Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Hyprocrisy of our Democracy

The city of Farmers Branch, Texas was in the news again yesterday. This suburb of Dallas has tried to pass an ordinance that bans apartment complexes from renting to "illegal aliens". The ordinance passed through the city council with flying colors, but some of the citizens sued the city for discrimination and the bill got stalled. Well, yesterday the Texas Supremes ruled that the city had no right to even discuss this matter and they overturned the ordinance. They said that only the federal government has the right to decide what to do with people that are here "illegally". So the leaders of Farmers Branch are taking this all the way to DC to appeal to the big Supremes on the big hill.

This is my problem with this whole thing.

I have no problem with immigrants. My Grandparents came here from the Carribean. There is no one in America that can say that they are pure Americans. Unless of course you talk to Native Americans, and there are so few of them left who can find one to talk to? (that was a joke people... just a little jokey joke!!)


My problem is that I guess I am turning this into a Black thing. I am sorry, but I see everything as a Black thing. I know a time in this country not too long ago when Black people (naturalized American Citizens) could not rent apartments in certain areas. There was a time when Black People (naturalized American Citizens) could not go into certain restaurants, or could not use certain toilets in this great country of ours. There was a time in this great country of ours when Black People (naturalized American Citizens) would get stretched from a tree just by looking at a white man in the eye. To make matters worse, our own government did not lift a finger to help. As a matter of fact they condoned it.But through strengh, perseverance, heartbreak and much loss, that has changed. Now we can do pretty much anything and go where ever we want.

Now back to my problem.

If any American citizen, Black, White, Asian and even some Hispanic Americans, where to go into another country against that countries laws what kind of privileges do you think we would have?

Do you think we would be able to march in the streets and demand to be treated like citizens?

Do you think that that government would change it's street signs and have T.V. stations to accommodate our language?

Do you think we would be able to find jobs that ca tor to us and our cultures?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, do a little reading on Mexico and see how that country treats people that go there "illegally".

I know for a fact that if you could not speak the language, you would be lucky to get a job as a street sweeper.

And try conducting a "civil rights" march on foreign soil and see how long it is before you get beat down by the neighborhood cops and then get deported.

So why in the hell does the US just randomly GIVE out rights that my forefathers had to FIGHT and DIE to get?

What gives these new immigrants the right to demand that MY rights as a citizen that was paid for with the blood of my people, just be given to them?

That is my problem.

I could give a damn about how many immigrants want to come here. It is my government that I am sick of. Our Government and Big Business are using these poor people to make a profit, and they are using the accomplishments from my forefathers blood sweat and tears to do it.

And that just ain't right.


Beetlegeiss said...

Immigration: no problem

Legal Immigration: no problem.

Illegal immigration: problem.

There are people I know from Russia, one from South Africa, one from Iran and all of them could easily get deported for one reason or another.

Oh, you got a divorce? We're going to deport you.

Oh, quit school because you couldn't afford to keep going? We're going to deport you.

Mexico's economic problems are not ours. We have our own poor, our own hungry, our own tired that are being neglected.


If I don't show some sort of ID, guess what? I can't get in and see the fish! WTF!

This government and all the politicians have somebody elses interests at heart. I think they have since the day I was able to vote.

Beetle "Whitey" Geiss

David Sullivan said...

Google "Need not apply" and see what comes up. The Irish were equally discrimintaed against until they did one thing...infested government. They became the politicians, the police, the firemen, civil servants and from there were able to make changes. Because we weren't brought here on slave ship makes a huge difference, but the lesson is become part of the problem and you can fix the proiblem from the inside insted of trying to make changes from the outside.

truth said...

Great post,
America has always enjoyed having a cheap labor force, that's why our ancestors were brought to North America.

Imagine if Mexico was home to millions of Black people, who would illegally cross the border to find work. How long do you think it would take for "America" to build a wall on the southern border. I'll tell how long, that wall would have been built a hundred years ago.

