come through.