Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just when you thought he could go no lower.....

Before I get started with this early Sunday morning rant(I need to hurry this post up.. Rev Jeremiah Wright is going to be speaking at the church I attend (occasionally) this morning, Friendship West Baptist)I need to send a shout to my man Folk over at Black Folks Don't He has tagged me to participate in a little "get to know your fellow blogger" deal. I have to tell the world 6 things that most people would never guess about me. I also have to tag 6 other bloggers and link them in a post. Well I had my 6 things all ready to go, but for some reason Blogspot will not let me link anything. And since I am not the one to do anything half-ass, I have to get this straightened out before I hang my dirty drawers on the fence. So Folk I am not ignoring you, I just need to get my shyte straight first.

That being said, back to my rant.

I was over at DJ Black Adams site last night and I read a post that deeply disturbed me. It seems that Damon Wayans is up to his bullshit again. He has a skit on Way-out TV that is very, for lack of a better term, Fucked up. This skit is called "Abortion Man".

The skit starts off with a young Black man spending his time doing (what else) playing Video Games. He receives a call from his girlfriend that he reluctantly accepts since the game he is playing is more important than she is. She tells him that she is pregnant with his child. He asks the Chris Rock line "so what you gonna do?" He then proceeds to fake that he is happy, and of course she believes her "man". After the call ends, this boy sticks his head out of his apartment window and yells for help. Abortion Man shows up and tells this boy not to worry. Abortion Man then hunts down this boys Babies Mama, accosts her, punches her in the stomach, pushes her down and stomps her until a bloody fetus pops out of her body. Abortion man then flies back to the boys apartment,daps it up with the boy and the skit ends.

Now I have to ask, what the fuck is wrong with that fake-ass black man Damon Wayans?
First, he tried to get a patent for the word NIGGER to use for a clothing line, then he goes on The View and defends Imus for degrading Black women and now he is beating up pregnant young Black Women?

And this shit is supposed to be funny?

I swear before God I will never support anything (or his family for that matter, he had to learn this ignorant-ass behavior from someone) that this NIGGER does ever again.

He is a the true definition of a NIGGER.

His type of Black "men" is why real men like myself are always judged by other races before they meet me.

His type of Black "men" make me sick to my stomach.

The power of the dollar.

Fucking Sell-out ass motherfucker.

I wonder how this NIGGER would feel if "Abortion Man" paid a visit to his 2 daughters?

I apologize for the vulgar content of this post, but I cannot stand for bullshit of this magnitude.

As my man the Field would say, this is real House Negro Behavior.


Bedlam said...

As long as Black Folk continue to support this family, nothing will change. Don't apologize for you language call that mutherfucker what he is a mutherfuckingnigga. We as the black race has stooped to the lowest level of letting celebrities alter the way we think, change the way we dress, give us a niggerized language, and have not showed the black population anything about financial security, oh we have seen their big houses, cars, lavish lifestyles, (who givs a @#$%). Don't support this trick, and ALL MEANS NECESSARY, don't support his fuc@#$@ up brothers. How can something like this be aired anyway, and trust me alot of blacks laughed their asses off, POP!! they need to have the @#$% slapped out of them.

It's gonna be BEDLAM

Kei's Revelation said...

This definitely left me deep in thought...

ZACK said...


You talkin' bout goin to hear Rev. Wright- you're the real preacher now.

I actually wrote a post about Wayans but deleted it because I didn't even want to give that dude publicity.

His latest skit shows that he could be on the down low. And I know that posted about men judging other men, but at least he's given us reason to judge him. He and his male relatives are always doing vulgar things with other men in their sketches and movies. Makes me raise an eyebrow every time they do.

GREAT, GREAT POST! You're a good man in my book.

Kriss said...

When you cease to be relevant, you come out with the outlandish to get back in the spotlight. Damon Wayans has been about Damon Wayans for the last few years now. If it's not about Damon Wayans making more money then Damon Wayans isn't interested in it. He was involved in some other "House Negro" behavior a few years back but I can't seem to remember what it was.

truth said...

Great post,
I have never cared for him or anyone in his family, for that matter. He should watch the movie he appeared in back 2001, Bamboozled. He's selling out in real life, just like he did in that movie. Disgusting!

Invisible Woman said...

Well said, curse words and all...

Jackie said...

The saddest thing is he is talented. Talent wasted. We need to make sure Damon becomes "Jobless Man".
Thanks for the post.

mrshadow33 said...

Amen my Brother! This House N***a scum needs to be tarred and feathered for his sick ass attitude and actions towards our Black Women.F**k him!

Kieya said...

And you know what's worse.

He has sons that I'm sure have been influenced by his way of thinking.

I saw that video over at whataboutourdaughters & I was sick.

Absolutely sickened.