ZACK said...

Watch it, Dirty Red! One of my maternal great-grandfathers was Native American. Naw, it's all good dude. Being 1/8 Native American doesn't do anything for me but make me lactose intolerant. (And that sucks).

You are absolutely right about how the government does things. But sometimes immigrants can feel a little too entitled. I dunno. Maybe I'm brainwashed by the conservative parts of the media.

--------- (I'm stealing the little divider thing from my blog buddy Vee)

As for my little Blog Roll Blues crap, I would never take you off my blog roll. It's a complicated situation. E-mail me.

Sauce said...

I totally agree with you on this post, my brother. I especially hate when I call a business and the message states if you speak spanish, press numero ocho. If I am seeking service, I usually hang up and try another business.

jjbrock said...

Great post but sad. illegal immigration will surely hurt us in the near future because they are not contributing to social security.

Social Security is based solely on every generation paying their part. With out working citizen putting in what's left for me to retire on?

Jazzylady said...

The problems I have with immigration are these; nearly one hundred years after the emancipation proclamation we finally gained our rights in this country because of Dr. King; we were finally free from all the laws, written and unwritten, that governed our lives, always separate but unequal, along with the hatred and the psychological warfare waged against us. We fought, we died, and eventually Dr. King was assassinated. Immigrants are coming to our country looking for the American dream of jobs and homes, the one we've been looking for all our lives. They're being given jobs which should rightly go to Americans. Not only that, because they don't press for benefits or decent wages, this drives down other wages and benefits wherever they are. I'm not against immigration, but just look at this way; they are standing on your shoulders getting everything you had to fight for - freely, with people petting them and saying aww, poor little immigrant, here let me give you things. And all those skilled crafts men jobs, carpentry, plumbing, bricklaying, construction? Those were jobs blacks were traditionally kept out of because they were held for whites only, plus being coveted union jobs, passed from one white relative to the next. Whites no longer take these jobs having used they excellent salaries to educate their own kids so they wouldn't have to work those jobs. Boyfriend could have used all that charisma of his to put reparations on the table, be he ain't about that noways. I'll welcome immigrants with open arms when I get reparations, not until then. I realize I may be dead before this happens.

Jibreel Riley said...

This is why I don't live in "black neighborhoods" despite being black because blacks will sell themselves short in the name of illegal immigration. Who is owning stores in "tha hood" immigrants (legal and illegal) while blacks are trying to open another night club or barber shop (illegals can cut hair too). Wait till when they get political and blacks will go the way of the Native Americas... wait even the Indians can get casinos what can blacks get, another basketball court?

Eric said...

Thank you for saying it so well, I thought I was the only black person that understood this. I'm sick of trying to explain how illegal immigration has hurt the black community and all I get back is the " Black and Brown' coalition is good for us. Yeah a good way to get rid of us!!

Beetlegeiss said...

"And all those skilled crafts men jobs, carpentry, plumbing, bricklaying, construction? Whites no longer take these jobs having used they excellent salaries to educate their own kids so they wouldn't have to work those jobs."

Are you kidding? I always wanted to learn about carpentry, plumbing and construction!

A Whitey!

The Thinking Black Man said...

Great post! And, very timely for me personally... I recently took my wife and kids to a beach here in Maryland. I was stunned as the day progressed and more and more people arrived. I'd say that 85% to 90% of the people on the beach were Latino.

In my heart, I didn't want to act towards them like whites acted towards Blacks in the 50's, 60's and 70's... I didn't want to think, "Damn, it's a whole lot of them!" But anytime you have 20 guys on a basketball court and only 6 are Brothers - you have a racial event going on and one that you have to acknowledge.

I'm all for legal immigration, but it is clear that the growing number of illegals is aggresively changing the citizenry dynamic in our country.

DJ Black Adam said...


I think there is a clear distinction between "immigrant" and "Illegial Alien" that has to be noted, there is a significant difference.