Monday, April 28, 2008

You Big Dummy!!!

Josh Howard, a member of the Dallas Mavericks, did an interview on Michael Irving's radio show this past Friday.

Before I get started on this, let me be clear in saying that I am no fan of the Mavericks. I think they are weak, and they don't have the balls or the mental strengh to win when it comes down to the big game. There are a few exceptions on this squad, Jerry Stackhouse,Jason Kidd and Brandon Bass are a few names that come to mind.

As a whole they rely too much on Dirk Nowitzki, who has proven time and time again that he does not have the balls to lead a team. The Dallas Mavericks will never win a championship with the team they have now.

Saying that, let me say this....

Josh Howard is a pretty good baller. If he were on another team he probably would be an All star.


During the above mentioned interview with Michael Irving, he proved that money cannot buy intelligence.

During this interview Josh Howard admitted that he smoked weed during the off season.

One more time....

During this interview Josh Howard admitted that he smoked weed during the off season.

Does anyone reading this see the stupidity in that?

Smoking weed will get this boy fined, he will lose all his endorsements and the NBA might suspend him.

Drugs of any kind is a big no-no in all professional sports. Does Barry Bonds ring any bells with anyone?

WTF was this boy thinking?

Up until now he has not given his employers (The NBA and the Dallas Mavericks)any reason to suspect that he was doing anything illegal.

News flash Mr. Howard.....

Smoking weed is ILLEGAL!!!!

Why do young Black Multimillionaires do stupid shit to draw attention tho themselves?

Is the pressure of getting paid more money than the average American will see in 4 lifetimes that damn stressful?

What is so bad about getting paid millions of dollars to pay a CHILD'S game?

People I know smoke weed to calm their nerves after a stressful day. The people I know smoke blunts to relax.

Is playing a GAME that bad on the nerves?

If my company did not make me pee in a cup at random, I would definitely be one of the millions that get lifted. In my younger days I would light up a Philly quick. But now I am like the average American. I have a family to support and I needs my paper, I don't need to give Mr. Charlie any reasons to not pay me or to replace my Black ass with a Mexican. (No offense to my Hispanic brothers and sisters, but you know what's up).

For the life of me I don't understand some young Black Men. I wonder if they stop to think about the millions of kids that look up to them and want to emulate them.

Well, all I can say is we need less Baby Mama's and Baby Daddies, and more Wife's and Husbands. Maybe then, our young boy's (and girls) will grow up to be men (and women)and leave the little boy's (and girls)in the pictures above their parents fireplaces.


ZACK said...

I'm glad that SOMEBODY reads my blog! Just kidding, B!

Great post! You really are a family man with important views on life.

This is why you are on my blogroll. You're a real dude.

Anonymous said...

You're right...children who grow up in a complete family unit are more likely to turn out less like josh howard lol. What an idiot. Is smoking weed really that every-day in the black community that this fool feels the need to boast about it on radio? It is drug abuse for goodness sake. What about dealing with the ups and downs of life, as a sober person and not all this escapism.

Kieya said...

no he didn't.

no one can be that stupid.

nuh uh, no sir.