Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Texas Blues

I am having mixed feelings about living in Texas.

Granted Dallas is a pretty nice place to live, I really want to go back to the east side of our great country. I went back home this past weekend to visit relatives, and I did not want to come back to the Lone Star State. It was never my intention to be here this damn long, but wifey loves it here. She has told me that it has been her dream since child-hood to live in Dallas.

Why Dallas?

I have no clue.

But I never thought that I would make Texas my home.

Dallas is a cool place. There is always plenty to do here. There is a large African American community and crime is below average for a city this large. And this is a VERY large city. Houses are cheap, the schools (in the suberbs) are decent and the cost of living is dirt cheap. The price I paid for my 4 bedroom, two car garage, nice yard house would have probably gotten me a 1 bedroom condo in Maryland.


I miss the East.
I miss the hustle and bustle.
I miss the crab-cakes and fresh fish (I am alergic to seafood, but Benadril is my bestest friend, all they eat out here is catfish).
I miss the train. Gas out here is killing me. Public Transportation out here is PITIFUL.
I miss being able to drive 3 hours south and be at my Grandmother's front door, or drive 1.5 hours northwest and be in Philly, or 2.5 or 3 hours at the most and be in Brooklyn.
I miss the different music. There is no GO-GO, hardly any reggae. There is some nice jazz here, but the whole scene out here is totally different.

I just miss HOME.

Dallas is not my home.

This is just where I live.

Granted, this is where God placed me for the moment, I cannot see being here for decades.

The East is calling me.
My heart is on the East Coast of this great country of ours.

When the East is in the house, OH MY GOD!!!


ZACK said...

Actually, I heard that Dallas was rather dangerous. Especially since my grad school classmate is from there. But to each his own...

I think we all get homesick sometimes....even in our own homes.

Okay, that made absolutely no sense, but then again, it came from me. ;)

Kieya said...

Yea, I'm a city girl. Although I used to live in the islands & I'll go back in a second, for now I'm straight city. And I do love me some seafood...and yes I'm allergic as well but I like living on the edge lol

brran1 said...

So I guess it's safe to assume that you're from the DC-Baltimore Area as well. Being from Baltimore,I understand how you feel. When my family lived in the far suburbs of Chicago (an hour+ commute time to the city, we were literally 5-10 minutes from the IL-WI state border, I missed Baltimore like crazy. And it's funny how everyone thought we were from NY.

Like you, I missed the hustle and bustle, the people, the food, the culture.. I just missed living on the east coast. And now that I'm back in Baltimore, I can't wait to

I've always said that no-one would ever get me off of the east coast again. The only way that would happen is if I was moving to Atlanta or back to the CITY of Chicago.

I've grown accustomed to being able to shoot to NYC for a day or two if I wanted or to even hit up DC for carnival or Howard's Homecoming. Or even to hit up Philly for a cheesesteak every now and again.

I hate to say this being from Baltimore and all, but I listen to way more GO-GO than I listen to club music nowadays. I can give you the info on some sites that have free go-go music if you want.

You think you would have any luck changing Mrs. DR's mind about being in Dallas?

Dirty Red said...

Yeah Man you got me.

My Folks live in PG County. I got a couple of Aunts, and couisins in B-MO, but the only thing I could tell you about your stomping grounds is that yall niggas are crazy! I stay on my side of the Potomac if you feel what what I'm saying. Anyway I would really appreciate the sites you mentioned.. Hit me back with them whenever you get a chance.

Dirty Red said...

Dallas is really a cool place. There are certain parts of the city where you might get hit in the head for your rims or your watch, but man you are from the Chi, With the war between the Folk and People nations up there in the Windy, I would prefer to be down here, thank you very much.LOL.

I guess you are right though, I am probably just home sick.

chocolate_matters said...

That is the one thing I liked about living in Delaware (or Delawhere?) I was a drive away from B-More, Philly and NY.

Living in Baltimore was ok but there was a lot of bad stuff that happened there that left a bad taste in my mouth. That beltway was not joke and I avoided it at all cost.
I also found driving on North Avenue everyday for work to be very depressing. All those row house vacant and boarded up. I also never understood the little hand signals that the people on the sides would give looking for a free ride. Like I said it was weird.
When I worked as a substitute teacher in the city, the kids would make fun of my accent, I guess I had a hybrid accent NY/DE and now MD. Oh well...
I heard good things about PG County, I know it is mostly black and is really growing. I lived in Howard county and that was a really weird experience. I know it is a planned community so everything is, how do you say, in its place.
I don't know what to tell you but to make the best of your situation and try to find ways to persuade your significant other to move on this side of the country. Good luck.

brran1 said...

What Up DR,

Check out