Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Skin Is My Sin

Hill-Billy won big in West Virginia last night.

What does it all mean?

Well... I am going to tell you.

I am about to post a quote from a man in Kentucky, Hill-Billy's next "big win". I am sure that this is not the only person that feels this way, as we saw last night in West Virginia.

Before you read this keep in mind that this is the year of our lord 2008, not 1964.

Race,” Patrick said matter-of-factly. “I’ve talked to people—a woman who was chair of county elections last year, she said she wouldn’t vote for a black man.” Patrick said he wouldn’t vote for Obama either.

Why not?

“Race. I really don’t want an African-American as President. Race.”

What about race?

“I thought about it. I think he would put too many minorities in positions over the white race. That’s my opinion. After 1964, you saw what the South did.” He meant that it went Republican. “Now what caused that? Race. There’s a lot of white people that just wouldn’t vote for a colored person. Especially older people. They know what happened in the sixties. Under thirty—they don’t remember. I do. I was here.”

This quote came from the New York Times.

There you have it folks. Obama will get trounced in Kentucky the same way he got his ass handed to him in WV, PA, NY and OH.

Why you may ask?

His Skin.

Things have not changed as much as some people would have you think, huh?

Of course this is no surprise to me. I don't need some fancy reporter from some fancy newspaper to tell me what I already know.

Some Americans do not want a Black man to represent them. Not just White Americans, but some Black Americans, Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans.

A Black man was never supposed to get this far.

A Black man was supposed to have gotten killed by now or he will get killed, or He does not have enough experience, or he attended a "racist" church for 20 years, or he doesn't connect to immigrants,or he doesn't connect with "blue" collar (ie white) voters, or the way he handles a basketball he must be from the "hood" or even my favorite, he cannot bowl.

Excuse after Excuse have been made on why this Black man is not qualified to be the leader of the good Ole US of A.

When will this country admit the truth, That no one thinks a Black man is intelligent enough to be Commander in Chief of the "United" States Of America?

Some people in this country still believe that a Black Man is the inferior race. Of course there is nothing to back up this stupid assumption, but some people still believe it.

Some people still believe that the only thing a Black Man is good at is singing, dancing, sports and making babies that we don't take care of. Again there is no proof behind this asinine assumption, but some people still believe it.

Some people still believe that all Black Men are criminals.

Where is the proof?

What will we have to do as men to show the world that we are MEN?

MEN that love their families, respect the law, believe in God and love this dysfunctional-ass country.

We are MEN that are intelligent, values education and some of us are willing to die to get the rights that we have earned.

We are MEN, that by God's greatness were made with hair like lambs wool and skin the color of bronze. Made in HIS (God's) image.

But above all that.....



ZACK said...

* Singular applause in a crowded auditorium*

This is excellent, DirtyRed! Too bad that you're 100% right. I really wanted you to be wrong on this one. I wanted to say that America is not racist. I wanted to say that Obama won't have trouble winning the hill-billy states. But I can't.

Honestly, I think racism is worst now than it was for our parents. Why? Because it is subtle. Whites aren't calling us slurs to our face anymore, but some of them go home and do it behind closed doors. I hate that. We need honesty in order to progress as an American people.

I applaud Senator Obama's efforts, but until there's more than ONE black man qualified for the White House- elections are gonna be a hard.


ruffian96 said...

Nice post Black Man (or DirtyRed?). I am first time commenter but link to your site on mine. This post reminded me of a story a friend I met my first year in college who was from Memphis (I attended a HBCU in TN) told me when we first met. In his previous travels he had met some white people from Maine who had never seen black people before. My friend is quite dark-skinned and his new white acquaintances were fascinated by his appearance. Eventually they felt comfortable enough to ask my friend where his tail was. Yeah you read that right. Seems that they were under the impression that since blacks were supposedly the direct descendant of monkeys,all black people had tails (they thought we just tuck them in our clothes)and that the only exceptions were blacks who were rich enough (Oprah, Bill Cosby, etc.) to have them removed. Of course after some initial shock my guy set them straight. Just thought I'd share that with you.

