Friday, May 2, 2008

Just Do It Already!!

Something happened this morning that really bothered me.

Maybe it is just me being me, I don't know.

Anyway let me tell you about it.

My wife told me yesterday that she needed a few dollars for gas.
I did not reply, I just said OK.

Well this morning I got up early enoungh (I get up at ass-crack thirty anyway)so that I could go out and get gas for her so that she would not have to worry about it. I did not tell her I was getting gas for her truck, I just went out and did it.
Anyway, I get back to the house, jump in the shower and proceed to get my clothes ready for work.
She wakes up and says, "I thought I told you I need some money."
Just the tone of her voice set me off.
I told her in a pleasant way (of course)that she said she needed gas, and her truck had gas.
Well her mouth fell open and she apologized for her attitude.

What bothered me (and is still bothering me) is that I am the type of man that does not need to be told that something needs to be done. If I see that the trash needs to be taken out, I take out the trash. If dishes need to be washed I wash dishes. If one of our vehicles need gas, then I go to the gas station. After whatever needs to be done is done, I don't broadcast it. You just see the results of whatever I have did.

As long as we have been together she should know that.

I do what I do because it needs doing. I don't do things for praise, or to be recognized or for people to say, "you did good".

I do not like attention. I don't like the spot-light. I prefer to stay in the corner and watch. But if I see a person needs help, then I help them.

Besides, God always sees what I do, so my payback will come through him.

I cannot stand a person that is only helpful when a camara is on. Or a person that does something and then tells anyone that will listen what they just did. Or a person that only does something if it will benefit them.

The old saying is true, Actions speak louder that words.

I think the world would be a better place if people would stop all the damn show-boating, and "Just Do It".


ZACK said...

Interesting post. You shouldn't be bothered by what your wife did or the fact that you are assertive. Rather, what should bother you is that others aren't like you.

You're right- recognition is for those who are insecure. You seem secure enough to say, "Hey, if nobody notices- I did it anyway". But people like me, who get offended when nobody comments on his posts, we do the opposite. We delete our posts until a good enough idea comes. I'm still waiting to do my first official post for May. But it might be June before that happens.

Stay up big bruh!

New Black Woman said...

That was interesting. I understand how you feel. I deal with people who only do things for recognition all the time. It becomes a pain because they are never willing to do the dirty work when it needs to be done. They only do things because they know something positive will come out of it for them.

Those type of people are usually insecure and are in constant need of praise and attention. They are usually toxic in relationships because they have no backbone and are dependent on how others view them. said...

Hi there! {waves}

I have made a faux pas like that myself...

Please bear with a sista when she reveals her imperfections okay? (smile)

We can't be perfect for a brotha 24-7-365...but some of us do TRY! (smile)

When you pointed out her error, she can try the response I usually use:

I say: "I am sorry, my king, how is it that it momentarily slipped my mind this morning how wonderful you are?"

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!