Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's Just-Us

The man pictured above is the first Black District Attorney in Texas history, District Attorney Craig Watkins. During the course of his first term as Dallas County DA, he has gotten pardons for 16 men who were wrongly convicted by the American Just-Us system. The latest man that has been granted his freedom was convicted in 1981 of a rape he did not commit. He has spent the last 27 years as an innocent man lost in the system, put there by a racist jury and an even more racist judge.

As you might have guessed, most of the men who were found innocent DECADES after having their life taken from them, are Black. No one listened to them when they proclaimed their innocence.

No one listened.

Now people are being forced to listen. America is being forced to see that it's so called "freedom for all" is a bunch of Bullshit.

Thousands of Black men are convicted each year behind lying witnesses, biased juries, and racists judges.

To me it is not hard to see the reason that so many Black Men kill other Black Men. In the American Just-Us System a Black Life has no value. How else can you explain why so many Black Men lose the most productive parts of their lives by being locked up for crimes they did not commit? How else can you explain how our "law enforcement" officers can shoot at an unarmed man 50 times, kill him, and walk out of the courtroom to applause?

What would happen if the guy that was shot at 50 times were White, Blond haired with Blue eyes? Things that make you go Hmmmm.

I am not saying that all the Black Men that are in prison are Innocent. The majority of those Negros need to be right where they are at. I know a few that need to be locked up that are still walking around breathing free air.


The majority of wrongly convicted men in prisons are Black. Does that mean Black Men commit more crimes?

Of course not.

What it means is that we are labeled. We are judged before we are even born.

Black men are told from birth that we are more prone to die from a violent act than any other race. We are told that the chances that we will end up in prison are 4 out of 10. We are told that our lives do not mean anything by the music we listen to, by the movies we watch and by the news that is broadcast 24 hours a day.

So it is no shock to me that another Black man was exonerated after being wrongfully convicted.

Sometimes it seems to me that the only people that actually see how this country is are born Black.

Sometimes I think that the majority of White People in this country walk around with computer enhanced blinders on.

Through these blinders (that must be issued at every White Birth),they see a fair and balanced America. They see an America where any person can become successful through hard work. They see an America where the American Dream is actually attainable.

I however was born with eyes that see the truth.
There is no "American Dream".
There is no American "JUSTICE" system. At least not for me or men that look like me.
I see that I have to WORK 5 times harder than my white counterpart just to get what is GIVEN to them by their being born white in America.
I see that if I am pulled over by our "law enforcement" officers, I damn near have to strip down butt booty blessed naked to avoid being shot at 50 times because they fear I have a weapon on me.

Now granted, this does not apply to all White Americans. There are a few that are struggling to survive just like me.

But that does not make it easier for me to swallow this bitter juice that is being forced down my throat by my country.

Innocent before proven Guilty?

You are if you were born with White Skin or a silver spoon in your mouth.


truth said...

I could not have said it any better, excellent post.

brran1 said...

We already know. If that was a white guy that worked on Wall Street and all those cops were black. They'd probably lose everything except the fillings in their teeth. It's a damn shame.

ZACK said...

Excellent post! (I got tired of saying "Great post")

I feel that the Sean Bell situation is a reminder that history NOT LEARNED repeats itself. This injustice happened in 1956 in Money, MS when a lady named Ms. Mamie Till wanted justice for her son.

However, African Americans can change history by using our disposable income for education. You might not be able to attend law school, but at least take a criminal justice class at the community college.

Never stop learning, because learning is a change in behavior. And to change the behavior of others, we must learn about them first.

Kieya said...

You see we know how things are, but the only way people will even entertain our "tall tales" as truth is if its supported by a study w/empirical truth.

you thoughts are a little to rioutous my friend. u might wanna cool all that down cuz its unpatriotic *rolls eyes* lol

Folk said...

...and the church said "Amen."