ZACK said...

@ruffian96 above:

My tail is wrapped around my middle finger, in case any white person asks.

Cool Cee Brown said...


Barack will become the next Leader of the Free World and will have the highest approval ratings since Kennedy.


Because white guilt is stronger than white prejudice. There are so many young white people and ex-hippie baby boomers in this country anxious to change the perception of the race issue, that they will vote for and embrace Barack simply because he is black. Quotes like these will guarantee it.

Doesn't mean they're not prejudiced. It simply means that most of them know that they are and feel really guilty about it. Enough to vote for him in November.

Beetlegeiss said...

After 1964, before 1964, the last time I was in the south (1995/1996), I remember hearing some old guy blaming everything on the Jews. Well, maybe not EVERYTHING, but if he hated Jewish people as much as I think he did, WHITE Jews, no less...I could imagine what he thought about black people.

When Massachusetts had their primary, or whatever the hell it was (honestly, I don't think votes count for squat, but I wanted to pretend that I was doing something so I had the right to bitch), I voted for Barack Obama. Not because he was black, not because I didn't want a woman getting into the White House, but given the choice, who was going to screw me over less when they get into office? Republican, Democrat, it didn't matter.

"A Black man was supposed to have gotten killed by now or he will get killed..."

I kid you not, this is what one of my thoughts was. There is some white racist out there, probably from the south, that will make an attempt on his life. All because he is black.

I remember in elementary school I wanted one of my friends to come over and play. Sometimes I'd go to his house, sometimes he would come to mine. My father was raised in the south, as was his father. You can imagine the crap I got after that. It never crossed my mine that I had a "black" friend in my house. I had a friend. Thank God my parents got divorced, but not soon enough.

"He does not have enough experience"

As if any of the politicians in the past, with their vast amount of experience, have gotten the people of the United States any further in life.

"he attended a "racist" church for 20 years"

The ONLY people out there that could make such a bold statement would have to be white people. Probably the same white people that have made racists remarks, laughed at racist jokes or never listened to the speech in its entirety. I am guilty of all three. Am I happy about that? No. Would I dare do it to someones face? No. Just like I wouldn't make any Jewish jokes to a Jewish person's face. Besides not having any balls to do that, when it comes down to it, it is rude, disrespectful and just does not make any sense.

Whatever the church is that Barack attended, the last time I checked, we still have freedom of speech. Freedom of expression. Apparently this doesn't apply if it's coming from a black man about white people.

"he doesn't connect with "blue" collar (ie white) voters"

How does one connect with a white voter?

"When will this country admit the truth, That no one thinks a Black man is intelligent enough to be Commander in Chief of the "United" States Of America?"

Because that is not the truth. I would say that regardless if this were "A Whiteman's View" or "A Blackman's View" blog. Barack is a man. It just so happens that he is black.

"Some people still believe that the only thing a Black Man is good at is singing, dancing, sports and making babies"

I actually don't listen to any black male singers, as most of my music is death metal, which is written and sung by mostly white guys. I do have a small selection of rap music (Onyx, Das EFX, Cypress Hill, one Ice Cube CD).

Don't get me wrong, I didn't buy it because I thought rap is the only thing a black man is good at, I bought it because I liked it.

"What will we have to do as men to show the world that we are MEN?"

Blacks in this country shouldn't have to show the world anything. If there is one thing I've learned is racism is taught. My father was a poor teacher, but I think some of his racist disease got into my blood, as I've already admitted to making racist remarks and jokes.

I can't think of a single person, regardless of race, put into a situation where they are made 2nd or 3rd class citizens, have to drink out of "(fill in your race of choice) ONLY" water fountains, segregate them, disrespect them, call them names, not serve them at a restaurant because of a color...A COLOR...who would want to be treated like that?

White Guy