Tuesday, May 6, 2008

One Man's Freedom Fighter Is Another Man's Terrorist

I was over at the Fields blog this morning and I saw a link on his side bar that pissed me off. It seems that some dude thinks that ALL Black American Bloggers are fear mongering, Anti US, living in the past, can't get over slavery and years of injustice, assholes. He seems to think that we talk too much about the wrongs in our beautiful country and not enough about all the rights. It seems to me that this brother is sadly misinformed. Yes, I did say brother. This M$#%@$#f#$@$@ is Black.
I have many links on my sidebar to Black Blogs that are informative, funny, and that discuss all topics from fatherhood, to everyday life experiences. I even slide into different topics here on A Black man's View. I don't always talk about the negatives in our society. But I guess that is what makes this country so great, everyone has a right to their own opinion, no matter how ignorant and ass backwards it is.
Oh well, I guess after this post I will be added to the Anti US blogs on this assholes sidebar.

But ask me if I give a shit....

Nelson Mandela is on the United States terrorist watch list.

How can this be, you may ask?

It seems that Mr. Mandela was placed on South Africa's watch list while he was fighting for the freedom of his fellow black South Africans during that country's apartheid era. The white South African Government thought he was a threat to their democracy, so they banned him. The United States followed that racist country's lead and did the same.

After all this time and after all Mr. Mandela's accomplishments, he is still on my country's Terrorists Watch List. He has to get special permission to travel to the good ole US of A.

How can a man that has spoken out and denounced Terrorism be on OUR watch list?

How can a man that has fought all his life and even went to jail for the freedoms that were denied his fellow black countrymen be a terrorist?

How can an ex- President of a US ally be a terrorist?

I wonder if the leader of Northern Ireland is considered a terrorist?

Is Russia's ex President Putin considered a terrorist?

What about that crazy MF down in Venezuela? Is he considered a terrorist?

Sometimes I wonder about the good ole US of A.

Why are people of color the only people that are considered dangerous when they speak out against the wrongs that have been inflicted upon them by the hands of the majority?

Why are we considered Terrorists when we stand up and speak truth to power?

Why are we considered radicals when we say we will not be mistreated?

Are we the only people on this Earth that do not deserve the same freedoms and rights that are granted to everyone else?

Things that make you go HMMMM....


brran1 said...

Who has time to be on that militant type of ish? My life has too much crap goin on as is for me to add being a militant negro to the mix.

I guess it's safe to assume that Mandela was the sole person responsible for 9/11. What will the Bush Administration come up with next?

Kieya said...

Speaking out against those in power/majority/govt = unpatriotic = terrorist.

That seems to be the norm.

And he's been on the banned list for a minute too. As well as all those from the ANC. Some have been denied entry to the US a few times. Condeleezza (or however the hell u spell it) said something about it being embarrassing that he was on the banned list but he's been on there for quite some time and its only now embarrassing?

They need to get it together.

ZACK said...

I think the guy tricked us into giving him site traffic. We need not always follow Field's instructions. He's a very smart fellow, but we have to think for ourselves sometimes.

I honestly don't think dude is being serious. He's a blogger himself, and just doing what we all are doing- hustling to get attention (which could lead to ad revenue).

As for Mr. Mandela, I think he is a great man who could never represent what he is being accused of.

Awesome post!

Jazzylady said...

Well dirty red, let's put it this way, all those with straight, non kinky hair, think so, along with those with Oreo filling, if you get my drift. Angry black people scare white people, especially when they know they've done black people wrong, that's why he was on that list, to make sure he didn't stir nothin' up.

AQUILOGY said...

I don't understand why he and other MK freedom fighters were put on the list, they weren't a threat in any way to the US.

David Sullivan said...

Ask the British. The White, Irish IRA members fighting against the occupation of Northern Ireland are terrorists. They have bombed, swhot, tortured people for what they think is an unfair occupation of their island.

They are terrorists and I am not unsypathetic to their cause. Similarly I am not unsympathetic to any man's cause when they think they need to resort to those means. People do fucked up things when backed into a corner and I can't say I wouldn't do the same. Doesn't mean that I agree with them.

Oh and @ JazzLady: Not all of us White folk have done Black people wrong, thus I am unafraid of angry Black people.

blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said...

Hi there! {waves}

Minister Louis Farrakhan is on the U.S. Terrorist Watch List and his phones are tapped at his house and there are all sorts of informants that the government tries to recruit to get into N.O.I.... it's just as it was back in the day....

The U.S. Terrorist Watch List is actually the list of who white America is "terrified of"! (LOL)


White America will always be terrified of a black man who is not "cooning" or being an "oreo".

Continue to blow your trumpet, black man!


Anonymous said...

listen any black man who does not know he is at war this country is ignorant or just likes to be on whites good boy list a pat on the head from a white man is a enought for most negroes real black men stand up